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Pink Truth Turns 13

It’s the lucky 13! Pink Truth has officially been around for 13 years, first as Mary Kay Sucks, and then as the more friendly-sounding Pink Truth.

It started as a little blog to make fun of seminar dresses and dish the dirt on directors and consultants. But we got so much traffic in the first few months that I decided we needed to do something with it. I made it my mission to expose this fraud for what it was: a fake business opportunity being peddled to vulnerable women with some manipulative and effective sales techniques.

I also made a commitment to keep the site going into infinity. Mary Kay executives were so certain that we’d fade away if given enough time. And all the other sites eventually do. People get threatened with lawsuits. Individuals get doxxed, or in my case, people actively set out to destroy my livelihood by contacting my clients and business associates and by publishing lies about me on the internet. Or they just get tired of the topic and/or running a site like this.

Not me! I’m stubborn and I know the impact this site has had on Mary Kay. While we never set out to “take down” Mary Kay, I do know their U.S. numbers have gone down significantly since 2006. Our goal has always been education. I wanted to give women access to the facts that I didn’t have access to in 1998 when I signed my agreement. There was literally NOTHING out there about MK. I had to rely on information give to me by my recruiter and sales director, and they lied. (Shocker!)

So here we are, 13 years later. We have more than a million unique visitors to the website each year, and I’m very proud of that accomplishment. As long as people keep reading, we will keep publishing.


  1. ThePatientWhisperer

    You’re doing a great thing and I promise you, your influence extends far beyond MK. I found Pink Truth in 2006 after I got suckered into BOTH Beauticontrol (in 2005) and Arbonne (in 2006) and although the site was aimed at MK, it helped me more than you know. I hated feeling pressured to pimp the wares and “opportunity” to every female who crossed my path. I have been reading PT for years, but never posted until now.

    My MIL is a MLM junkie. She has thrown away tens of thousands of dollars over the years, buying (literally) into the lies. The day she took me to an Arbonne meeting and her upline offered a “reward” of a visit to her house, I was disgusted with the pretentiousness of it all and knew I didn’t want to be part of it…and that’s when I found you.

    Maybe someday MIL will open her eyes…but for now, while she continues to throw away money that she doesn’t have and can’t afford, I continue to enjoy my actual career as a home health LPN, where I actually DO help others, not send them into financial ruin…and get paid handsomely for it.

  2. Pinkiu

    Happy Anniversary! PT was my therapy after having been blinded by the lies of MK. While I was not a SD, I was affected by the manipulation and lies be my recruiter who later became a NSD. When I first found PT/MKS, I was one of those who thought I HAD made money in MK. My arguments were soon exposed for what they were and my eyes were opened. How I believed the lie that showing losses on my taxes was a good thing just goes to show that the scripts said in a convincing way by someone you trust is pure deception.

    Had I not found PT, the mlms would be rampant in my church. But because our congregation knows that my husband (the pastor) won’t allow mlms to use our facilities, thankfully, few people involved.

    Tracy, those million unique visitors represent a significant larger number because our spouses, children, family and friends are influenced by all of us. Thank you.

  3. raisinberry

    Tracy…only you, with your flat out tenaciousness could have ever kept this going for this long! Not to mention it is hard to argue facts with a forensic accountant! You are flat out MK’s worst nightmare! Yay YOU!

  4. Mountaineer95

    Yay! This is a terrific anniversary. While we don’t have concrete numbers, we can only imagine how many dollars you have possibly saved for women who were about to spend them on unneeded and unsellable inventory orders, and who either changed their orders or sent back inventory to recoup. And no matter what that amount is, every one of those saved dollars counts as a barometer of your success. Way to go Tracy!

  5. Char

    Thank you for your persistence Tracy, and others. The MLM fraud is gaining more and more exposure attributable to sites like this. Fortunately, accepted behaviors of the past eventually get rejected as we gain knowledge and evolve. What do I mean by that?

    Some examples that come to mind, in principle:

    – Smoking cigarettes used to be cool and sexy
    – We didn’t wear seatbelts or use car seats
    – Women were not allowed to vote
    – Catholics killing heretics, Muslims killing Christians and vice versa
    – All forms of racism and religion specific supremacy

    My point is that, even though we once accepted some of these acts as the norm and perhaps allowed them; knowledge, compassion, truth, science, and activism eventually exposed misconceptions, wrongdoings, cruelty, injustice, and unequal human rights. Today we cannot phathom some of them – thank goodness. Sadly, some are still present.

    Back to the relevance of MLM. I hope that one day in the future people will say they can’t believe MLM was allowed openly in society; and that people actually believed in it and committed the act – even unwittingly. Not that dissimilar to some of our ancestors, or my parents who didn’t buckle me up and smoked next to me!

    While financial fraud could be considered less injurious than some of the aforementioned examples, billions upon billions of dollars are lost to MLM very year. Some people have lost their homes, and have even committed suicide over MLM. Again, I don’t mean to draw direct comparisons; but rather point out that, what was once accepted behavior is no longer practiced – for good reason.

    Thank you again Tracy for trying to make a multi-billion dollar difference. You’ve no doubt saved many people from this financial fraud. This fraud called MLM-ing, which can be avoided with a little reading comprehension, math, and a lot less “faith” regarding the literal definition: a firm belief in something for which there is no proof.

  6. enorth

    I have truly received an education (and lots of entertainment) from this site.

    And, Tracy, I’m sure you take a lot of guff that we don’t know about. Thank you!

  7. Weekended

    Thank you for your work, Tracy and all the other authors and supportive ladies here. Several years after leaving my MLM, I was finally able to heal from the experience because of this Pink Truth. Like many who are still in MLMs or have left, I felt like such a failure and had continuing false guilt over letting my upline and MLM “friends” down. I was able to leave these feelings in the past. Now it’s my policy never to support these kinds of businesses. Thank you all!

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