I Saw the Truth Before Buying Inventory

Written by Soured by Pink

I thank you so much for what you and everyone on your site is doing. I almost fell victim to the pink dream and the promises of earning that cruise, earning that car, or the false promise of working without needing transportation. I had my concerns after my first Trash It night, finding the whole experience fun and surreal at the same time. I have terrible social anxiety and I truly don’t like interacting with strangers.

Yet, somehow… I found myself growing curious, interested, and came out of my shell. Listening to the ‘sales pitch’ about how amazing and wonderful Mary Kay is… the more I began to think about how nice it would be to earn extra income. I had made a decision with my husband to open credit to purchase a new computer. Shortly after that one of my cats forced us down $3k at the start of the year. We knew we could manage it even if things might be tight for a while, but… if I could make money on the side we wouldn’t sacrifice much.

$100 can’t hurt right? It comes with so much product that I could easily sell for profit right? Plus that bonus makes the kit pay for itself, right?

I had questions. Despite the pretty words and pink haze starting to settle over my mind, I felt like something was strange. I think for me it was my ‘free gift’ (which is discontinued product I found out later) because the packaging looked… old to me. So… time passes and I attend another little event. A smaller crowd, but I found myself talking and sharing with strangers with confidence. It was nice, to not feel so bottled up and to share my experiences as a customer at the time. That day I sat down and did an ‘interview.’

I learned about 90% of my money back if I backed out. That I didn’t need to buy inventory, that I didn’t need to ‘put myself out there.’ I was tempted. I had things I wanted to get off my credit to make saving for a house easier. I told her I would talk it over with my husband, hear his thoughts since this is our money that would be going into this. I talked it over with him, shared my thoughts and the concerns I still had, mostly over taxes and that I would have support for getting started on my very own business!

He agreed, but asked instead if I would rather pursue self-publication through Amazon. (Something that I will be pursuing instead and not chasing a pink dream). After thinking it over some more, I decided why not try Mary Kay first? If I only make $25 extra… I only make $25 extra. It would be something and I wouldn’t have goals or pressure to do this while working 40 hr weeks. I could put in an hour or two a night or just 5 hours total for the week AND still work on getting self-published. This would be perfect.

I was invited to a meeting along with a friend who has been there with me from the start of my interactions with MK. She had been considering joining as well, but that morning I announced my decision to join. After all… I could just use social media and a website to build customers right? I sat through the meeting, watching my friend and some strangers do a facial and color thing. Went through the pinning ceremony while being extremely nervous and uncomfortable. I even received a gift from my consultant as thanks for joining.

Then… I was handed a packet. My kit was just ordered that morning. The director wanted to go over it with me the next night and over the phone. I thought this was good because I could review the material, see just what I had gotten myself into. I remember being told to ignore some of the stuff inside this folder which made me cautious. I went home that night, got into the website and started going through the packet.

AND LAUGHED! $30 for the website! $225 I needed to routinely spend in order to ACTUALLY GET MY 50% DISCOUNT. Not to mention $40 for business cards and other such things in a pack. I looked at my husband with panic in my eyes. What did I just do?! I had been told I don’t need inventory, the kit had everything I needed, and they made it seem like the site was offered for free.

I pulled back, confused and feeling like I had stepped into river of pink glass. This was nothing like I had been promised. Then the call. I had my call and listened to everything I was being told and these little goals to set for myself in order to succeed. Everything else I have seen posted on this site was parroted to me. When that call ended… I felt physically ill. I don’t want to call people. It gives me anxiety. Talking to strangers gives me anxiety. I can barely order in a fast food joint or ask a clerk for assistance. There was no way I can book 8 parties in the next 2 weeks. Then inventory! I felt pressured into buying inventory, but I already was thinking to myself… I wait for packages all the time. Product on hand is nice… but not necessary.

Red flags were everywhere in my mind. Feeling a little betrayed… I decided to do a simple search, changing my questions to more accurately reflect my concerns and found you. Unable to sleep with the realization of what that call told me and how to back out now… I spent the entire night reading stories and more from all of you. Boy have I learned a lot.

I told my friend who was still on the fence… run away and don’t look back. I’m just glad I saw the truth before I could get strong armed into buying inventory. My starter kit arrives tomorrow. Undecided if I just want to keep it, toss the materials, and donate the product to women’s shelters or send it back for full refund. Either way… I’m worried now about my information may be used against me to feed the dream for someone else.


  1. MSgtK

    As Elvis said, “Return to sender”! Unless you want to use the basic skin care and some glamor for yourself. There may be a cost savings there. Dont take any calls, texts or emails from your consultant, director or anyone in MK. Block them. Congrats on not getting sucked in and doing due diligence. You just saved yourself and your hubby 🙂

  2. Kenzie

    Send the kit back and donate the entire $100 to the women’s shelter. They will put the money to better use than buying overpriced cosmetics for their residents. Don’t let MK keep any more of your money.

  3. Juliet

    I am so happy for you!!! I genuinely am, because you saw the blazing red flags and heeded them! Doubting myself and my own instincts has harmed me so much in my life, and it is wonderful to see someone not follow those painful footsteps!

    I was never in Mary Kay, I am just a devotee of this website and anti-MLM education, but I think there might be something you want to do to completely disconnect from Mary Kay? Since you ordered the starter kit, instead of them having the kits IN THEIR INVENTORY, there must be something “official” getting you registered as a consultant. I have read here numerous times about consultants letting their status fall to Inactive versus Completely Cancelled and a director then re-activates the person without their knowledge and has the order sent to their own house – the directors.

    Sorry that is so convoluted, I just don’t want to state assumptions as fact but do want to mention that in case it is relevant,

    1. MLM Radar

      If you DO NOT open the box, then mark it REFUSED, UPS will send it back to MK. The shipping cost will be charged to MK. (The law requires this.) When it arrives back there MK will automatically cancel your consultant number and refund your $100. Then you can go on eBay and purchase whatever you like, or go to Ulta/Sephora and buy good quality makeup.

      If you DO open the box, then decide to return it, and UPS or MK can tell the box was opened, you will pay the return shipping cost (or MK will subtract it from your refund). MK will only refund 90% of your $100. Your consultant number should be cancelled.

      If you decide to keep the box you will have to fight with MK to cancel your consultant number. Until it’s cancelled your MK Director can put your information in her cemetery of inactive consultants. She can then resurrect you without your knowledge or consent whenever she needs a ghost to place an order for a unit bonus or quota.

      I recommend you mark the box REFUSED and send it back.

  4. enorth

    “donate the product to women’s shelters”

    There’s not a lot to donate. I watched a video where the rep opened the kit and described the contents. The starter kit seems to have an awful lot of paper:
    Catalogs…planner…fliers…place mats…profile cards…place cards…sales tickets…name tags…3-ring binder…paperback copy of Mary Kay Ash’s autobiography…magazine…table-top sign…facial cloths…sample cards.
    Along with mirrors, plastic trays, and applicators. The rep described the starter-kit bag itself as “vegan leather.”

    Mary Kay is raking in a bundle on just the $100 starter-kits.

    1. PeachyNotPink

      It’s been a year since I got my starter kit, so it may have changed. And while you’re right about there being A LOT of paper in there, it also contained:

      1 Timewise Miracle Set for dry skin
      1 Timewise Miracle Set for oily skin
      1 Satin Hands set
      1 Microdermabrasion set
      5 CC cream foundations (one in each shade)
      1 translucent loose powder
      1 bottle makeup remover
      3 sets of 4 sample cards for blue eyes, brown eyes, and green eyes

      With the exception of the sample cards, everything was full size. I ended up giving away the foundations that didn’t work for me. I gave the sample cards for my kids to play with the makeup. Oh, and I gave away the Timewise set that didn’t fit my skin profile.

      Despite everything that I was left with after I gave away everything I couldn’t use, I’m still not sure it was worth $100…. 🙁

      1. enorth

        Yes, there are products, probably enough for the recruit to demo until she places an inventory order. She will, after all, be excited about completing the “30 Faces in 30 Days” challenge. Her first challenge of many.

  5. BestDecision

    Isn’t it interesting to see new Consultants’ orders instantly bringing them into the top ranking in their unit’s sales? My Senior has a new girl that is already in the top 3…with only 1 order.

    I bet she gets praised like hell for it, too.

    1. EyesWideShutNoMore

      So true! When I first joined, a few of the units had a bbq for the end of the year and those of us who placed big starter inventories got to wear a sash and made a big fuss over. One girl was already onto the MK game when she said shortly after that she didn’t do the big sales, her credit card did.

  6. Lazy Gardens

    “My starter kit arrives tomorrow. ”

    Yup, mark it REFUSED (do not open) and send it back to Mary Kay. Then call them and tell them to cancel your consultant number.

    And if you director or recruiter calls, just say, “I changed my mind. Please honor my decision. Goodbye”

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