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Skincare Class Reality

This story was shared by one of Pink Truth’s members. It is an excellent story for anyone thinking of getting involved with Mary Kay Cosmetics. This story is not the exception. It is the rule!

I must share my story with Pink Truth, because it will help some women out there lurking on this site… trying to make a decision whether they should stay in the pink fog or whether they should get out and never look back.

A few weeks ago I did my last skincare party. I did it because this person was a bride that I met at a bridal show. I tried to cancel and I advised her that I was no longer doing Mary Kay. Well long story short she had invited people from out of town for this “pampering session” so I felt really bad and off I went to pamper her and her guest.

It was so not what she expected. She actually thought that I was going to actually facial her like some sort of spa session. Little did she know she would be washing her own face and applying her own makeup with Mary Kay products! I felt SO bad.

I took my daughter with me because she normally tags along to assist me with large groups. I did the normal presentation… you know the one with the flip chart, gave everyone the dash out the door look and did my table close.

One of the ladies said to me that she’s been thinking about doing Mary Kay and I read her the facts as to why people do Mary Kay. I also told her a lie as I’ve been trained to fake it until I made it… I told her that I typically sell anywhere from $200 – $400 per party. OMG… if looks could kill! My daughter gave me a look that was out of this world! Needless to say, I left the party without selling a penny’s worth of MK as always!

Here’s the kicker….my daughter (a high school student) says… “Mom, the only way someone can be successful in this business is to LIE and TRICK others. “ She also said, “You also have to be a good actress
and become animated to believe and project the LIES you JUST told!”

I wanted to crawl under a rock because my 16 year-old daughter had put me to shame! Then she said,” I went with you to your last party and you didn’t sell anything there either. I’ve only seen you give away this Mary Kay stuff but never sell anything!” RIGHT AGAIN!

Not to mention we had a 30 minute drive each way. I actually lost money as I wasted gas along with time and energy!

I felt so low because I began to think about all the lies that I’ve told to make a small sell or to gain a new recruit. It’s morally wrong and I refuse to fake it until I make it anymore! I have told everyone about Pink Truth including the woman who showed interested at the party. I forwarded her the link and shared with her why I could no longer do Mary Kay, and even more importantly why I could not be responsible for getting her involved with a business that could financially destroy her life!


  1. Char

    “I felt so low because I began to think about all the lies that I’ve told to make a small sell or to gain a new recruit.” –

    Well, at least you were “working” hard according to Mary Kay Inc..

    Seriously though, thank you for seeing the light and doing the right thing. Lately in my posts, I’ve been trying to get consultants to define their “work” as it pertains to MK. I think you did a beautiful job explaining it.

  2. BestDecision

    Bridal sessions are the biggest letdowns, and it was embarrassing to squirt out TimeWise and teach anything when all they wanted was a REAL makeover.

    The biggest, non-arguable point made is about the commute for appointments. I’ve driven an hour one-way with no guarantee I’d make money or get bookings. The, you actually hesitate to try to book off it because those people could take you even farther to get to theirs!

    No one in MK is honest about net profits, but no one EVER talks about driving and preparing for appointments. The first thing they say is “Hire an assistant to pack for you”, but that’s still money taken away from profit.

    I wasted so many Saturdays and Sundays driving all over for facials, skin care classes, and business debuts, and I’ll never get that time back again.

  3. MLM Radar

    When I was a bride I DID get a private MK makeover. Just me and the consultant. I didn’t know much about makeup at the time, and she seemed so experienced, so I bought the whole kit.

    What I didn’t realize was that the only makeup look this gal knew was “Hollywood prostitute.” I was trying so hard to look really nice. My wedding photos were horrible.

    That’s what comes from MK “training.”

  4. Cindylu

    The word that comes to mind is inauthentic. What I began seeing is a make believe world of air kissing directors. The pretend accolades, dress up suits, and over the top make up. The gaudy seminar complete with ridiculous ball gowns, tiaras, sashes and a tacky throne. Yes make overs for brides. I cringe that MK would advertise at bridal fairs when no one is really trained to do real glamor. (It’s about the recruits). What a shame that a woman on her big day is taken advantage of by a company that is all about “Fake It Till You Make it”. My SD advertised to brides and did their glamor make up which was cringe worthy. Yes my children and husband saw the deceit. I resented the loss of savings, time and my authentic self. I also shuddered at the thought of wasting gas driving up to one hour away for nothing. I once left a beautiful coat at a strangers place. They denied that the coat was in their closet. (Probably their compensation for my wasting their time and the time of their friends.) It was really too far to check for the coat myself. I also had my vehicle stolen while I was trying to recruit a young woman. I’m sure she had her young friends in a not so safe area, take the car for a joy ride. (While I was being mostly dishonest with myself and her about the fake MK opportunity. Smart way to get rid of me. Fortunately I got it back. The police found the car abandoned a few days later with some CDs broken. I had to arrange for someone to get my kids from the bus stop and take a taxi home. That was my last recruiting fiasco. Once I got sick I found out quickly that I had no real friends in MK. My director was honestly an embarrassment. After I left I swear symptoms of anxiety and minor PTSD occurred. It took a while to unravel from that brainwashing. I also had to forgive myself for the harm I may have caused others. Once I came out of the pink fog and did some critical thinking, I was able to see the deception of my SD more clearly. When I thought back I remembered my SD’s story about going to a Director retreat with our NSD. They got to visit MK’s pink mansion. The subject of conversation was whether MK had gone through a face lift. So much for honor among thieves. Also so much for that insincere MK I story of our being her daughters and how she developed a company to empower women. My SD was nasty and determined to become an NSD no matter what it took. To my SD and NSD we were just numbers to be gone through, used and discarded.

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