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Director Quits Before Her Debut

Written by Christine

8 months after starting my Mary Kay business, I became a director and earned my car. 3 months later I was supposed to have my director debut with over 200 guests attending. I quit right before the debut.

I came back from from Leadership Conference and just thought, what the hell am I doing??? I’m in a cult, I’ve sacrificed everything this past year. My family time, my friends, my happiness. My everything. My world.

I am so free right now: Mary Kay put me $9k in debt and I lost a year with my small children. I got lost in chasing that carrot that is constantly dangled in front of you. Manipulated into thinking that being a good mom meant leaving them in tears so I could go change women’s life which in turn just put them all in debt.

At leadership an NSD stood up on that stage and said only share positivity with your husband never the negative in your life?? WTF? What kind of marriage is that? He is my partner, I share the good and bad with my husband because he is my everything. They say that because our husbands are not brainwashed and can actually talk some sense into us.

I’m guilty of getting caught up in the designer purses and jewelry which is someone I have never been. End of story I  lost a lot of money, but I was able to rebound. Mary Kay will never steal another moment of my life. I took my power back.


  1. nomoremlm4me

    Congratulations! I am very happy for you. Escaping the cult can leave you wondering how in the world you got caught up in it. Remember, they are experts at indoctrinating you. You were strong enough to realize that, which is awesome. Be proud that you are out before too much damage to finances, your marriage and kids.

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