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You’re Just Bitter!

An email I received from a very “successful” woman who has been in Mary Kay a whole month!

I started selling Mary Kay a little over a month ago, and I happened to run across your site this morning. I find your site to be extremely one-sided. Of course, not everyone is cut out to run a business, not everyone is cut out to be a Mary Kay consultant, or you would find everyone selling it, if it was sooo easy.

I am not sure what kind of Sales Directors those people on your site have but they were obviously not of any caliber. I was never lied to or told that I NEEDED to buy inventory. I still haven’t bought any inventory yet and have already made over $2,000 for my family from Mary Kay. And I do not have any other source of income. I have three children under the age of four and I don’t have much time to put into my business but I am doing well.

I thinkk your website unfairly takes the positions of those who could not fit into the Mary Kay program and makes it seem like a scam or an illegitimate business. That is a ridiculous thing as I happen to be finding success with this business. But like I said, to each his own, but if you want your cause to be taken seriously, consider talking in facts, and not taking the words of a few bitter people and claiming it as the Mary Kay Way.


  1. Talia

    Why do Kaybots always throw out ‘you’re just bitter’ as evidence that what is said is untrue? As long as a person doesn’t let it consume their life (and I’ve seen no evidence of that happening to anyone here), I think being bitter is a natural and healthy response to being ripped off, often to the tune of multiple thousand dollars, by someone that person thought was their friend.

    Also, I’d be interested to know how many of those sales were to her warm market.

  2. Boiler Girl

    When you are forced to buy inventory to hit “monthly minimums” to stay active as a consultant, come back and give us your new insight then.

    Also, the choice of the word bitter is interesting. It’s the same word my religious cult used when people chose to leave it.

  3. Consequences

    How has she managed to make $2000 in sales if she hasn’t bought anything? Do MaryKay send it directly to all those customers? (Not that she’s actually made $2000 anyway)

  4. Char

    This email is precisely why exposing the facts specifically about Mary Kay, and also MLMing in general, are necessary and offered on this site. The dots must be connected for a complete understanding, or you will have NO CLUE like this silly, newbie, brainwashed MLMer.

    Mary Kay is merely one brand/tool/weapon used to perpetrate the act of MLMing. This is an inherently flawed model that requires lies, deception, and victims to thrive. Exposing this con game to protect future dupes is certainly not “bitter”. Many posters here haven’t even been involved with the brand Mary Kay, but rather are anti-MLM activists.

    No doubt this entire post has gone right over her head. Too much pink Kool-aid and not enough due diligence and critical thought. Heck, she probably doesn’t think a Mary Kay consultant is an MLMer. And no honey, Mary Kay is not dual-marketing like the liars, or people who repeat lies, will tell you.

    Reality is going to hit her hard.

  5. BestDecision

    Ha! She hasn’t even made it past her first Holiday Open House. Or even a Star quarter! So quick to judge us, yet she obviously hasn’t taken the time to read who’s on here. Absurd!

  6. PeachyNotPink

    Lies, lies, and more lies.

    I have serious doubts that someone with three kids under the age of 4 y/o, who admits that they do not have a lot of time to put into their “business”, sold over $4,000 of makeup in a little over a month. I won’t even bother going into her claims of “making” over $2,000 being false because of expenses because the gross profit she is throwing out to us doesn’t ring true.

    1. MLM Radar

      It’s possible she collected $2,000 in cash, if she had five or six relatives (including her mother) who bought $400 packages.

      Or maybe her Director applauded her for selling products supposedly worth $2,000 retail, individually, if you ignore the discounts for roll-up bag bundles and twofer sets. (MK math)

      But there’s almost no way she cleared a $2,000 profit “for her family” after subtracting for:
      Product wholesale cost
      Hostess gifts
      MK clothes
      Weekly Meeting fees
      Trays, brushes, sponges
      Look Books
      Order forms
      Bags and gift wrap
      Other party presentation supplies
      Party decorations and food
      Mary Kay’s biography
      Pro pay
      MK website
      Gas for deliveries
      Customer refunds
      Commission chargebacks (they’re coming!)

      Even if she DID somehow sell $5,000 or more, which is the MINIMUM she’d have to sell to get $2,000 after expenses, there are two other HUGE expenses she has to cover to take home that while $2,000:
      15.3% self employment tax (before paying income tax) plus tax preparer fees
      – and –
      Seminar and Conference costs

      So, no. It didn’t happen. Sorry.

      1. princess lea

        Ugh you are so right MLM Radar! Those numbers are bleak! And when in business for only a month, everything is an expense so there’s no way she made $2,000 it’s a small possibility she collected that much, but again, after all the cost is subtracted she’s left with pennies. Gotta love that MK math!

  7. Neverpink

    So… you’ve been in for a month, and if you’ve sold that much, it’s probably to friends and family.

    If you actually read this site, you’d know it’s very likely that you’ll have blown through your “warm market” (direct friends and family) and now have to cold message, “warm chatter” and otherwise bother complete strangers to try and get them to purchase from you.

    You have Ebay to compete with, other consultants selling their wares at deep discounts, drug stores, Amazon, and a myriad of other higher-quality and lower-priced options.

    You can’t advertise except the way MK tells you to. Oh, but you own your own business! …except you don’t. You don’t at all.

    Best of luck. Your “success”, sadly, will not be lasting long. And no, I’m not bitter. I was never in MK. 😉 The truth can be a tough pill to swallow.

  8. KayNotMary

    “I find your site to be extremely one-sided.”

    Does Mary Kay present both sides? We both know the answer is no. Why should this website need to prop up the other side when Mary Kay clearly does not?

    You’ve been in one month. Come back in a year with your schedule C.

    1. Char

      I’ll play along with the Newbie. If she wants to make a valid argument about one-sidedness, I would first ask her to present the other side of: child abuse, domestic abuse, drunk driving, racism, and drownings, etc.. Tell me why those are good, and don’t be negative and bitter.

      Does the Newbie realize MLMing, i.e. Mary Kaying, is pyramid scheming? Does she realize that pyramid scheming results in financial harm to others? That successful pyramid schemers are merely the best liars?

  9. MakeupLover

    I find it too funny that she thinks her success will be easily maintained after only a month. Even if she avoided the trap of inventory, going forward she’ll find it difficult to sustain her sales level. There just isn’t the demand for Mary Kay products in the midst of competition with Sephora, Mall, online and drugstore brands, etc. I agree with KayNotMary- come back in a year and show us your Schedule C and then we can talk.

  10. Megan

    “a little over a month ago”. Guilt-tripping your family and friends into buying one or two overpriced products… then what? I get kind of sad reading these stories of Moms with young children wasting so much money. Hopefully she gets out sooner rather than later.

    I hate any type of MLM party. I went to my first one with my Mom when I was 15. They were so popular in the early 2000’s once we moved to this huge neighborhood (jewelry, ornaments, multiple makeups, pampered chef…) Agirl in my ballet class and her Mom did a Party Lite thing just for fun. One of the very enthusiastic dance teachers was the ‘higher up’ now that I’m looking back on it. Sure enough, we walked away with probably $80 worth of candles and tacky holiday votives we didn’t need.

    If you want to socialize, have a regular gathering. If you want a legit work-from-home job, those exist too. Annoys me to no end when MK consultants call themselves ‘entrepreneurs’.

    OT: I’ve said this on here before actually, but for dance/baton competitions we were required to all wear the same Mary Kay makeup that came in silver compacts (2004). Actually pretty handy, but awful makeup. Anyone know of a high-quality brand with a similar compact like that? Would be nice to have it all in one including mascara/eye liner.

  11. Mountaineer95

    “I still haven’t bought any inventory yet and have already made over $2,000 for my family from Mary Kay.”


  12. pinktruthsaves

    I think that when there is a collection of evidence that follows a formula or a pattern and are similar in nature and that are corroborated by hundreds and even thousands of women who have had negative experiences trying to earn a living selling Mary Kay products, all those negative experiences as a whole have the same credibility as fact. I can’t think of a better way to build a case to tread carefully when deciding to make selling Mary Kay one’s full-time job or sole source of income. Because it is a gamble—and all the stories of negative experiences told on this website indicate that the gamble is not the same kind of gamble that ALL entrepreneurs experience. Success in this one is independent of how hard one may work or even how resourceful or creative one is. I am not saying that all who work hard and are resourceful and creative will not be rewarded in Mary Kay, but there are just SO MANY Mary Kay products that are being purchased by consultants but are not getting sold by consultants and are being sold on online venues instead. Even the more eager and loyal and successful Mary Kay consultants and directors must consider that a saturated market flooded with unsold products absolutely raises questions about the legitimacy of the “Mary Kay opportunity.” Who does it really benefit, and why? Because a saturated market that is the direct result of overconsumption by consultants and the underconsumption by direct consumers is the reality. Just look at all the products online—old AND new— that are available at incredible discounts! These are yet another set of facts—not opinions or figments of any “bitter” person’s imagination—that serve as evidence to support thinking twice and treading with caution if one is really serious about pursuing the “Mary Kay opportunity.” Some facts just speak for themselves and cannot be explained away as the result of bitterness or unwillingness to work hard. Success is possible for some—sure. No one on pinktruth.com has ever said that success wasn’t possible for anyone. But the reality is that failure is probable for most regardless of work ethic. I think that this reality is at the heart of the stories on pinktruth.com. Bitterness is a mere byproduct of abuses suffered, but it is not the message.

    1. princess lea

      Oh you know it Lazy Gardens!!! Her friend had been begging her relentlessly and either the pressure was too much to bear, or the guilt, or there was some sort of carrot dangled in front of her face that she could not say no to. My money is on a combo of all three, since her recruiter was also being pressured from her director – I’m sure the prize was sparkly! Right in time for Seminar court of “sharing” AKA relentless badgering and bribing.

  13. Mountaineer95

    “I started selling Mary Kay a little over a month ago”…and with your vast wisdom and experience, proceed to critique and disparage so many people here who have way more experience than you. If you pulled this crap in the “real world”, ie if you as a month-long new employee (and still in the probation period) would dare make such statements to and about the experienced managers and executives in this “real world” company, you’d be laughed right out the door and sent to the unemployment line.

  14. raisinberry

    It’s been said before…but how do they not know that if they “made money”, they bought inventory. Unless this chick is selling facials from her starter kit for $200…and no product at all…I got nothin’.

  15. princess lea

    This could’ve been me 11 years ago when I “stumbled” upon this website. I contemplated writing a letter… And I would’ve eaten my words when I came back here 6 years ago after finally looking at my schedule C and realizing that I had lost $20,000!!! This new little consultant will be back. And she can tell us how that crow tastes.

  16. ” the words of a few bitter people”

    One of the final hallmarks of a cult is former members relate similar experiences of abuse and exploitation.

    Sorry to say, you’re in a cult. We’ll be here for you when you need to relate your experience of abuse and exploitation to other former members.

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