Instructions For Getting to the Top in Mary Kay

A “top director” put together instructions for getting to the top in Mary Kay. Finally! The secret to making it big and doing it the right way. Step-by-step instructions from a “Queen.”

Except there’s a bit of irony here. The woman who wrote this has been “Queen of Sharing” in her seminar twice and runner-up twice. She is in a Cadillac, and is a senior director currently. She was a future executive senior director when she wrote this. So we’re taking instructions from someone who essentially failed in Mary Kay by getting herself demoted?

If this was really “it” and this director really had the keys to the Mary Kay castle, why isn’t she at the top of the pyramid? This is a woman who supposedly knows the secret to success and is held up as a pillar of success in Mary Kay… yet she is moving backward on the career path!

I mean no disrespect to this director. I understand exactly how a pyramid scheme like Mary Kay works. It’s a no-win situation for almost everyone. That’s why even when she’s held up as a winner, she’s really not winning. Isn’t it interesting that a woman held up as the epitome of success in Mary Kay is not actually achieving that success herself, thanks to the MLM system?

My Schedule – I work MK full time – I take off all day on Tues for me!

Work Monday through Friday – 8a-5:30p & I do a Thursday night SCC (while my husband works that night), plus I do a class 2 Saturdays a month – plus always a class at my Monday meeting. I do not work on Sunday.

Pick the nights that work for you – what works best with your family schedule.

I work really hard some days but also take off and enjoy other things. I really live God first, family second, career third!

  • Begin With The End In Mind!
  • Hold Classes to Recruit!
  • Power Start every month!!
  • I do it To Build!
  • Build my big customer base – build a big Unit!
  • Who can I help by sharing MK?
  • Who would benefit from extra money?

I offer them something free when they have 5 women at an open house for SCC. Find out what they want. Give them an incentive so that I always book from my appts. Continue to get new clientele too – go out & meet new people every day.

Give them a printed Invitation to come to my meeting Monday night as my guest! Get their number and tell them I will call them the next morning between 9-10a — where will they be and what number?? Follow up with them the next morning between 9-10a. They’ll come to the meeting and love everything and I will book them for a SCC then. They will do it because there are things they want FREE! Then they know what they really want and will book for it.

If you don’t have people to book – go out and meet them today and bring them to your meeting.

Work Full Circle. It is the most effective way to work.

Team Building – I always use The 4 Point Recruiting plan from MK!

At every SCC I ask the Hostess who would be great? I tell the Hostess to watch me & see if she thinks she would enjoy doing what I do – I plant a seed in her heart!

I share my story….a great recruiting talk!! (Short & sharp)

I will pick out 2 sharp women to share MK with at the class.

After the SCC I will talk with the hostess and the other 2 sharp women that I picked if there is time to talk tonight and if not, I will give her some info to take home with her and ask her if I can call her back in the morning – and exactly what time.(A clear agreement) I will call them the next morning – when they are on the way to work to talk with them.

1. Finalize sale
2. Rebook them
3. Pick the Hostess and the 2 sharpest people. – “I have to share the business info with at least 6 people a week and I would love to share it with you. (I give them the perfect opportunity brochure). When would be the best time for me to share with you? What time are you driving to work in the morning? 8-8:30a? (most people are on their way to work and this is a great time) Which is better for you 8 or 8:30?” If you wait, they get cold! 9 times out of 10 they say yes and I can reach them….

Role Play:
“Hi Katie – this is xxxxxxxx with Mary Kay. How are you? I just want to thank you for letting me follow up with you and helping me with my training. Did you get time to look over the information I gave you last night?

No – I didn’t yet.

That’s ok. I am going to ask you some questions about yourself, then I am going to share with you how our marketing plan works, and then ask you for some feedback, ok? Ok, great!

Katie, tell me a little about yourself – what do you like most about your job?
I have a 3 yr old daughter – I am a marketing director for a printing co and I am very busy.

What do you like most about your job?

What would you like to change?
Everything – more time to myself, answer to nobody, more money.

Where would you like to see yourself personally, financially and career wise in the next 5 yrs?
In NC on the coast somewhere with a six figure income so my husband can retire.

What do you need the most in your life right now?
Free time.

For you personally or with you family?

What do you value the most in your life?
My family.

What were some of your favorite products you loved the most at the SCC?
The cleanser and microderm.

Well, that completes your section… thank you Katie. You heard my story last night and what I love about MK – the abilty to work my busines around things – choices – I am the boss – I get to call the shots about who I work with – basically freedom to create the kind of life and income I want. (Do this part to fit with what she told you she would like to change in her life.)

Everybody starts at the same place – we all purchase the Starter Kit – it is a hundred and it has $450 worth of products in it. That registers you with the company as a consultant.

We make money by selling the products – really it sells itself – we get a 50% commission – did you know that Katie? Half of what we sell is profit.

It is a necessity and something that people use up all the time – so there is a great residual income as people reorder their products.

The only things that are recession proof are tobacco, alcohol and cosmetics -and I’d rather help people than hurt them, wouldn’t you?

If you want to move up you do that by bringing other people in to the company.

When you have 1-4 people you get a 4 % commission check from the co – that comes directly from MK. When you have 5 or more you get 9- 13%! And as a Sales Director you get an additional 23% plus bonsuses!

My first recruiting check was only $4.34 and my husband and I laughed about it — but my largest commission check now is over $12,000 for one month!

This is also an opportunity for you!

The free car is another way to make money! 85% of the insurance paid by the co – tax and tag – and you can take the car or cash compensation for 2 years when you earn it.
First car is a ______ or $425 a month – which would you take?

What would you do with the money?
College for my daughter.

Next car is the _________ or $500 cash?Which would you take?

What would you do with the money?
Some for college and some for me!

Next car is the Pink Cadi and you have or $900 cash! What would you take?
Car for sure!!

Are you making a car payment now?

Then that would save you the car payment and insurance!

Extra income!

You own your own business so you can work when you want and off when you want. Freedom and flexibility!

We get lots of Recognition! At my old job, I got a turkey at the end of the year and I said, what will I do with that – I don’t even cook!!

I love the diamonds and the great free travel! Exciting, isn’t it?

Katie, there are 5 Qualities We Look For and you have to have at least 3! Let’s see if you have them, ok?

#1 -We are looking for women that are busy because we know that they get the most done because they are good time managers. Are you busy?
Yes. I am.

#2 -Goal oriented – do you have a need and want to fill it?
Yes I do.

#3 -Women that are not the sales type – we know the prod sells itself – we want someone who is professional but not pushy because our business is based on building relationships. Do you feel that you are not the sales type and not pushy?
I am not the sales type and not pushy.

#4 We want women that believe in our Company Philosoply – God First, Family Second and Career Third.
Katie, do you believe that?

#5 – We want women that are Decision Makes! The opposite of a decision maker is a procrastinator. The Boston Globe says that indecision and procrastination are the biggest causes of failure in America today. Are you a decision maker?

If you decided to join our team, what qualities do you have that
you could bring to MK that would benefit our company?
I am a great people person and a hard worker.

Of the benefits I shared with you about MK – what are you most impressed with about our company?
Freedom and the opportunity to make a lot of money.


On a scale of 1-10 I am going to ask you your interest level in the company. 1 is – If you were starving you would not do MK – that is pretty sad! 5 is – A chicken answer and confuses me – so please don’t say that! 10 is – I am ready to do MK and get it all!
Katie, what is your interest level?
I started to say 8 but it really is a10!!

(If they say less than 10 and they want to think about it – say – “What would stop you from starting and what do you need to now or do to make a decision? …I know how you feel…… I felt the same way….. what I found out is……….. I am going to send you some more information and I will follow up with you within 24 hours. If you decision then is yes you will have a choice of a FREE micro set or a beautiful ring. I will follow up with you tomorrow morning at and get your decision and if you say yes, that will be great and if you decide you don’t want to, you will still be my great customer! Great! I will talk with you in the morning at 8a.” I email them info on my website – link to look – and a fact sheet about the company!)

Katie, I am going to send you an email invitation and I have 2 gifts to offer you when you get it done within the next hour! Would you like to have free – the micro derm or a beautiful ring?
Micro for sure!

Great! Well welcome to my team Katie!!
I will be in touch with you as soon as I get your agreement. Talk with you soon…

Xxxxxx recommends doing at least 3 classes a week and following up with the Hostess plus 2 from each one. That will give you 9-10 great interviews for YOU a week and will give you a couple of new team members every week. When you are a director, do the same thing for your new people who want to earn their Pearls of Sharing – 10 for you and 10 for them! You will start to see RED! 🙂

Nothing new. All the same stuff – much of it purposely misleading (product sells itself, highest check, “free car” etc….).

What a perfect piece to instill lots of guilt into all of the consultants who haven’t succeeded – they will certainly believe they haven’t tried hard enough.


  1. Neverpink

    Another thing I noticed – in this “roleplay” scenario, Katie takes the car versus the first two cars, saying she’ll save money for her daughter’s college. But when it comes to the pink Cadillac versus $900 cash, she takes the car? That doesn’t make any sense, even in this “imaginary scenario”!

    1. pinkpeace

      Worst mistake I ever made was to take the car instead of the cash compensation. If I had taken the cash, I wouldn’t have had to worry about copays and qualification. But my director told me how important it was that I drive a “trophy on wheels.” And of course, when I was short on car production, I kicked in the extra, which definitely added to her check.

      1. ran4fun

        Same thing happened to my loved one, until she couldn’t kick in anymore. Then she lost the “trophy” and directorship…how can she still think this opportunity is so good?

    1. Now, there is no shame in working 52 hours a week, your field and personality and even needs being that they will be.

      But it’s sure a heck of a lot of hours for someone who wants to be have more time for self and family.

      I happen to be related to an MLM millionaire. He freely admits that if you have any hope of making it big, be prepared to put EVERYTHING on the back burner for several YEARS. Yes, have a talk with your family.

      Not exactly the best career to sweetly slip into.

  2. Lily in NYC

    The one I pasted below annoyed me the most because it’s just such a blatant way to try to avoid the main reason most women give for not joining – Yeah, it’s such a smart business plan to pick people who suck at selling when your job is to sell makeup.:

    #3 -Women that are not the sales type – we know the prod sells itself – we want someone who is professional but not pushy because our business is based on building relationships. Do you feel that you are not the sales type and not pushy?
    I am not the sales type and not pushy.

  3. Lazy Gardens

    “Work Monday through Friday – 8a-5:30p & I do a Thursday night SCC (while my husband works that night), plus I do a class 2 Saturdays a month – plus always a class at my Monday meeting. I do not work on Sunday.”

    Any slob with a job will be working way less than that, making more money and having a lot less stress. When I worked 2 weekends a month, I got a day off every mid-week to make up for it, with ZERO obligations to my employer.

    If I had worked one weeknight in addition to my regular shift, I would have been paid overtime.

  4. Lazy Gardens

    “If you don’t have people to book – go out and meet them today and bring them to your meeting.”

    Uh … where in your happy little schedule do you allow for hours of looking for woman who are willing to come to a Mary Kay meeting?

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