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Doing Mary Kay at Whose Expense?

Written by NoEscape

In Mary Kay we are told to take short term sacrifices for long term gains. But at whose expense? We are told to be women who find a way and make a way. But at whose expense? We are told to share this “opportunity” with everyone, never prejudge. But at whose expense?

We are crafted into believing that we really do want to be directors, that we LOVE that pink caddy, and our lifetime goal and dream is to become that all-glorified NSD. But at whose expense? We are told we are in business for ourselves but not by ourselves. Someone will be there for us every step of the way. But at whose expense? That we can’t sell from an empty wagon. That the product sells itself. We need to stock up on certain products. But at whose expense?

We hear all those beautiful and heartfelt stories of NSDs writing a single check to pay for their children’s college educations. But at whose expense? How the NSD gave her own mother the fairy tale vacation and dream home of her choice. That this is really the “golden” opportunity. But at whose expense?

So I ask again, “At whose expense?”

How about the expense of the marriages strained or torn apart because of the extra financial stress of paying off the ever increasing MK debt? The mothers who are missing so much of their children’s lives because they are making “short term sacrifices for long term gains.” The guilt associated with not making those phone calls or warm chattering that really sharp lady in the store. The guilt of not getting that recruit and letting your director or DIQ down. She was COUNTING on you!

Ever questioning yourself because it’s just not happening for you, but there’s success everywhere around you. You ask what’s wrong with you. Did you say the wrong thing? Are you not “sharp” enough? Slowly your self-esteem drops while you put on this facade of MK perfection. “It’s all in the numbers. It’s a numbers game,” you are told. But you wonder just how many numbers (ie. women) you will really have to go through and how much time you will really have to put into this to make it work.

As you slowly climb up the ladder of “success”, you feel more like a failure every step of the way. You are losing yourself, the real you, and rattle of script after script without really listening. You don’t think, you have memorized all the scripts. You leave a trail of heart-broken, messed up women in your wake who have thousands of dollars of products sitting there, without a penny going to help their families, just like you. Yet you fail to see the truth, yet.

Then the dawn comes. As your dusty discontinued products grow with an alarming speed, you look at your credit card statement with a sinking heart. You realize that you cannot keep up without putting even more of a financial strain on your family. You think back on all your team members and their situations. You are guilt ridden for getting them into the same mess you have gotten yourself into.

Suddenly, you discover answers to questions you were too afraid to ask, things make sense with MK that never seemed right, things that seemed too good to be true. The blinders are coming off. You realize what the MK opportunity has truly cost, and if you don’t get out now, you will lose everything you hold dear and take more women with you.

So I ask one more time, “But at whose expense?”

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  1. Char

    And what if?

    What if everyone told the truth?

    – It’s MLM
    – Recruiting is paramount
    – Retail re-sales difficult
    – Schedule C disclosure
    – When highest check was, how often
    – Relationship issues
    – Actual amount of hours spent on MK
    – How many lies they told others
    – Amount of debt they have
    – How much old inventory unsold
    – Their true feelings of exhaustion and despair after the initial sugar-high

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