The Golden Rule is a Lifestyle

This consultant thinks Pink Truth is distasteful.

I’m sending this email as a call to change in regards to pink truths practices on spelling out the “deceptive practices” of this company.

I’m not really sure of anyone’s true walk or experience in this buisness, however, after researching your site it seems that all of your articles are filled with great disdain toward the buisness. Then again that was the whole point of it, but how can anyone try save another person from their own personal insecurities,  failures, mishaps, etc; by being negative.

I am a proud Marykay Beauty Consultant, before that I am a believer in Christ! I did not come to know Christ through my directors, but I know that with Him, through Him I can be successful.  

I also wanted to express that this site is distasteful,  since we cannot control freedom of speech, the authors of this site has every right to post what they may. Moreover,  I have that same freedom as well to speak freely and to state that though you are strong in opinion and have a great message of caution to share, the manner in which you do it, could fall on bad soil, in which you may block your own blessings.  Often times we feel the need to safeguard others, from negative experiences , but the reality is your feeding your own spirit with negativity.

The Bible says in Phil 4:8 “whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report,  think on these things.”

So think on what you may say to expose a lie, but also examine yourself to make sure that you are in right standing to judge what’s right. I pray that you will receive this my in light &love, but to know that though you are no longer part of MaryKay, The Golden Rule is a lifestyle and not a tagline

God Bless you!


  1. MSgtK

    So what is your real point? Lesson one: The company is “Mary Kay”. Well forget it. You are hopeless. Please return to first grade to learn basic sentence punctuation. You cannot be taken seriously with such poor grammar. Next…..

  2. PeachyNotPink

    For the eleventy-millionth time: Stop arguing with false equivalencies. “Truth” does not equal “Negativity”. That is your brainwashing talking, my Kaybot friend.

    “Truth” can be verified by facts (of which there are plenty here). It is an objective measure. “Negativity” cannot be verified by facts. It is a subjective measure. The former is quantitative the latter is qualitative.

    Because you cannot dispute the facts on this site, you choose to scold us with your Christian, bible thumping, double speak. Come back with facts about how great MK is, and we’ll have a real conversation.

  3. BestDecision

    I was lied to about net profit, quoted scripture to sway my actions, recognized for my orders and not actual sales, etc. Why on earth would I NOT share my experiences to prevent someone else from going through them? I have datebooks and tax returns that prove even those driving Cadillacs aren’t wealthy. I still have some of the books I bought that I was told where key to me having more in MK. “The Prayer of Jabez”, John Maxwell, etc. I spent a fortune on trying to fit into what was actually a lie and farce!

    In actuality, nothing I experienced in MK was Godly or Christ-like. I was torn down, told I wasn’t good enough, humiliated publicly when I didn’t hit numbers, and I left feeling worse about myself than ever. It’s taken time to build myself back up, and it certainly didn’t come from any of those books they’d recommended. It came with seeing on this site that I wasn’t alone, that it was the norm nationwide in MK, and that I’d done nothing wrong. I have a bachelors degree and graduated with honors in my major, yet I felt dumb and couldn’t do what others were appearing to have done.

    And I agree with what MSgtK said: Your grammar makes me feel sorry for you and makes it hard for me to take you seriously.

  4. Char

    “I’m not really sure of anyone’s true walk or experience in this buisness, “ –

    It amazes me how people can take one false fact, turn it into reality, and build on it. FYI, being a glorified, big spending, first-line retail customer is not a business.

    Also, presenting facts is not “negative”. A woman looking at a man who just shot her, the smoking gun in his hand, asks that gunman, “Why did you just shoot me?” Gunman replies, “Don’t be so negative.”

    “I am a proud Marykay Beauty Consultant, before that I am a believer in Christ!” –

    What does you being a Christian Supremacist have anything to do with the financial scam of Mary Kay? It would be very sad if people started stereotyping and held their purse tightly around all Christians associating them with MLM scammers.

    The Mary Kay/MLM version of the Golden Rule:

    Scam Others Like They Have Scammed You!

    1. Beth

      If she’s not sure of anyone’s true experience in this business (walk?), she hasn’t read much, or comprehended what she’s read. The expertise, background, and positions held in Mary Kay by the participants on Pink Truth is very clear.

  5. Lazy Gardens

    “The Bible says in Phil 4:8 “whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report, think on these things.””

    Never quote the Bible at an atheist. We actually read it.

    Jeremiah 22:3 ESV “Thus says the Lord: Do justice and righteousness, and deliver from the hand of the oppressor him who has been robbed.”

    “The LORD detests lying lips, but he delights in those who tell the truth.” (Proverbs 12:22, NLT2)

    “Let us tell our neighbors the truth, for we are all parts of the same body.” (Ephesians 4:25, NLT2)

    We are doing out best to present accurate information here, and have corrected articles when error of fact were found.

    Colossians 2:8 “See to it that no one takes you captive by philosophy and empty deceit, according to human tradition, according to the elemental spirits of the world, and not according to Christ.”

    “It is better to be a poor man than a liar.” (Proverbs 19:22, NASB95)

    You appear to be captured by the material good dangled in front of you by that Mother of Liars, Mary Kay Ash and her minions the NSDs.

  6. Lazy Gardens

    Actually, it’s a Biblical mandate to do this!!!!!

    Proverbs 31:8-9 ESV “Open your mouth for the mute, for the rights of all who are destitute. Open your mouth, judge righteously, defend the rights of the poor and needy.”

  7. TRACY

    Yep, Golden Rule is a lifestyle. I want people to be honest with me, and do unto others…


    I am honest with women who are interested in MK. I expose the truth here so that they may see that what their recruiter is telling them is untrue. At best, their recruiter is omitting important details. At worst (and most likely this is the case) the recruiter is telling outright lies.

    1. Lazy Gardens

      Right … the ACTUAL EMPLOYEES that do manufacturing, shipping, accounting, etc. are paid regularly and predictably, get paid vacations and health benefits. I guess they work those horrible J.O.B.s in “Corporate America” so the Kaybots don’t have to.

      It’s hard to find actual employee reviews because of the piles and piles of IBC reviews, but if you scan employer review sites for jobs that can’t possible be part of the sales consultants it’s enlightening. These would be places I would probably avoid because lack of good managers drives me nuts.

      Addison, TX – December 26, 2018
      Very unique culture with outdated philosophies. Employees are friendly enough, but contractors are treated like second-class citizens. While there is dedicated IT security in place, there is no governance to guide it. The lack of governance impacts the rest of the corporate culture negatively.
      Pros: Excellent compensation
      Cons: Antiquated culture not conducive to modern best practices.

      Golden Shackles
      (Current Employee) – Addison, TX – March 28, 2019

      Great pay and benefits keeps you working there longer than you want to. When you go to interview at other places they will gasp audibly when you explain your total compensation at Mary Kay. Then they’ll offer you something that doesn’t even come close and you’ll have to keep working for Mary Kay while you keep looking. Then you’ll feel like a mercenary for continuing to work here for the money and no other reason.

      Stay away from here… it’s not worth the money. Trust me.

      The bad: Groups are stifled by ever-changing processes and the need for every person in the room to agree – no clear decision maker; subjective thinking; heavy meeting schedule with no time to prepare for the next meeting or to think clearly and be creative on projects; leadership alignment is lacking, leading to competing objectives between teams; no clear career path; limited growth due to long tenure and complacency throughout organization

      It’s hard to be successful with little to no management
      (Former Employee) – Addison, TX – May 8, 2018
      I had little to no contact or relationship with my supervisor. I had no sense of direction. The hardest part of the job was that since I was new my opinions where never taken seriously and was thrown under the bus for mistakes during training. It was hard to be successful when I had no guidance.

  8. OnelessSD

    I’m a Christian. I was blinded by all the fluff that is Mary Kay. I was blinded by the facade that was presented to me by women at all levels in Mary Kay. I blindly trusted what I was told by those same women. Women who also claimed to be Christian.

    When I could no longer deny the falsehoods being spoken, demonstrated and lived out right in front of me, and I actually listened to that still small voice of God saying “this is not truth”… I finally had the clarity of mind to let it all go. I could no longer deny the lies and deception – I had to make a choice. Do I follow God or Man? Just like Lazy Gardens gave many scripture references, I was faced with that ultimate choice. Do I live in lies, or do I live in truth. I chose to live in truth and I got out. So while you choose to quote scripture, please don’t cherry-pick it to suit your situation. In Philippians chapter 4.. the same scripture you quoted, it says “whatever is True, whatever is Honorable”….. if you are wanting to dwell on just that- you can’t deny that so much that is spoken at any MK event is Un-True. Lies of omission (the leaving out of information to skew the perception) is still a lie. Lie = Un-truth. So there goes that portion of scripture for your liking. When you are misleading someone, to bring them to a decision in your favor is not honorable. Deception = Not-honorable,, there goes that portion, and so on.

    So right off the bat, Mary Kay’s practices are Un-True and Un- Honoring, so therefore, you shouldn’t be dwelling on Mary Kay things. I know if you are deeply breathing the pink air and drinking the pink kool-aid, this is tough to see, but my prayer for you is… that you will truly examine your life, and listen to your conscience that what you are pursuing is not a Godly pursuit at all.

  9. Cindylu

    Let me see. Try writing anything negative on a MK site to any Director or NSD. I doubt if that is even allowed. PT is a site designed to bring forward the experiences of many former Consultants/Directors/Husbands/daughters etc. In saying that it is negative for us to warn others about how MK does not follow the golden rule, then that’s just foolish. Does the golden rule include: front loading, the company constantly changing products at the consultants expense, mostly not allowing anywhere to properly advertise this supposed business and teaching to lie to our husbands and customers. Also nothing is free either: training costs, the car is not free, seminar and conferences are costly too. So you are a proud believer in Christ. Do you think Christ would be proud to notice you misleading potential recruits, putting MK ahead of your family, or going into debt because absolutely NO ONE wants the MK products. I saw really poor women in my unit conned by my SD into buying more product they couldn’t sell. One of them already had hundreds of yellowed products she’d wasted her scarce resources on. I noted my SD sabotaging two DIQ’s and then taking their customers. I also heard the completely fabricated I Story of one area NSD about her rags to riches success. In reality she married a guy with a good career and together they sold their useless success strategy CD’s. An NSD bragging while living in a house that was very ordinary. She had joined MK decades ago and was able to recruit in the USA and when Canada first opened up. The PTSD I suffered when I got sick and couldn’t sell the products stayed for a while. I felt very guilty that I brought vulnerable women to my Director’s attention to be exploited and put into debt. Fortunately I wasn’t very good at recruiting. Like most cults, this mlm used women’s empathy and wanting to help others in a deceptive way. When I began seeing the financial abuse of others, I came to realize that keeping my NSD rolling in money for her Cadillac, designer shoes, designer bags, trips, jewelry etc. wasn’t remotely Christ like. I found Seminar with its pretend Queen of Sales and accolades to be creepy and deceptive.

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