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Another Pink Truth critic…

Im not sure what your background is; but, why are you so negative toward Mary Kay in particular. Any person or company has to use marketing as a way to reach & sell to customers. I assure you that those who sell under false pretenses do not represent the mindset behind ANY company’s mission or vision.

Your website is biased in that it does not show the beautiful, positive, & powerful things about being a Mary Kay consultant.

I urge you to balance your site by showing how the conpany/opportunity empowers women. I am a consultant & i have no unmet needs that Mary Kay can offer me. I do well, have a large customer base, &  I have never lied to any customer!! I am college-educated with 2 advanced degrees & work my business my way – the honest way.

I hope you find future days filled with more positivity in your life!


    1. lgordonb

      Kind of humorous actually. Her criticism of Pink Truth is actually woven with lies, untruths, and ” the world from the perspective that personally benefits her”. More bunk from another brainwashed soldier of Mary Kay.

  1. Former Consultant

    I love when the critics on here say they have “x” number of degrees, but yet know nothing about proper grammar and punctuation! Yes, companies/people do have to use marketing to reach and sell to customers, HOWEVER, when it is a company whose sole purpose is to recruit, order, recruit, order, recruit, ( and on and on and on…), how are you going to market your “product”? Marketing usually involves, Television, Media, Magazine ads, flyers, etc. I have NEVER seen a commercial on TV for MK, but I have seen an ad for their timewise set ( I think) in a magazine and how it was top rated by Allure magazine
    ( I think we all know that is not true). And all the people on social media are asking for help to “grow” their supposed business. – I can’t remember if MK is even allowed to advertise in public–been out so long and was only in for a short while. Does she even know that the people on this site have been as high as Directors, or even higher, and left MK, NOT because they failed, but because they figured out the TRUTH?

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but if I am running a (legit) business, and I needed to reach customers, wouldn’t I be able to advertise in phone books, social media, Television, radio, etc? So… Why don’t I ever hear ads on the radio about MK? If is is the “best-selling brand”, which we all on this site know that it isn’t, then why not advertise EVERYWHERE to get the customers? Oh, that’s right.. MK isn’t a legit business. or a business at all for that matter. I have a better chance of selling smurfs and making a BOATLOAD of money, and the best part is, I wouldn’t be an MLM! I would just be me, and have thousands of smurfs in my inventory ready to sell! People could by them online, in the store, and I can advertise my business anywhere!

    1. SassyFuschia

      MK consultants aren’t allowed to advertise because then they would know how many reps are actually in their area and would see how over saturated they are.

  2. TRACY

    I’ve always made the same offer: When Mary Kay Inc. gives some “balance” to their site by showing the negatives of being a consultant, we’ll give some balance here too. You first, Mary Kay!

  3. SW

    “beautiful, positive, & powerful things about being a Mary Kay consultant”… At the expense of other people and your conscience!

    “conpany/opportunity empowers women”… To be manipulators and cash cows!

  4. enorth

    Sheesh. Mary Kay consultants are warned repeatedly to not visit this website, yet, here they are.

    Positivity doesn’t pay the bills, and neither do handbags, cruises, jewelry, or “girl-friend time.”

    In the real world, you need cash coming in. But it’s kind of tough when you’re selling over-priced, mediocre products that no one wants, while also recruiting others to become your competitors. (Can it get any dumber?)

    The only people making big money in MLMs are the ones who started the company, and their family and friends that they placed at the top of the structure on Day One. You, dear peon, don’t stand a chance. Your function is to keep making the company and its owners obscenely prosperous by continually buying large quantities of its products and recruiting other peons to do the same.

    All the company has to do is pretend to care about you, and to keep you mesmerized with dreams of financial freedom, along with periodic prizes and dress-up events.

  5. Cindylu

    I just don’t understand. How can you have all these negative testimonials and still not be leery? My gut told me that something was amiss. This was before the web and so I tried to research MK. At first I thought I had found the ultimate ethical business. Wow just wow. A career path developed by a woman for women. All those beautiful I stories from NSD’s about what a caring company this was. So much opportunity for women: Work part time, be there for your family, have a great support system etc. Then came scary reality: Absolutely NO one truly wanted these products, no one booked those stupid make up parties, no one came to open houses, no one bought at kiosks or trade fairs. Also there was a price for everything. Weekly meetings weren’t free, the pink car wasn’t free, conferences and seminar were costly with crowded hotel rooms and lousy food. Those love checks were often exaggerations from years ago. Directors were not making executive income. Why oh why would anyone believe that MK is the real deal fifty years later when dozens of women have tried and failed. (Very few were relatively successful but hated hurting others to get ahead). Why would anyone want to essentially make nothing, go into debt or support a few at the top of this mlm pyramid (NSD’s & the MK multimillionaire heirs). This company gives you no where to advertise, purposely changes products and in reality doesn’t actually care about its sales force.

  6. KayNotMary

    “I have never lied to any customer!!”

    If you’re telling all of them that MK is a wonderful opportunity then you’ve lied to every customer.

    “I am college-educated with 2 advanced degrees”

    Which Cracker Jack box did you get them out of?

    “& work my business my way”

    It’s not your business. You’re a commissioned recruiter for someone else’s business.

    “the honest way.”

    No such thing in MK.

  7. Char

    “Im not sure what your background is; but, why are you so negative toward Mary Kay in particular.” –

    Just some of my reasons:

    #1 Mary Kay in particular targets women – my gender.

    #2 Mary Kay uses faith as a tool to convince people to join a pyramid scheme.

    #3 Mary Kay exploits housewives. By suggesting MK can empower them, it demeans all the hard work they do and implies what they are currently doing is inadequate. If they want to do more fine, but becoming a pyramid schemer is not the answer.

    #4 Many of the women, single or married, are struggling financially. MKC and it’s schemers are willing to take these poor women’s last dime knowing 99% lose money in MLM. Shameful.

    #5 Many of Mary Kay’s targets are women who need, to quote the author, “beautiful, positive, & powerful things”. They either lack this, or are brainwashed into thinking they lack it. This can be extremely damaging to already socially challenged women who quickly find out their new “friends” were just using them.

    #6 The empowering women “show” put on by MKC and it’s recruiters is just a ruse used for MKC to make money. Corporate, the people with a salary and benefits, must be laughing at all those silly grown women dancing on stage playing princess. It troubles me that MKC can brainwash women into such undignified behavior.

    #7 Lastly and worst of all, MKC convinces women to exploit other women. The recruited are prepared to lie and present a false image just to ‘attempt’ to make money off them. Not only that, some consultants such as the author, have no regard that the company is hurting the MAJORITY of participants. If they themselves are unaffected by the damage, or have ‘yet’ to experience the inevitable, they think nothing of it and actually defend it.

    The anecdote that comes to mind:

    Kerry May loves fun parties and attends many. They empower her. She often gets drunk and drives home safely. She sees nothing wrong with it because she always makes it home. She can’t understand why people are complaining and want her to stop this behavior. It’s fun and nothing bad has happened to ‘her’. After all, she’s a very good driver.

    Maybe Kerry May is too pig-headed to listen to the warnings, but that isn’t going to stop former drunks, or victims of drunks, from doing the right thing. They can help educate people and hopefully stop others from making the same mistake. This is the “mission” of PinkTruth.

  8. Meggan

    What I love about blogs is they are not a democracy. You don’t HAVE to show balance – it would be lies anyway – but it’s your site. You are the editor in chief. Carry on!

    1. Char

      Agreed, but more to the point. Why would anyone want to show balance on harmful acts? Imagine a blog debating drowning, murdering, lying, cheating, and suffocating. MLM-ing has a statistically proven 99% loss rate with the other 1% being top liars. Thus, there is nothing to debate when the truth is accepted and the con game fog is lifted.

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