Negative Mary Kay

Here are a handful of comments from Pink Truth critics. It’s fun to be reminded how negative we are. It’s a good thing we’re really so positive… positive that Mary Kay Sucks!!!

From Giovanna:

the negative comments make me sick! everything is so negative when you want to see it like that…. it’s better to get over and move forward . If Mk is past, leave it in the past… my advise! don’t live regretting things! it’s life and nothing is perfect! for those who claim that the MK is free ad. of course, but you are the one who is driving it.. so i guess that’s is a good thing in life, being able to drive a car! don’t be so negative…

From Renee:

Why does the Pink Truth go on and on with such negativity? If you don’t like Mary Kay that is your choice but your raging ragging is over the top!! Why not take all that negative energy and try to start your own business doing something else? Little, medium, big businesses succeed OR FAIL everyday in the US. That is called Capitalism and Freedom. Get over your failure as Mary Kay reps! Move on!! This is a sick sight! Sorry I stumbled on it but interesting to see how many like to blame someone else for their failures.

From Linda:

None of your negative comments get to me. You are ALL catty females that thought MK was a get rich quick scheme. from the looks of it. I just joined MK in November, but at 60 years of age, with a Nursing career behind me (which ultimately messed up my back) and babysitting my God son four days a week for 24/7, how is it that I am doing sales of a MINIMUM of $100/wk. WITHOUT really putting out a lot of effort?

In the course of my lifetime, I have known a LOT of women. The negative thinkers NEVER succeed at ANYTHING as long as they MUST pick apart anything that they didn’t succeed at themselves.

I’ve learned that these negative thinkers can only find validation in themselves if they put others down, be it groups or individuals. Only those who failed at their endeavors because of their own lack of effort and positive drive in life will cluster together, because MISERY LOVES COMPANY.

So, ladies, having stumbled upon this site, and gaining nothing but sour grapes, I will take my leave of your bitter negativity, because when one is not being lifted up, one is wise to extricate oneself from the trappings of being surrounded by unhappy people.

Au revoir, Mes Amie’s! Auf Wiedersehen!

From Yasmine:

ok, i have like a billion things i would like to say and i dont even know where to start, but what you do is wrong, i dont know if you worked or not(which must have been the case) but your trategy was the wrong one. you should keep this kind of things to your self, this make you look like a b%$#. mary kay really changed my life, im not in mary kay but my mom is, she is an excecutive sales director, and i live from mary kay, and believe me that the life style that she gives me i dont think she can afford it in another job. shou should think before oppening your mouth. i live from mary kay and i live good.


  1. BestDecision

    Again, the grammar situation is horrific. Makes me embarrassed I was ever among those people. Secondly, and to the former nurse, do you realize your $40 gross profit from a measly $100 in sales is about an hour or so of working as a professional nurse? No booking calls, no deliveries, no maintaining a perfect image. And not one of your nursing co-workers will be walking around in flip flops, will they??

    Glad PT was here as my own truth unfolded in front of me and as I made the choice to resign and leave. The truth is why I’m here, and it just happens to be negative. I bee-lieve!

  2. Char

    – Oh, it’s just a little black eye. If you would’ve tried harder cooking a tastier meatloaf, I wouldn’t have smacked you. Don’t be so negative.

    – Yep, I ran into you with my car, so what? (Hiccup) No one drives the speed limit, and you were in my way. Don’t be so negative about us fast drivers. (Hiccup)

    – Of course I took your purse. You left it on the front seat, and it’s your fault. You should’ve taken it with you. You’re just a negative person complaining about your situation who doesn’t seize opportunities like I do.

    If MK consultants can’t see the analogy here, they’re dingbats or seriously brainwashed. “Negative” has nothing to do with it. “Negative” is part of the brainwashing technique sold to you by MK abusers.

  3. raisinberry

    Mary Kay Corp and the Sales Directors have framed this site as negative because a whistleblower web site will kill their recruitment aims which will then kill orders for inventory.

    That’s it. That’s all. It is as simple as that. When you read the stories, and there are thousands of them, on this site, you will recognize how you, yourself, have been manipulated and lied to. The ladies are so nice, you simply can not believe it. Not all those Directors could be lying. Look at Applause! Look how much money they make!

    Ask your Director to see her schedule c, profit and loss statement…after all, you should see an example of what’s normal for such a motivated hard working Director, right? Any other business you would be buying into would have to show their profit and loss facts before you invest….correct?

    You will never see it. Every excuse will be given. You will be told that because of legal deductions, she is able to show a loss and reduce her and her husbands tax burden.
    And you will be made to think that is a good thing.

    If she’s losing money in Mary Kay…it isn’t. When the dust settles, a Sales Director, driving a mid- level car is making about 22,000 a year. If your Director is in a Cadillac, she might be at 35,000, but both will have $$$$ worth of multiple credit card inventory debt. No one calls this Executive Level Income. Consultants average 1,000 a year in profit, MAYBE. So it is pin money, with an enormous time commitment to be at everything.

    Is this what you were made to believe?

  4. LD

    First off- how did you end up on this site? Second if you weren’t looking for negative feedback on your “business “ then why did you keep reading? And lastly, something you read struck a nerve… and it bothered you because it rang some truth, so you had to comment to defend your delusions.

  5. DonewithMK666

    I think with most people fail to get is that those of us that write on this site were the top directors! We are trying to point out how everybody is manipulated and lied to it in Mary Kay from NSD to consultants, it’s all a big scam and people think that it’s just random people making negative comments and that is not the case at all. The people on Pinterest are trying to prevent other people from going through the same misery that we have already experienced it wasn’t that we didn’t try hard enough it wasn’t that we weren’t driving free cars or going on director trips or any of that things because a lot of people on here were we’re just trying to open your eyes to the truth and make you realize that no matter how smart you are Mary Kay is a big scam!

  6. ihatemk

    How do all these MK consultants “STUMBLE” onto this site. Guess it is just an accident that they do I suppose. Why do they care about the truth that is posted on this site, that they call “negativity”. Truth is neither good, bad or evil. It is truth. Just as money is neither good, bad or evil, it is what is done to make it that makes it that. In 2 Timothy 6:10 it is the LOVE of money that is the root of all evil, not money itself. Do these kaybots think that decrying this site is going to make the ones who were in MK and experienced the manipulation for themselves is going to make the experience the person had any less painful? The point of this site is to let others KNOW what really happens in MK, the lies, the manipulation, the there’s no quota line, the stupid platitudes “you can’t sell from an empty wagon, the speed of the leader is the speed of the gang”, “you have to show up to go up”, “mk sells itself” “you will sell it”, “streeeeeetch to make it”, “you are on target for whatever bs thing your director will tell you”, etc. I like how Renee says to quit blaming someone else for your failures. Surely, Mk NEVER lied and manipulated you and told you falsehoods!!! Tracy, I guess you being a forensic accountant is a “failure”. I don’t think I would be able to do that. Such a shame you ladies on here and speaking the truth are such “failures”. Just trying to spare others the heartache and disappointment that you had experienced and then Mk does the “blame the victim” thing. Why, no one held a gun to your head. Surely, no intense pressure was applied by your director!!! The grammar by some of these posters is also most appalling. Did they even graduate high school? For those posting on this site and find it so “negative” go post on some positive MK site and join the rah rah sisterhood of MK. A lot of the posters on this site speak the truth and were directors, Cadillac drivers, etc. Do not try to minimize their experience. If you are having a fantastic MK experience, good for you, but most people’s experience w/MK is lies and disillusionment. When some of these posters who are complaining about this site come to their senses and realize what a SCAM mk is, these ladies will be here to explain how to get your90% buyback (ain’t it convenient how MK won’t give you the whole dollar amount back) and keep reading. You will become more aware of Mk’s tricks, lies and manipulation. How do you all keep stumbling over here anyway? Who told you about this site? Were you told not to read the FORBIDDEN site. This site is not to be read by IBC’s and those involved in MK salesforce (oh, wait I meant the first line customer of MK, don’t you know MK doesn’t track real sales to customers, just to IBC’s, you are the customer, not the people you sell to.) Did you know MK reads this site everyday?

  7. ran4fun

    Here’s how I found this site – When I learned about the debt my loved one was in due to her MK “business”, I did a google search looking for info to help my loved one run a better MK business. I figured her “upline” just didn’t train her on how to run a home business, so I was sure there would be useful info online to help her succeed.

    It will come as no surprise that I found nothing useful online to help her build a successful MK business. But I did “stumble” on Pink Truth. Was I shocked? Yes! But I never thought what I was reading was negative, or that you were disgruntled, lazy “loosers”. Why? Because every story I read explained WHY my loved one got in the financial mess she was in. I felt like you were writing her story!

    Because I never drank the pink Kool-aid, I was able to see this site for what it is – a helpful warning site to inform and protect women from being taken advantage of by a pink-masked pyramid scheme. But for those who have been brainwashed (yes, I mean that literally) this site sounds negative. As raisinberry said,”The ladies are so nice, you simply can not believe it. Not all those Directors could be lying. Look at Applause!”

    Admitting that you bought into a lie, and worse yet, admitting that your “pink friends” lied to you is a hard pill to swallow. Denial is a powerful thing.

    1. Char

      The 5 stages of….Mary Kay:

      denial – MK is my business. It’s not MLM. I’m special. Others don’t get it.

      anger – PT is lying. I’ll show those negative Nellies.

      bargaining – I just like the products. It’s fun.

      depression – Broke and in debt. Tired of faking it. How could I have been so dumb?

      acceptance – PinkTruth really knew what they were talking about. I should’ve listened.

  8. Jay

    My, my. So many people stumbling upon Pink Truth, I better watch my step! Ladies, you’re doing an amazing job. I’ve never been involved with MLM, but I’ve watched it turn my previously successful neighbor into this guy who couldn’t afford his child support and kept showing up at our home to either hit my dad up for some money or to offer him the latest ‘opportunity’. I’ve watched it turn a former good friend into a person who was telling all her friends they were fat but don’t worry, just buy her magical powder and the fat will just melt off! And other stories I’ve read from people less close to me. This site is a valuable resource, even for those interested in other MLM companies. Same beat, different lyrics.

  9. Sophie

    My sister is at Seminar (Kool-Aid Central) right now with a view toward re-starting her MK *cough cough* business. I say “re-starting” because she tried this nonsense years ago and ended up with a room full of inventory she couldn’t sell. I’m still using some of the stuff she gave me! (Expiration date, schmexpiration date… it’s all fine.)

    How do I tell her she’s being scammed? How do you get through to otherwise intelligent people that they will NOT make money with this trashy pyramid scheme? The best I can do is politely live in another country so I don’t have to witness this train wreck in person. My poor sister. How can I save her when she doesn’t realise she needs to be saved?

    Mary Kay is a scam. Just like Amway, just like Shaklee, just like too many countless others. Why do people keep buying into this cult?

    1. Deflated Pink Bubble

      Try, try to get her here. No matter what she’s thinking, once she starts to read on this site things will be familiar. I found Pink Truth before my starter kit even got to me. I spent 4 years and about 15K in Mary Kay. The last year I was in, I was on this site daily. I was even commenting. Things were being explained. I wasn’t a failure, Mary Kay just didn’t work. It’s a slow process turning that corner because you WANT to believe all that cool stuff you heard. You want to believe you can make full time money with part time hours from home. It’s tough to realize you were lied to and you fell for it.

    2. BestDecision

      Tell her to go look at Jordan Eicher’s Stories on Instagram where she shows her #2 Consultant did $10,992 retail for the entire year. Jordan is Kathy Helou’s daughter. If she only has someone selling $10,992 over an entire year making it to #2 out of her entire unit, it tells you the ship is sinking. Taking a 60/40 Split, that Consultant had a gross profit of $4396…for a year. That’s not taking out taxes or her travel expenses to Seminar. That’s less than $366/month net profit for the #2 Consultant in a very large unit like Jordan’s.

  10. Neverpink

    From Linda:
    “…and babysitting my God son four days a week for 24/7.”

    So you’re not babysitting your godson 24/7, it’s 4 days a week.

    Since you can’t count, I also doubt you “stumbled” on this site by accident, Linda. Not all of us were in Mary Kay, but we all see it for the scam it really it. Sorry you’re involved in it now. 🙁

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