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Cheating to Get to Directorship is the Mary Kay Way

mary-kay-cheatingWritten by Stephanie

I am a former Mary Kay sales director. If I knew then what I know now I would have never became a sales director… especially not doing it the way I was taught to do it.

Being in MK you learn the lingo, the language and the look. “Those who show up, go up”, “Do what you have to do to get over the hump”. Well it is not all that it is cracked up to be.

If I can share anything about my experience and ordeal, it would be to warn other women not to do what I did and not get “sucked” into the MK dream of doing things unethically thinking it will get you ahead. What you must understand though, is that EVERYONE in Mary Kay is doing it. Every sales director has signed up family and friends and paid the money for them to finish DIQ. Every sales director has topped off production to meet minimums or appear to “finish a goal.” Every sales director has ordered in someone else’s name to make them active.

The sales directors all do this to achieve or maintain a status. How did the NSDs get to where they are? By putting in their own money for the units that don’t have enough production, pulling recruits out of thin air to prop up numbers, and generally scamming the system to meet the goal. If you think your director is one of the “good ones” who hasn’t done any of this, it is only because you do not know the truth about her.

Let me tell you my story from from the completion of my DIQ and go from there…

Month 4 of DIQ: By the time I was in my 4th month of DIQ, I had learned how to coach women into spending money on large orders and putting orders through in other consultants’ names just to stay active on my roster. In the last month, when it all counts, I literally placed over $3,000 in MK sales orders in all of my inactive consultants’ names just so I could finish DIQ with 30 people as this was the requirement then.

Under the full direction and guidance of my former sales director, she showed me how to place the orders in their names as long as they were “okay with it.” She knew that my husband had a very nice limit on his credit card and told me to ask him to put some money on it to get over the threshold of becoming a sales director. My husband knew how hard I worked the previous 3 months so he agreed. Obviously he did not know what he had agreed to and I did not clearly tell him just how much I was going to spend to get over the hump.

Other Sales Directors had done it and I was called by some of my former SD’s director friends to put the money through so that I could make it. I was told I would make it up in MK commissions and it would not matter in a few months anyway. So I did it. Only seeing what I wanted to see and not using the discernment God gave me, I placed all the orders. I activated 16 people on my roster to look like they all placed minimum orders and had all the product shipped to my home. You do the math. Over the next few weeks after making it, people celebrated my success. My former sales director was happy. She was now a Senior Director and not to mention received a nice commission from it.

Month 1 as a new Director: In my first month as a director, my unit was struggling to make the minimum sales each month to remain an active unit. On top of that, I never actually told my husband what was actually charged on his credit card. He happened to check the balance and called me immediately at work and let me have it. He was furious. He did not speak to me for weeks! In addition to this, I was being laid off of my job and my now Senior Sales Director encouraged me to work MK full time and not look for a new job. She explained to me how she did it and advised that I could do it too.

What I reluctantly ignored was that she lived at home with her mother and had very minimal bills to pay so it was easy for her to work the business full time with no worries. My husband and I have a mortgage, car notes, household bills, food and groceries to maintain. My husband encouraged me to look for another job but my director had my ear so she again advised me to just “look” for a job so he cannot say that you did not look for one and that way you will be doing what he asked you to do. I did just that and it did not get any better.

Month 2 of directorship: We did not hit production in the first month so I knew we were in trouble when my commission check was less than $100.00. It became extremely stressful in my home but I kept working as my director told me to do. She also worked and began to back away from me allowing me to “lead my unit” on my own.

Our unit did not grow the way it was supposed to but at the same time I kept being optimistic about the entire situation. After all I heard the stories of women who spent money to get to the top and now their spouses are happy so I felt there was no reason why we could not have the same thing.

My Senior Director went on and on about doing what you got to do to stay on top. Over time I watched her place orders in other consultant’s names, put her family members like her brother and boyfriend in the system as qualified consultants so she can earn her bumble bee. The thought of how much I trusted her sickened me. What was worse is that things did not get any better at home. My husband wanted to file for divorce. He went to seek a divorce lawyer and told me he would not fight for anything. He just wanted to go our separate ways. He advised to me that if he could not trust me, there was nothing. I begged for his forgiveness and told him how sorry I was for what has happened.

Over the next six months we only hit production once. After making it one month, missing it the next, and so on, I finally missed two months in a row and I lost directorship. What was even more heartbreaking is that when I tried to talk to my director about it, she immediately put all of the blame back on me. “You put the money on the credit card! You made the decision to do it!” My heart sank! I knew that I did it but I also knew who gave me the idea to do it and yet she sat back and watched me nearly lose everything I had. She was not married nor did she have any children so she did not know what it means to have someone else to rely on.

I had nothing. I was left with nothing. All I could do was pray and ask God to help me get out of this situation and redeem my marriage and the things I had done. I did find another job and put my multiple degrees to work for me. My husband got a second job and resented me for it for quite some time. We got counseling and worked together to get ourselves back on track.

After it was all said and done and I received a call from the company to notify me I was no longer a director, I never heard from my director again. Her Senior Director reached out to me and encouraged me and told me to focus on my marriage but my director did not. Over time, I grew to hate her and vowed she would never get another dime from me again! I also have shared my story with up and coming consultants so they would not make the same mistakes I made. I told them not get “caught up” in the glam, the prizes and wanting to be on top that you would be willing to do whatever you had to to get there and stay there. It is not worth it in the end.

Now that some years have passed I am still hearing of my former sales director doing the same things to stay on top. Unethical practices will get you nowhere and it is only a matter of time before the company finds out what she has been doing. I pray that God has mercy on her for all the people she has burned along the way. I also pray that my story will serve as a vehicle to others to not make the same mistakes I made.


  1. Yolie

    Your story sounds authentic, I am sorry what has happened to you. I hope everything turned out well for you at the end as far as your marriage is concerned. Many people need to do their due diligence before joining MK, just saying.

  2. Char

    “If I can share anything about my experience and ordeal, it would be to warn other women not to do what I did and not get “sucked” into the MK dream of doing things unethically thinking it will get you ahead. What you must understand though, is that EVERYONE in Mary Kay is doing it.” –

    BUT WHY?

    Here’s why. The lowest common denominator is that MLMing is inherently flawed. Period. There is no other way to do it – presuming you want to “succeed” in it. The MLM companies like to confuse you with different names, different products, different looks, etc. etc., but 5000/10,000 = 1/2.

    Take entering a bank and leaving with money that doesn’t belong to you. Does it matter if you are nice, dressed like a banker or librarian, friendly, wearing a clown mask or clown makeup? Nope. Robbing is robbing, and MLMing is MLMing no matter how you camouflage it.

    Mary Kay is a company that uses the unethical tactics required in MLMing for the top to profit.

  3. Char

    (I got to thinking after my post yesterday)

    FAITH, FAMILY CAREER – What does MK really mean by this given the unethical behavior required to succeed?

    The next time you are at a rah rah meeting, maybe “this” is the hidden message. Envision it while you are sitting there:

    Faith – The word faith means believing in something without proof. Might that also mean faith in Mary Kay – without requiring proof it’s legitimate? Try asking to see it on paper. LOL

    Family – Biological family or your new adopted MK family? Ask yourself who you are spending your time with lately, and what you are thinking about most? Your husband, kids, or production?

    Career – MK implies they are a career, but is that accurate? Ask yourself how much money you are making consistently, and do you have to lie about it, or repeating a lie? Benefits? Would you put MK consultant on a real resume? (Be honest) College degree for MLMing? (ROTFL Sorry) Chances of retiring with residual income or benefits? (Slim to none)

  4. BestDecision

    Speaking of cheating, go look at NSD Kimberly Copeland’s new YouTube channel “Real Life with the Copelands”. There’s just too much to put into words, but I am SO glad I’m not associated with that type of people in MK anymore!

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