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Don’t Read “That” Website

Yes, “that” website, is in fact Pink Truth. This email was written by a Mary Kay sales director who doesn’t want women to read Pink Truth because it might cause them to doubt Mary Kay. The thing is…. we’re just telling the truth. And yes, it causes doubt because it is in conflict with the misrepresentations women receive from corporate, sales directors, and recruiters.

If you read “that” website I’m writing this email for you. It’s from me, xxxxx xxxxx. I wrote this a few weeks ago but I’m sending it because I want you to know you’re not alone.

If you have NO clue why I’m writing this – just delete this email and enjoy your MK products at cost!!I don’t think it’s fair that all of the negative gets said and MK corporate or nothing gets said to promote the positive and draw attention to the good.

If you doubt yourself – that website adds to your doubts. If you doubt your business – that website adds to your doubt.

If you doubt yourself and it’s added to – you’ll hear more doubters. Just like when you go car shopping and you start to like a car, have you ever noticed you see the car you like everywhere all of a sudden?

Why am I saying all of this. BECAUSE the doubt gets all of the press and society is so negative and I find myself that it’s easier to ‘believe’ the doubt and gravitate to it.

Have I read that website, absolutely! Why? Cause I can relate to some of the stories out there and because I don’t want to be accused of doing things that bring up hate and sadness and bad feelings that consultants posting on there have had. I’ve even read things about products that I didn’t hear anywhere else and I’m not sure who to believe.

MK to me is a unique opportunity and it’s a business. It’s a business where if you treat it like a hobby, it will cost you money. If you treat it like a business it will give you an opportunity to make money. The opportunity costs $100 bucks to take advantage of. For my $100 investment I’ve LEARNED a ton and gotten back TONS! I have days that absolutely it’s worth it and I have days that it’s not.

Can I be a stay at home mom and make money – nope. Can I afford to have a nanny here 2 days a week so I can work in the house and interact with my kids so I’m the mom I want to be – yup! I’m a hard worker and I love what I do. Would I do it if I wasn’t making money – absolutely not – I work because I have to just like you. I’d rather work this than anything else, that’s my choice. Can you guys working full time do MK and make money. Yuppers – if you’re dedicated to it and work it consistently.

Hear my heart – if you have doubt – if you read that site and it makes you question things and you’re not sure about your choice and your commitment, please talk to me. I’ll be honest with you! You can look at my taxes, my inventory, my expenses and I’ll be honest. The website has made me doubt myself too!!!!!!!!

The ONLY way to make money working your MK business is to do Skin Care Classes and move product in volume. To be a director, a consultant, a red jacket, and a free car driver you have to be doing 3+3+3, coming to meeting, investing in your business with inventory (not tons, just the right stuff), and staying plugged into the community so you always have new people to be talking to. There’s NO other way that anyone can show me that I’ll believe other than that. (I’ve tried everything else and it hasn’t worked). I can sleep at night because I know that I’ll always hold appointments and meet new people and sell product and take personal responsibly for my business. No one other than me can control that – so I’ve taken responsibility for my paycheck and seen the results. The friendships, learning, growing, tears, and pain are all part of it and if I didn’t deal with it in MK, I’d have to deal with it somewhere else on someone else’s terms.

Read the negative so you know how you shouldn’t work the business, participate in the positive so you can see it really can work if you do! That’s why I have SHOW ME at the top of our website – do SHOWS/CLASSES and show yourself too!

If you have NO clue why I’m writing this – just delete it and enjoy your MK products at cost!! Luv ya!!


  1. BestDecision

    When I was a Director, we feared this site would contaminate the culture we shoved down our units’ throats. At first, I didn’t know if there were just posts from people that never actually put forth effort and were disgruntled.

    Then I read it.

    I snuck around, making sure my unit or Senior didn’t figure out opI was on here, and I rad everything. Nothing came off as a lie. I saw myself, my story, my experiences, and my frustrations.

    The truth hurts sometimes, but it’s batter to face it than waste over 10 years like I did!

  2. Char

    The irony here is that her email is full of lies and manipulative suggestions. This behavior is what one must do in MK in order to hope to make a buck. THIS IS WHAT I/WE HAVE BEEN TRYING TO CONVEY. Let’s dissect some of her “efforts”:

    “Use of the word negative” – Presenting FACTS are neither negative or positive. Being called negative or a hater has nothing to do with a real business method. However, in MLM, when “belief in the dream” is everything to rope you in, words like this become the focus.

    “Opportunity” – This word subconsciously implies something good. In fact, it a neutral word and could even be applied to an “opportunity” to sell crack cocaine to minors.

    “Business owner” – Notice she doesn’t identify Mary Kay as MLM. It is, and MLM is not a business. She doesn’t want you to research MLM for a reason.

    “Doubt” – She says if you have “doubt” about the “business”, talk to her. Yes, the woman who is profiting off of you. Hello? If you have doubt, listen to your gut, and seek third-party information. No one here makes money off of you!

    “At cost” – It’s not “cost” when the majority of customers pay that price. The real customers are consultants. I like to call it retail. LOL. And then a few silly women are willing to pay double retail to consultants – the first line customers. Why I don’t know. Pity perhaps?

    “Hard work”- Ah yes, this email. All the lies and manipulation convincing you that being a Mary Kay consultant can make you money if you work hard enough. It might, if you are a good enough liar and manipulator when writing your emails.

  3. Cherissa

    Yesterday I had a really awkward sales encounter that brought me to your website and im glad I found it. I am a miser, and I am not ashamed lol. My friends and I often joke about how frugal I am. Yesterday I shared with a coworker that I often receive bath and body works body sprays, or Victoria secret body mists as gifts from my loved ones that I am grateful for, but the smell wears off in a hour. I told her I wanted to invest in some quality perfume that would last all day and asked her where to go. I am amazed as woman who always smell good or has a signature scent.

    A couple of hours later I received an invitation to meet up for a free facial, but she worded in a way that would have been rude to decline. Then it hits me, a while back she did tell me she sells Mary Kay, but I assume due to me being resourceful, I didn’t fit in the Mary Kay target group. She asks me to invite other women for an empowering experience.

    We set up an appointment. I’m down for supporting a friend, and I tell myself I’m going to buy something out of politeness, even if its just eye liner or mascara. She lets me view a catalog and I can’t believe how expensive the products are. I tried to justify paying those ridiculous prices, by searching for positive reviews online and can’t find any. People are saying that Mary Kay burns there skin and they changed their formulas for their best products, for the worse.

    Then I came to this site, and realized by supporting my friend, I would be supporting the Mary Kay brand I cannot do that. I’m not sure how Mary Kay expects women to sell anything with their horrible reviews at these high prices, when the price of makeup is becoming very competitive. We can thank the internet, for quality products at low prices. I don’t know one person who uses Mary Kay and im surprised Mary Kay is still in business. Now I see they survive by scamming people, and particularly black women.

    I’ll have to politely let her know I cannot make it to her free facial. I really wish my friend could see this website. Sorry for the long post, but the whole thing was just weird.

    1. Wasring90

      Most perfumes smell awful on my, but I do like some it the scents made by Define Me. They are also cruelty free. Or go to Ulta / Sephora where the girls can talk about more than product.

    2. Nanette

      @Cherissa I noticed this too… it seems like they target people of color.

      Chanel makes great fragrances, but honestly, I prefer the ones that wear off quickly, particularly in an office environment where people can be sensitive to fragrance.

  4. Lazy Gardens

    Whoah! She says this: “You can look at my taxes, my inventory, my expenses and I’ll be honest.” So has anyone asked to see her accounts and inventory?

    1. Caniac8402

      I don’t think gullible is the correct word, although I don’t know what the right one would be. Lol
      I agree with every other part of your statement. They find your “pressure point” and use it against you everytime. Every.Single.Time

      I hate that I gave MK 3 years of my life.

  5. enorth

    “move product in volume.”

    Which is done by having sales, giving discounts, and giving away products. All of this is going on now as IBCs work to clear shelves so they can turn around and buy more to reach their “goals” by June 30.

    I came across a Pink Cadillac SSD on social media offering 25% off every MK product, plus other discounts and gifts. So much for the, “You make 50% on everything you sell” line.

  6. ihatemk

    What I want to know is why every time a Kaybot uses the phrase “hear my heart” line. Can’t they come up w/anything original. I also want to know about the word “pampering”. Don’t they know that the use of that word brings up the signal that this is just a MK spiel. Just what does the word “pamper” mean. pamper
    [ pam-per ]
    verb (used with object)
    to treat or gratify with extreme or excessive indulgence, kindness, or care: to pamper a child; to pamper one’s stomach.
    Archaic. to overfeed, especially with very rich food; glut.
    gratify, tickle, regale, spoil, indulge, coddle, satisfy, fondle, humor, pet, please, cosset, yield, dandle, caress, mollycoddle, baby, overindulge.
    Ok, to treat w/excessive indulgence, kindness or care. I know that the IBC can’t apply the poorduct (yes, spelling intentional, MK is a poor product) b/c they aren’t licensed beauty care givers. When I envision myself at a “pampering” session I see myself having product applied to me and me just kicking back and relaxing. A pampering session in MK is nothing more than a sales pitch. Don’t these Kaybots KNOW that there are certain trigger words that make people suspicious that a MK scheme is about. For the Kaybots reading this site (and you know there are and MK Corp reads this site too) the words that make me suspicious that you are a representative of MK is “hear my heart”, may I schedule you for a “pampering” session, I needs some “sharp” women, etc. my radar is already up b/c most people can sense bs when they hear it and are usually too polite to call you out on it. Truth is truth. Neither good or evil, just is and I am so happy Tracy started this site so that others who have doubted the claims in MK and being made to feel uncomfortable by this sham of a company realize that their instincts were correct and the MK is nothing more than a pyramid scheme and a bunch of BS. No, I have never sold MK or been recruited into it, but I have learned so much here and when I have gone to MK events or parties, it was just sooooooo overtop and to me not a believable thing at all. I do realize that all MLM companies are over the top, but MK takes the cake when it comes to it. That is how I found this site. Too much rah rah and bs. Boo and hiss is is what I think about MK.

    1. Cherissa

      That is exactly what my coworker said to me. She wanted to book me for a pampering session. I do not like it all when people try to sell stuff to me. I don’t mind advertisements, but I find sales pitches totally annoying. I do believe you will hear about good products through word of mouth and that when you have a good product people will advertise for you.

      For example there was this expensive eye brow powder released. I normally wouldn’t spend 50.00 for powder but they had really great reviews on you-tube that I watched before I worked up the never to get my own. I didn’t regret my decision.

      Her booking me for a “pampering” session just triggered to many red flags.

      1. Char

        Hi Cherissa, so glad you had the wherewithal to spot the red flags. The tricky part about any MLM company is to realize it’s not really about the product regardless of quality or price. It is about the endless-chain recruiting game using products to mask the money scheme.

        “Pampering sessions” have an ulterior motive, and that is to recruit you. The sale of a lipstick is merely a consolation prize to help keep up appearances.

  7. Mickey2942

    The Mary Kay model is over 50 years old. More women work full time, and don’t have time for a skin care class. Or the disposable income to purchase $250 of skin care products, even with the special discount…only $125 today.

    1. Coffee Queen

      The only thing i disagree with is that people don’t have disposable income to purchase $250 of skin care. My generation (old millennial… xennial actually), generally have a lot of disposable income on QUALITY Skin care. However, we do a lot of research on products before we buy and would rather spend cash at Sephora, Ulta, etc where there is no pressure and the employees actually know what is in the products they sell, and if they don’t, they find a manager who does know.

      We also want more products that are sustainable and cruelty free (i.e. do not sell in China). and looking for cleaner, greener products which MK is neither of those things.

      There are a lot of us who get sucked into MLM, because of wanting to work more flexible however, we get quickly discouraged and pissed off with the business practices and we quit.

      1. EyesWideShutNoMore

        Agree with you, Coffee. I’m 41 and my friends in their 30s and 50s have no qualms about spending money on quality skin care / anti-aging products. Plus, people want more transparency with companies. I really like Kiehls, but found out they’re owned by L’Oreal which is owned by Nestle and they’re not quite a stand up corporate citizen.

        I went to Sephora a little awhile for the for the first time in years and was pleased how knowledgeable the girl helping me was. We’re supposed to be getting Ulta stores in Canada soon, I can’t wait!

  8. Nanette

    “If you have NO clue why I’m writing this – just delete this email and enjoy your MK products at cost!!”

    Nah, I’ll just go to eBay and Poshmark for my MK.

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