Life-Giving Delusions in Mary Kay

Written by Ran4Fun

I am no philosopher, and trying to understand the writings of Nietzsche or others of his kind is not something I’m yearning to do. However, I recently read a phrase attributed to him that caught my attention: choosing “Life-Giving Delusions” rather than “Deadly Truth.” The page I was reading had nothing to do with Mary Kay, but I couldn’t help but notice how well that phrase seems to explain the “true bee-lievers” and #mklifers.

The page talked about how one must turn their back on the lessons of history; to voluntarily choose life-giving delusions instead of deadly truth; that one must fabricate a myth; and how it’s impossible for people with probing intellects to do this. It also states that objective history can destroy the delusion, but it doesn’t necessarily lead to genuine understanding of history.

I’ve struggled against Mary Kay for several years. I was never a believer, but I had a very close loved one who has been deep in the pink fog for a long time. At first, before I knew the ugly truth, I thought MK was just another MLM that everyone seemed to try at least once in their life, and that she would quickly fade away from it, like most everyone does. Then she got deeper in, and convinced me she was doing well and would do even better! For a short time, I thought maybe MK was different. Suddenly I learned the truth about her credit card debt. My probing led me here, to Pink Truth. The objective history I learned from this website destroyed any delusions I may have had about MK.

Armed with this new truth and evidence, I attempted to it show her. It will come as no surprise to you, it was not well received. Despite hard facts and personal stories, the Life-Giving Delusion she believed is stronger than the Deadly Truth.

Mary Kay Inc. and NSDs are great at promoting “Life-Giving Delusions” to the throngs of consultants. That’s why Seminar is such a big deal. That’s why large commission checks are flaunted. That’s why pink Cadillacs are bragged about. That’s why stage walks, sashes, pins and cheap jewelry are used as bait.

And as long as someone is driving the Cadillac and someone is getting a big check, then it’s not a delusion, is it? Well I suppose not, but I sure would like to see the Schedule C of all those car drivers. Or the actual sales receipts to real end-user customers for the Queen of Sales. (Oh, but let’s just double her wholesale order and assume she sold the whole inventory at full retail prices with no discounts. That’s a prettier delusion.)

Let’s face it – if the 99.5% below NSD level knew how fake it all was – that would be the Deadly Truth that would bring down the Pink Pyramid. That’s why they are told to stay away from Pink Truth and taught to shun consultants who “quit.”

The only way that NSDs can continue is for they, themselves to turn their backs on the history of their own units over the years. Turn their backs on the hundreds, if not thousands of women who believed them, followed them, and ultimately went down the drain as the new recruits keep coming out the faucet. (Mary Kay Ash’s own analogy.) It never occurs to them that if people were succeeding at making money in MK, they wouldn’t be quitting! So, they continue to fabricate this myth.

They will say it’s not a myth because they achieved it! If they can, so can others! What they don’t get is that to succeed in MK you must turn your back to the reality that thousands of women fail, and that’s exactly how it was designed from the beginning! It’s the constant churning of new recruits with the largest possible initial inventory order that keep the big checks rolling in to the NSDs. If that churning of new recruits stops, the pyramid will crumble. That’s why it’s easy for them to turn their backs on all who fail. They must to survive!

The Deadly Truth is ugly, and it hurts. That’s why it’s so hard for family and friends to get their loved ones out of the pink fog. The unicorns and pink dreams of MK are much more desirable than admitting you were scammed by people you thought you trusted.


  1. Eula

    I know one, who joined MK back in 2003, and was promoted sales director shortly after, and later to senior sales director. Presently, she’s now an entry level sales director; when she should’ve been at least a senior executive sales director by now. To me, that is not being a success story, but rather a failure story. Sounds to me, that this individual, is delusional and staying for the wrong reasons…JMO.

  2. nomoremlm4me

    I. Love. This!!!! That is MK in a nutshell, The only way MK keeps people in as long as they do is the constant bombarding with “Life Giving Delusions”. Your statement “The Deadly Truth is ugly, and it hurts” is the stark truth. Thank you for writing this.

  3. Juliet

    “What they [NSDs] don’t get” —- they get it. They definitely get it. There is no way you can convince me that each and every NSD doesn’t know that indeed they are each highly practiced con artists who are morally bankrupt. Each NSD has come to that realization long ago on their path to ultimate destruction [aka Mary Kay top tier SUCCESS]. The overdone makeup, ridiculous hair, ludicrous outfits etc., – Tammy Faye anyone? – they may look like clowns but the harmless facades mask true depravity as these women have had to work HARD at squashing conscience, eliminating empathy and compassion from their inner being, in order to continually destroy the lives of innocent, trusting people who fall for their cloying deceptive routines.

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