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Lying About Your Wife’s Success

At Pink Truth, we are very familiar with the false earnings claims made in Mary Kay. This husband of a Mary Kay consultant had something to say abut our criticism of pink Cadillac sales directors (how few there are and how little they make):

I don’t know who you are or why you are doing this. All I know is that my wife and I have been running this business for almost a year. We have demanding day jobs and we work very hard at building our business. We have seen a steady increase in profits every month. Our clientel gets bigger and bigger every month. How dare you sit there and say its not a real business?


I don’t understand this site. My wife is a Mary Kay Consultant and I am in charge of marketing. Your numbers are correct, but the reason why the percentage of Cadillac owners is so small is because its extremely difficult to reach that level. Difficult yes, impossible hell no! Only those willing to put in the work will get there. The lazy, the weak, and the unmotivated don’t stand a chance. Mary Kay gives you the tools to get there. You must provide the drive.

We are almost there after only a year running our business. We made back our initial investment in less than two months. Its hard work.

Notice that he says getting to the Cadillac is hard work and they are “almost there after only a year of running our business.”

Of course, I checked into his claim, and it is completely false. His wife isn’t even a sales director, much less close to the Cadillac. She is a senior consultant, which means she has 1 or 2 active recruits.

Yet another example of the rampant lying about one’s success in Mary Kay. And when the husbands are making the claims, I often wonder whether they are completely in the dark about what’s happening with the wife’s business. (Note that the woman in the last linked article has gotten divorced, filed bankruptcy, and lost her directorship since that was published.)


  1. BestDecision

    A Senior Consultant “almost” to Cadillac. Just like my Sr is going to be an NSD by the 30th. Again. When she doesn’t even have 5 first-line.

    Hocus pouch is the only thing that’ll get them there!

  2. EyesWideShutNoMore

    I snorted at his brag that he’s in charge of marketing. What does that entail, Hubbs? Blowing up balloons for the meeting nights or “pamper sessions” that no one shows up to? Hope you’re using a proofreader for your “marketing” as your writing, spelling AND grammar are not up to par for a true marketing guru.

  3. Juliet

    I wondered about a couple of things, first being regarding his statement about having recouped the initial investment and making profits. Number 1: Does he get the mail, 2: if not, is he ALLOWED to get the mail; 3: does he have access online to the credit card accounts, 4: has he checked both of their credit reports for accounts unknown to him? As her husband, and with intertwined accounts, YES, he should check HER report as well. 5: where is the clientele coming from, by who’s efforts and HOW because that would be such valuable information to provide to the unit, etc., since that actually seems to be the biggest issue consultants have: finding customers. And does he mean CUSTOMERS or by clientele is he referring to recruiting? If so, as his wife is a Senior Consultant, where are all these clients who should be bumping her up beyond her current status?

    I could go on but I would love to hear the answers from the husband. Whether he is allowed to get the mail, and can he access all known accounts online, just those two could be red flags if the answers are both no.

  4. raisinberry

    my heart breaks for these guys, who desperately want the wife’s dream too.
    Sure, they might be totally indoctrinated…,but couldn’t they also be “living the dream’? MARY KAY DOESN’T JUST INDOCTRINATE THE SALES FORCE. They also influence the significant others! They are drawn in, to become a MK community…a vicious cycle of predatorial behavior….

  5. KayNotMary

    “How dare you sit there and say its not a real business? ”

    Easy. It’s not a real business. It’s a pyramid scheme pretending to be a business and it’s not even yours.

  6. Wasrings90

    My question is why is it so difficult to get to that level? If it’s the #1 makeup brand/selling makeup brand in the world, why am I not seeing at least 8-10 pink Cadillacs in the grocery store parking lot?

    I work for an insurance company, the parent company I work for wants the agent/agency I work for to succeed. Hell the agent I work for has gotten all the incentive trips since they started offering them 20+yrs ago. And we live in a small town and have a competing agent who works for the same parent company 2 blocks from us.

    Companies that want their sales force to succeed do not set impossible goals, or keep resetting the standards until enough qualify in order not to have to cancel the trip, convention, or whatever……

    1. BestDecision

      Very valid point! I started to see Directors falling like flies and fewer cars on the road, and I knew I didn’t want to suffer what little income I was making by just holding out hope for a miracle. MKI is brilliantly structured to make so much money off their sales force. A $900/month car payment deducted for 3 months in a row if a Cadillac Director made even over half her required maintenance production. Can you imagine what kind of car we could drive if we paid that much ourselves?!

      It’s rigged for the majority to not succeed but that are inspired by the few who do. Never have I felt like I was on a hamster wheel than I did in MK.

  7. enorth

    “It’s rigged for the majority to not succeed but that are inspired by the few who do”

    It would be so interesting to see a current U.S. Income Disclosure Statement.

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