All the Prizes in June

Written by Raisinberry

Every May, a group of local Directors in my former area would gather at the Local Holiday Inn and discuss the ordering bait for June, to “reach our Seminar Goals”. Being unaccustomed to the best choices in gaudy jewelry, I showed up but generally didn’t offer any input. I trusted the more successful Directors to choose the precise order-generating gem.

You can’t imagine the amount of discussion that occurred, as to what a prize appeared to cost, which was better for a $225 order, and how exotic should we go for a $1,800 order. A Hollywood star’s engagement ring knock off in cubic zirconia was a sure winner for an Emerald Star. Some of our gang noticed an NSD sporting a emerald baguette cut ring (you have that one don’t you?) and of course everyone had to have it as Star Consultant bait for newbies. Doggonit… Mary Kay royalty wore it!

Every year it’s something exciting. There prizes from corporate for being a director, and for ordering a certain amount in June, there are prizes for recruiting too! And whatever your wholesale order is for June, there often a little “thank you gift” commensurate with your..ahem, “activity.”

They are aware of that nasty site, Pink Truth, that accuses them of “pulling inventory” (i.e. consultants placing orders for products that do not get sold), so now they are going to talk the talk of selling at retail to do a wholesale order! So its your “activity” that gets rewarded. Ain’t that special? Sell $200 retail a week and you’ll be able to do a $400 wholesale order for a June promotion!

Now they can’t be blamed. And honestly, they can’t. If someone sells $200 retail a week and wants to place a $400 order and gets the cool prize, well then yay for her, it is working as it should. But the line between bait, manipulation and real activity is always blurred in Mary Kay.

You know where I am going, don’t you? When no one tracks actual retail sales, then no amount of creative language concerning activity actually matters.

As a former financial abuser of women in June, I would lay out the prizes for ordering in a flyer and “romance” them, wear them—yes usually all of them, and do what my director and NSD said… make them want them. We would “language” the desire to have them by simply stating it! “You want this great purse”…”You have to have this awesome bracelet”… “Why not reach for the stars and get this gorgeous matching necklace? Our National is offering a great pair of earrings for a X order.:

But where did I and my area learn this? Mary Kay Ash herself. Mary Kay didn’t want anybody spending big money for a prize. She wanted big recognition — a big show — ’cause she was selling the attention rather than the money spent on the prize. Penny prize –> dollar recognition.

Over decades that idea morphed into what we all hovered around a table to accomplish in May. Let’s get the cheapest thing we can that looks like it’s expensive in order to maximize the wholesale order and bait new recruits, the base unit, and support our DIQ’s ability to sell “prizes, awards, and recognition” as a key reason to join.

In a real business, a person would order inventory based on audience or target market, need, availability, and hours of operation. Not in Mary Kay! They promote inventory ordering for a cubic zirconia necklace or a fake Kate Spade handbag! But it is June. It’s special. It’s year end. Certainly no one would fault offering additional prizes at every level and in multiple categories that overlap what the National is doing, what the Unit is doing and what Corporate is doing to the degree that barely anyone can keep it all straight? How nuts must you be to not order when there will be close to half a dozen prizes for keying in those 16 numbers?

Don’t you know your order will help us reach our goal? Can you “stretch?” Funny how, in all my years of being trained to pull production, we never asked if they sold something.


  1. Cindylu

    This includes the cheap ladder of success and the sapphire pin etc. At Seminar they try to bedazzle us with their ribbons and the fabricated dog and pony show entertainment. I often shuddered at those fake air kisses by women pretending to care about each other. It is only when you look closer at the cheapness of this whole organization that the truth comes out. If they really cared the conferences would include real training, decent food and decent hotel rooms. Instead this company has their consultants and directors footing the bill every step of the way.

    1. Char

      “If they really cared the conferences would include real training,”

      Wanna know what sucks? It does include real training. It’s just not the training you perceived it was going to be, nor did you probably realize you were indeed being trained. And, you had to pay for it!

      When it comes to MLM, every conference, seminar, meeting, rally, etc. is geared toward enthusiasm for recruiting, and remaining active with qualifying purchases. That is how corporate survives and thrives. The show, that is seemingly about the welfare of the consultant, is an illusion. That’s how they hook you. Consultants are nothing more than big spending customers willing to find others for corporate and the top liars.

      Ultimately and sadly, you were being trained to be an unwitting MLMer i.e., con woman and a big spender. They, corporate and upline, knew exactly what they were doing, and they were not remiss in the slightest with their planning.

      They didn’t care about “your business” (reselling product) because in MLM, it’s not your business and not about the product. One is just a big spending recruiter for the MLM money game benefiting corporate and top few dishonest players.

      Isn’t it funny how it all adds up now regarding the “actual” training one receives.

  2. Pinkiu

    Even after all these years I am angered by how this very tactic used on me encouraged me to purchase product. I thought the Pearls of Sharing were real. Why? Because my SD said they were pearls and I believed her. I was brought up to trust people’s word and so in my 20-something year old mind, I believed her. I thought my ladder pin was gold with real gems. It’s all cheap trinkets mass marketed for trusting souls to be manipulated and lied to by experienced con artists. Oh, I know they don’t think of themselves in that light. But this article exposes the true deceive practices of fake, cheap jewelry.

      1. EyesWideShutNoMore

        I thought it was real too, because the chip was so tiny! So that’s a nice kick in the taco, not only is it fake, the gem isn’t even a generous size so it can be seen without a magnifying glass. I wouldn’t have minded fake if it was a decent size, some directors would say it’s so small because it’s real and “Wait until you see the ladder pins if you’re a Star for X amount of time…! All real diamonds!”

    1. PeachyNotPink

      You are correct! It is actually in the MKA biography that comes with the starter kit. She waxes poetic about how the gift doesn’t matter, it’s the recognition that the IBC wants.

        1. PeachyNotPink

          It’s flat out emotional manipulation. “I’ll make you feel really special and important, but in reality I’m treating you like shit. Only you’re so enamored of me that you don’t notice. So I’ll just keep getting what I want until you realize I don’t really value you.” I’ve dated a few men in my lifetime that were like that.

  3. raisinberry

    Sadly, this is insanity June.

    June means more pressure to place big “stretch” orders on every single IBC and Director to reach all of the imaginary benchmarks placed by the Corp and Upline. I say imaginary because you do recall this was a double credit year (once again).

    In order to make the year end goal appear reachable, they track production and if lagging, a bogus contest like double wholesale credit is instituted to be a legit talking point and motivational push tactic to not give up on a goal that you think might be too far gone.

    Tell me, has any real company…WOULD any real company ask you to pretend your sales force sold more than they did and then track your numbers as if it were true? Can you even imagine a real estate company, worried that low sales would be de-motivating, deciding to tell all agents that for the month of March, every home they close will count double for year end targets and promotions? Oh and then maybe do it again for April? And at year end, make no mention of any imaginary doubling, but instead act as if they really reached the X million dollar producer level in press releases or company annual sales reporting?? The ship has been sinking for years…only you’d never really know just how bad it is when double credit makes it appear, all is well.

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