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You May Call It a Cult…


    1. enorth

      Women need to stop and think about the phrases that are being put into their heads.
      I heard these in an Arbonne call:
      – You just have to believe with all your heart.
      – Don’t let anyone steal your belief.
      – You’re not selling anything. Arbonne is a gift you are giving away.
      – You have to become more. Then you can do more.

      Any my favorite, referring to buying inventory:
      – To build your Arbonne hustle, you have to build your Arbonne muscle.

  1. enorth


    — “Anyone can do this business!”
    — “If anyone could do this business, everyone would be doing it.

    — “You need to examine your mind-set; you have to dig deeper.”
    — “Stop over-thinking everything.”

    — “You know what to do; just go do it. It’s all about consistency.”
    == “You have to get uncomfortable; go do something different.”

    — “You need to focus on your vision; put your desires out to the Universe.”
    — “Stop being selfish and only thinking about yourself.”

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