Leaving the Pink Cult

A long time Mary Kay consultant finally decides to leave the pink cult.

I was in MK for 17 years before deciding to leave. My highest level attained was DIQ.  I was in my 2nd month of DIQ when I decided to leave. I should’ve never submitted DIQ.   It was never in my heart.  Being an audiologist was in my heart.

I left because in all honesty, God put the conviction on my heart to leave.  It was while I was reading my daily devotional.  I had been on PinkTruth a few times before that reading the stories and had spoken with friends of mine who were former directors.  They disappeared quietly.   Of course, no one ever spoke of them.

I was always suspicious of how we were to “operate” as we moved up the career path, but I knew in my heart it was just wrong after attending a director’s meeting the month before I left.  DIQs were invited and since I was now with the “big girls,” I wanted to see what it was like.  We speak of empowering women, but in reality, they spoke of their consultants as “numbers.”  It was only about production and number of recruits.  Being there confirmed what I had suspected, but didn’t want to admit.  

My director/recruiter was my friend for about 5 years before I joined MK.  Needless to say, she shunned me ASAP and blocked me on FaceBook.  It’s sad, but I completely expected it.  She knows she’s living a lie and she will need to come to terms with that someday.

Although I was able to return about $4,000 of product, I was in debt to the tune of about $6,000. It will take awhile, but we will be able to pay it off.  Fortunately, I have a very understanding and supportive hubby.  I had a good customer base that bought tons of my product at 50% off before I returned the rest.

Thankfully, I ALWAYS remained in my real “job” as an audiologist which I’ve done for over 20 years.  Some directors at a retreat (a few months before I left, I was a team leader) had suggested I not renew my professional license so I couldn’t use it as a back-up.  I literally LOL when they said that.   Glad I ignored that stupid “advice.”   I work part-time and absolutely love it. Real money, making a real difference.

I “lost” many of my MK girlfriends, but I knew I would.  I had seen the shunning many times before.   I realized that they weren’t real friends.  And thankfully, 99% of my real friends were outside of MK & loved me even more when I left MK.  🙂

I’ve gone through the typical roller coaster of emotions after leaving the MK cult, but have done very well and really love my life.  I’m 100% here for my family and while I felt guilty about the missed time with them when I was chasing the MK dream, I can be the wife/mom I need to be now.  I educate those who ask about MK, or when the opportunity presents itself.   I let them know my experiences, refer them to Pink Truth, and will welcome them with open arms when/if they leave MK.


  1. Sue

    I wear hearing aids and my audiologists have been some of the most important people in my life. Thank you for continuing to provide such a vital service and not letting Mary Kay take you away from this life-changing work

  2. BestDecision

    The best, truest, most loyal, and most fun friends I’ve had have been outside of MK. I miss no one in the company, and I’m so glad I did as you did and sent it all back. My Senior is in the same place she was years ago when I left, yet she still boasts that she’s getting close to NSD. My skin is in AMAZING shape, and I get compliments all the time on how much healthier it looks. I don’t miss Career Conference weekends away, and I don’t miss begging and plotting how to get people registered for Seminar. I don’t miss Sean Key’s ego nor the egos of Gloria, Pam, and most of the NSDs.

    Boy, aren’t we smart for dodging the $70 sheet mask dud?!

    1. NewFreedom2018

      I’m still wondering how they expected that to go…. I didn’t even order any. I tried one that my director had at the time and didn’t notice a real difference.

  3. Ditching Pink

    My grandpa had severe hearing loss (to the point of 20% in his left, 30% in his right if his hearing aids were in fully charged and the volume way up – that was on a good day). Audiologists in town helped him out SO MUCH! They worked with him to find better/different options. Thank you for the work you do.

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