People Do Sell Mary Kay Products

A Mary Kay husband responding to the fact that 99% of people lose money in MLM, meaning it’s nearly impossible to make money selling Mary Kay products:

It’s only impossible if you do not sell it. You were unable to sell it therefore you think nobody can. The 10 people who routinely comment on your website and your failure to sell product is no bellwether for the company…

Do women buy skincare and makeup…yep… You have no experience in selling the product apparently and therefore have no clue as to what is possible… if you crunch the numbers, move the product, it works…and yes, that’s assuming people actually sell product… of which I have seen. It’s pure common sense.

My arguments are backed up not by what I say but by results. Your right, my wife makes pocket change… for putting in a few hours a week…averaged out it’s $25-32/hr for her effort… I can live with that… She’s not in it to get rich… she’s a stay at home mom, who makes a little money doing girlfriend time…and she’s going to build a team of people who have the same focus.

You hate MLM’s…that’s fine…this is not one. Do a little research, have a little objectivity outside of your failed experience and realize people are selling it. but I guess in the end…the truth doesn’t matter to you…it doesn’t matter if people do actually sell product…because you and your group did not…apparently nobody can.


  1. cbbgreat

    I don’t know where to begin to respond to this nonsense, but let’s start with – prove it! Show us the tracking sheets that your wife only “put in” a few hours a week (is this 3 hours? 5?) – show us that you tracked how long it took to her just to contact the buyers, whether she had to pack up and drive somewhere to sell this stuff. Show us how much she has already spent ($1800 wholesale order at first?) to “make” $25-$32/hr.

  2. PeachyNotPink

    Based on your comment, “she’s going to build a team of people who have the same focus.”, she’s still very new in this business. That pocket money she is making now will dry up as her friends and family no longer make pity purchases. I promise you, it WILL get harder to make sales as her “warm market” dries up. And if she starts recruiting those friends and family to be consultants, she has just cannibalized her own sales.

    What you will start to see happen is that your wife will begin lying to you (if she hasn’t already). She will lie about how many hours she’s spending on MK. She will lie about how much money she is spending on MK. She will lie about how much money she is making on MK. These lies will come in the form of omissions, half-truths and total untruths.

    Please check back in a few months and let us know how she and you are doing? When you do, please provide her tracking sheets for time, income and expenses. Then we can debate real “facts” and not your opinion or hopes.

  3. toolbelt

    That $25-32/hr will pale in comparison to the $50/hr she paid to attend a local seminar or conference, or the $100’s/hr she will spend attending an annual convention. MLMs are great at putting money in one pocket, while taking handfuls out of the other. As for sales, yes product moves, but it is often only sold to those pursuing the opportunity itself. That is the hallmark of a pyramid scheme.

  4. BestDecision

    And your grammar doesn’t make you look intelligent. Simple math shows NO ONE makes “executive income” in an Equinox or even in a Cadillac, yet even Consultants striving for a Power Start claim they do.

    You wholeheartedly admit your wife is in it for “girlfriend time”, which means it’s a HOBBY. Hobbies cost money and do not equate to profit, so there lies what many on here continue to explain and reiterate again and again.

    And just how many $70 sheet masks did she sell last week? And how many customers have been calling her daily to get a hold of the new foundations?

    Never in my life have I felt the strongest uphill climb as I did in MK. Ridiculous!

  5. I call BS. A man/husband did not write this. They usually catch on
    to the pink cult much faster than women. I suspect he is willing to
    lose $$ because it gets her out of the house and he can sit in front
    of the tv wearing his underwear and drink beer without her
    incessant screeching.

  6. Char

    Such a rudimentary ‘lack’ of understanding this fellow has about MLM. Dig deeper dude if your brain will allow you. Here, let me help you as you clearly don’t even realize what you just wrote:

    “and she’s going to build a team of people who have the same focus.” –

    Will they be the retail customers you brag about? You know, her best customers that really love the product? Oops, there goes another good retail customer.

    Tip: Instead of viewing it from your wife’s perspective, the actual retail customer, view it from the real business – Mary Kay Corp. founders and paid employees. Btw, the thinking that consultants are starting a sales business is part of the CON. Pay attention and see if buying and recruiting is the main focus from Corp. and upline. IT IS. Selling product is not.

    Be a great husband and protect your wife from these sharks. Your marriage and wallet will thank you. And someday, your wife will too – if she stays your wife after Mary Kay brainwashing that is.

    Seriously, have you not read or comprehended the articles on this site? Geez. It just goes to show you how elaborate this CON GAME is. That’s right “confidence game”. The trick is to make you think you are smarter than the rest. Now, reread your own words above and see if that applies!

  7. Neverpink

    “…it doesn’t matter if people do actually sell product…because you and your group did not…apparently nobody can.”

    Except some of us never were in MK. I never was, and will never join an MLM/”Direct Sales”/thinly-veiled product-based pyramid scheme ever, thanks to the information found here at Pink Truth.

    Some of us here were “successful” Directors with pink Cadillacs. Not that any of this will get through to you, since you’re so sadly brainwashed by the pink nonsense…

    Show us her numbers. If she’s so “successful”, show us her numbers! Show us how much time she’s actually spent prepping for this “girlfriend time”, how much product she’s actually sold vs. what’s sitting on her shelf. Show us the gas money spent, the incentives she might have offered. If you’ve actually crunched the numbers, show us!

  8. ihatemk

    I agree w/Antique Rose. One of my first thoughts about this post was I am not really convinced that a man wrote this. I suspect it is someone who is brainwashed in the pink fog. Most men don’t really pay all that much attention to details. I think this is someone who is trying to portray them self as male, but really female. I see most of the other posters here have “no experience” selling the product (well, at least according to OP). I thought a lot of the posters on here were SDs, car drivers, etc. Guess you all don’t know what is possible (I think the ladies on here know what is IMPOSSIBLE), and WOW, this “wife” is making 25 to 32 bucks per hour. I don’t believe that for even 1 second. Post the Sched C for all to see. Oh, crunch the numbers and it is “common sense” that the product “moves”. Must be family and friends and what I call “good will” purchases. When I go to a party, I may buy something just to support my friend or family member, no matter what crap is being sold, but I am not going to be a REPEAT customer. I say again, I AM NOT GOING TO BE A REPEAT CUSTOMER. Overpriced stuff that I can buy for less elsewhere (tupperware, pampered chef, etc.) and what I am going to buy is NOT going to be on the expensive side. That sounds like BS from an SD. Oh, and the “wife” is in it for girlfriend time and going to build a team of the same. Be for real, recruiting is hard to do and most people RUN when they are approached about being recruited. Why would you want to recruit the competition and lose more of your commission. Sounds more like BS SD talk. MK NOT an MLM? The very definition of an MLM . A scheme in which a person (as a “seller”) buys a certain amount of product from a “distributor”, and then sells for a profit. The seller must then kick back some of his profit to his distributor. In turn all the other sellers this person has recruited and distributes product to must kick back some of their profits to him. Does this not happen in MK? Oh, wait, MK calls it dual marketing. Calling it “dual marketing” does NOT change the fact that it is an MLM.”You hate MLM’s…that’s fine…this is not one. Do a little research, have a little objectivity outside of your failed experience and realize people are selling it. but I guess in the end…the truth doesn’t matter to you…it doesn’t matter if people do actually sell product…because you and your group did not…apparently nobody can.” If the OP were actually objective, they would look at both sides and in the end ‘truth” doesn’t matter. Come on, a lot of the posters are on here b/c they were lied to, manipulated, told they didn’t have to make a quota, told they would sell it, stretch to make it, etc. And once again, I guess the posters on here never made a sale. Wonder how they became directors. And yes, women do buy makeup, but they prefer to go to Ulta, Sephora, The Clinique counter, Estee Lauder, etc. When the “wife” realizes just what a scheme this is, Pink Truth will be here to pick up the pieces, tell them how to return product, and how to ESCAPE from this lying and cheating, manipulative company. How did this “husband” come across this site anyway? Me thinks it is a new IBC who is getting uncomfortable and is being pressured to order the high inventory level. After all, you can’t sell from an empty wagon and MK sells itself. Ha ha!!!!

    1. BestDecision

      So he’s saying she cleared $50-60,000 last year? Not at all buying it. Then she did the Court of Sales easily. No ring, not buying it.

      (And not that every Court winner sold her way there, either. That’s a different topic.)

  9. ran4fun

    The definition of a scam is a “confidence trick”.

    Encouraging “I-stories” and “positive affirmations” along with “love bombing” and “girlfriend time”, not to mention no one is allowed to talk about anything negative regarding their “business” thus keeping everyone involved in a fantasy world…all designed to trick the believer into having confidence in MK.

    Then along comes Pink Truth with facts based on MK’s own numbers, along with real-life experiences of un-fogged consultants, and we are the ones who don’t know what we are talking about. OK, hubby. We’ll listen to your side when you can prove your claims. You can start with her Schedule C.

  10. BartheDoor

    If you love your wife, make her see an accountant. Make her keep an honest track of how much time she really spends coaching hostesses, delivering items, doing paperwork, contacting people to host parties, the cost of all her supplies and inventory, replacement inventory, and gas for the car. Subtract the taxes she’s going to have to pay as a self-employed person. Subtract the value of prizes and any catering she had to do for parties. Then write back with an updated number; I bet you it’s a lot lower, perhaps even a loss.

    I understand you love and wish to support your wife. Supporting the smoke and mirrors that is the MK dream is not love. Your wife would make more (and more consistent) money working 20 hours a week retail or waiting tables. I’ll cite my source. A friend got roped into MK. Her husband said the same things you wrote. By the time he realized that she was losing money and that mythical $30 an hour income didn’t include replacement products or any of the other things listed above, she was in debt. She quit MK, returned her product, and got a second job 15 hours a week to pay off the debt, which got her out of debt in 6 months.

    Then she got sucked into Nerium, and MK was the devil.

    Then Arbonne, which was so much better than Nerium or MK.

    Now it’s some bullshit wine MLM and all the other MLMs are bad. But not this one. This one is a side hustle that really works.

    I love my friend. I don’t judge her. I don’t judge your wife. Optimism is a great thing, but sometimes you really need the cold water of realism too. Make your wife get an accountant. Go with her. Know what you’re talking about, not just what you are being told. I wish you well.

  11. Weekended

    The more I sold in MLM business, the less was in my bank account. It’s the expenses and the so-called “inventory investment.” A person brings home money with every presentation she does, but it pales in comparison to the costs.

  12. KayNotMary

    I also think this wasn’t written by a husband. This sounds like a new consultant; the non-participating spouse wouldn’t be brainwashed to this degree this quickly and be so defensive, especially for something that is supposed to be just a few hours of girlfriend time each week. This person is directly invested.

  13. KayNotMary

    Also, I don’t have to try crack to know it’s bad. I don’t have to walk a mile in your shoes, I can see you’re a train wreck from all the way over here.

  14. Lexi

    “Do women buy skincare and makeup…yep…”

    You’re correct. They do. From Sephora, or Ulta, or Birchbox, or the drugstore or retail. They most certainly aren’t getting it from MK. And why would they? To pay high-end price for not even drugstore quality? Hard pass.

    1. Roo2

      Or if they are it is likely from amazon or eBay… I don’t remember the last time I saw a Mary Kay catalog but if someone pulled it out, I would def have a good laugh.

  15. Deflated Pink Bubble

    IF, and that’s a big if, a husband actually wrote this, which I seriously doubt, he only knows what he has been told. He’s done zero research. The verbage and grammar tell me this is coming from a consultant.

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