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June Madness in Mary Kay

Written by SuzyQ

June, the final stretch! June! We could sing “Promises, promises, I’m all through with promises, promises now.” But that would date me, so, never mind.

Hi and pink hugs to all lurking directors and consultants! So happy you stumbled upon this negative site. It’s hard to find it you know, you have to type in www.pinktruth.com or google something (negative) about Mary Kay. Before you dismiss me, I have typed Mary Kay so often as a former, non top-director type, that when I type Mary, my word processing program helpfully finishes it and adds a little bubble that says “Mary Kay” so all I have to do is press enter. So, I know what I am talking about here.

June is deadly. Horrifying, for a number of reasons. As consultants, you will be asked to stretch and order more than you may be comfortable with. In fact, I am willing to wager that you have already received the first of the June’s emails from your director.

She will say something to the effect that 1) She needs your help to keep the Unit, or 2) You are sooooooooo close to a super spectacular goal, and she needs your help. Regardless, no order is too small as they ALL help, and U and I Together means UNIT… get it?

What’s really fun is to watch the $1 million units scramble for a repeat, or in one case I know personally, a Three-Peat, and it just ain’t gonna happen, again. I admit I am stunned with this news because we all know how successful all these top directors are… heaven knows, for years, I wanted so badly to be one, but it wasn’t in the cards, because I was a lazy “looser” and didn’t work hard enough. Mea Culpa.

So, my dear directors… are you running special ordering prizes for June ONLY? You really should.  Of course, you know our favorite vendors are just waiting for you to order their June promos.

Our super terrific NSDs are hitting the road for their annual June altar calls (just back from ________, and really, really pumped up) and you are hitting WalMart and your customer list to find some lovely guests to accompany you to this great event! Guests are always free (Thank God) and if you arrange this correctly, you really don’t have to offer your guest a light dinner before the event.

I know your fingers are crossed and you are going to work until 11:59 June 30th to make this happen. (PS. The company will probably allow the orders and agreements posted after 11:59 to count this year, because that’s just the sort of company they are! Always looking out for you.)

Those who are sighing, and knowing that it is NOT going to happen this year… this paragraph is for you. WHO CARES??? We all start at ZERO July 1. The counter rolls back and you can start over this year. Next year will be YOUR year. Really. THIS NEW YEAR IT WILL BE DIFFERENT.

You have beaten yourself up one side and down the other and know that it is because you didn’t work hard enough, didn’t recruit quality people, had boring meetings, not so great newsletter, boring social media posts, you didn’t give God the glory or even a business to bless, and you can’t follow a parked car, and honestly, you need a new unit. Not that you don’t LOVE all of your consultants WHERE THEY ARE, it’s just that you need a couple of super stars, someone like YOU, who gets it and understands what needs to be done, AND doesn’t let her emotions get the best of her.

I mean, you are not the mother of these people. They get too distracted with LIFE things and all that does is distract you too, so THIS year it is EYES ON THE TARGET WITH FOCUS . And everybody knows that the “Big Girls” take July off, so ha ha Big Girls, watch out, here YOU come. No July vacation this year for you. You are working, because if you work hard now, when nobody else wants to, you can play later when nobody else can. OK then. No sour grapes for you! Change the date, not the goal!

Consultants, what can I say? The gifts and prizes and recognition are terrific in June. I’ll bet if you can pronounce your name correctly, you will get recognition for it at a meeting in June. I will also bet that the dress code is relaxed a bit. I’ll go so far as to suggest that there will be something pretty wonderful, in a tacky sort of way, for you if you bring a guest or two to the meeting! Can you feel the excitement???

Are you going to seminar? No??? Oh my, you just don’t know what you are missing. Wow, hope that doesn’t happen next year. I mean really, it WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Not always in a good way, but for years, I was oblivious to the fact that the “sales” for the courts were really based on what people ORDERED from the company, NOT what they actually sold. There’s a bit of a disconnect there with reality. The NSD area event will be boring, except for the people who “do” her courts, and the food Mary Kay provides is okay if you like burritos and chicken.

Okay. I have gone off on a tangent again. The point of all of this is to remind you all of the futility of this grand adventure… here are the take home messages:

  1. Mary Kay is MLM. There is no such thing as dual marketing. I think they made that up.
  2. Mary Kay rewards orders placed by consultants for courts and awards. There is no tracking of actual sales.
  3. Mary Kay is not #1 in sales. Their sales are to consultants.
  4. There are quotas. Try ordering at 50% off when your status is I1.
  5. The cars are not free and they are not yours.
  6. Directors triple their income and quadruple their expenses.
  7. You can promote yourself and get a 9 to 13% commission WHEN YOU place a $600 w/s order AND 5 of your team members order.
  9. The whole point of “giving your business your best for a year” is to perpetuate the lie that you cannot return product after your first year. THAT IS CATEGORICALLY NOT TRUE.
  10. Really, if this was such a great opportunity, why would this site be here and why is it growing?


  1. BestDecision

    If I had a dime for every time I doubted myself in MK, I would’ve been a Million $ Director. Your 10th paragraph brings back so many memories of exactly what was going on in my head in June and many other times of the year.

    It’s so sad that the Directors around me are in the same or worse position they were when I left years ago. Yet, my income and happiness has gone up!

  2. MLM Radar

    9. The whole point of “giving your business your best for a year” is ALSO to keep you from trying to return your inventory until it’s J-U-S-T over one year old. That means you’re stuck with that inventory.

    And, hey, didn’t your Director also say that only “real” consultants are allowed to sell Mary Kay? So if you quit with all that unsold inventory you won’t be allowed to sell it (OHNO!) which means you might as well just keep your consultant number active and hope you can sell something…. Might as well make another minimum activating order while you’re at it…

    BULL! Your Director manipulated you into getting stuck with the products so she wouldn’t have to eat a chargeback. She’s still manipulating you. It’s time to forget the activating order and cancel your consultant number.

    Here’s the real deal: You legally purchased the product. The company refused to accept the return. You can dispose of it any way you like, which INCLUDES selling it to whomever you want including on eBay and to resellers on Craigslist.

    It’s time to break the cycle of abuse.

  3. enorth

    “selling it to whomever you want including on eBay”

    I checked eBay and there are currently more than 53,000 MK products available there for purchase. Cheap.

    Sorry, consultants, you lose again.

  4. Char

    Mary Kay Corporate strategy:

    1. Jack up the price by at least 300%
    2. Call THAT price “wholesale”
    3. Call our customers entrepreneurs so they feel special and loyal = bigger purchases
    4. Suggest they can “resell” already bought product and dub them “consultants”
    5. Brainwash them at rah rah meetings to keep them vested.
    6. Focus on having them recruit other customers for us. Resales don’t help us in corporate.
    7. Give them a little kickback for overspending to begin with to keep them buying.
    8. These dumb dumbs will advertise free for us while spending money on our products
    9. Call them business owners because it sounds good. Giggle. They have zero control.

    10. And don’t call it MLM. (Gee, I wonder why?) Who needs non-affiliated retail buyers when you have consultants buying tons of product. Words and titles are cheap. These women like to play dress up and get trinkets. They like reliving high school and making the homecoming court – this time. Keep them away from facts. Play up their “faith” in the unproven.

    Meeting adjourned. Golf anyone?

  5. Cindylu

    Sadly the rah rah meetings, conferences and seminar convince us that this company is a caring and genuine. MK taps into our desire to work for a business that empowers women. The Directors and company say all the right things. Work from home and be there for your family. You are in business for yourself but not alone. The company is based on the golden rule. Faith, family, career. Sadly you can’t successfully work this mlm par time. Neither training or the car are free. You are not pampering your potential mark or victim. For decades women have been exploited by these so called parties by mlm companies like MK, Weekender, Pampered chef, Tupperware, Belcraft, Melaleuca, Amway, Herbalife, Nu Skin, Scentsy, Park Lane Jewelry, Stella and Dot, Lularoe, weekender etc. Every inch of the way consultants and Directors are exploited. Meanwhile the heirs and corp pass on costs to their sales force. Consultants pay for advertising, for product samples, for business cards, for training, co pays on pink cars, directors pay for product returns. You are on your own and persuaded to front load products through contests etc. MK seems too good to be true and it is. The red flags you are sensing are real. MK as an mlm will leave you with unsellable products, debt and emotionally drained. At the end of my MK nightmare, I was very embarrassed that I was conned into this pink waste of time. Those reading this trust your instincts and realize MK is not an opportunity but a pink scourge where thousands of women have been exploited.

  6. Peaches

    Where do I start?…

    I loved Tupperware back in the day… I have so much of it but it warped in the microwave so I had to buy GladWare from Walmart which I love more.

    I have so much Mary Kay that I have been giving it away to homeless shelters and keeping what I and my family can comfortably use. I will be glad when I can finally get rid of it and all it’s paraphernalia (bags, gift paper, prizes etc.) It was like taking heroin (not that I have but you get the point) you have the more, More, MORE bug in your earb so you buy More than you can reasonably use, sell or afford.

    Gosh. I was so stupid. Hello, my name is xyz and I am a Mary Kay Consultant. I was led down the garden path and I destroyed my credit, family life and relationships and friendships – all just for that little hit of monthly recognition and the star consultant prize if I hit $1800 (or more) for the quarter. I STRETCHED so much I am like the elastic in used, old underwear, which by the way is all that I have because I can’t afford new Victoria’s secret or Vanity Fair. We now eat ramen noodles because we can’t afford Chinese, and we cry every time we pass Pizza Hut, Papa Johns. or Dominoes. We use biscuit flour and tomato paste. I had to start back at minimum wage because I quit my good Jail, I mean JOB. But I am keeping a roof over my head although the bills are always late or left unpaid. The only phone calls I get are from bill collectors so I guess that is the only way I can talk to someone who is willing to talk to me. Oh well. I survived Mary Kay. That Pink Monkey is off my back although I am still paying for it in more ways than one.

    Thanks for sharing. Keep Coming Back. It works if you work it. Recovery is freedom from addiction.

  7. 4:8 girl

    Ugh! I promptly left MK as a DIQ in January 2013 & never looked back. I was in for 16 years. That means I’ve had 7 amazing Junes & 7 fabulous summers free of the MK nonsense. No “$1000 day sales”, no “let’s streeeeeetch for that Pink Caddy”, no “Look at the miracles that happen at 11:59pm on June 30”! Freedom. That’s all there is now. Freedom & contentment with my family. <3

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