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Magic Words to Recruit Consultants

You read that right. Here are the “magic” words to help you recruit women into Mary Kay. In other words, these are more scripted phrases intended to hit on some of the most common “hot buttons” for women. Is there anything inherently wrong with that? I suppose not. Sales in different industries are all made with some sort of pitch that shows you how their stuff fits your need.

I just continue to object to the extreme manipulation used in Mary Kay. Yes, I think it’s extreme and I think it’s manipulative. Mary Kay has a real “kick ’em when they’re down” mentality behind everything they do. You know…. she tells you that her husband works long hours and you’re supposed to exploit that. She says she misses adult interaction, and you’ve got to pimp that out for all it’s worth. She mentions being on a tight budget, and you have to make her believe that Mary Kay is the answer to all money troubles.

So here’s the list put together by an ex-director. She put it together when she was at the top of her game, unit clubs and all… and within a year she had disappeared from Mary Kay. I don’t know how magic these words were for her.

“Magic Words” to help you Recruit!

  • Are you happy doing what you’re doing .. Do you want to do it the rest of your life?
  • You are so sharp .. I would never forgive myself if I passed up the opportunity to give you my business card and tell you about what I do.
  • You might think I’m crazy .. Have you ever been approached to teach skin care?
  • Mary Kay Cosmetics has asked us to expand in this area .. We are looking for sharp women to teach skin care and I’d love the chance to tell you about how it works. Have you ever tried our wonderful products?
  • Excuse me, my business is looking for faces like yours .. I teach skin care for Mary Kay Cosmetics and I’d love to feature your face in my “Before and After portfolio.”
  • I couldn’t held but notice how efficient you are .. you’d be so great doing what I do .. I teach skin care with Mary Kay Cosmetics and you are EXACTLY THE KIND OF WOMAN I’M LOOKING FOR!
  • Would you consider hearing about what I do? I’d love to sit down over a cup of coffee and tell you why I love my business so much.
  • I’ll bet this is not the first time you’ve been approached to become a skin care consultant with Mary Kay Cosmetics is it? You are so attractive (so sharp .. Or whatever it was that drew your attention to her.)
  • Excuse me, but I’m certain you must be in the glamour business the way you look .. (wait for her reply.) If she says “No”, tell her she ought to be! Invite her to a model night or feature her in your portfolio. ….and, in closing your recruits!
  • You’ll never know if you never try.
  • Think how many times in life that we hear people say “Oh how I wish I had,” be an “I’m so glad you did it”
  • If I taught you everything I knew, do you think you could learn? (No one like to admit they’re not trainable)
  • Look your possible recruit right in the eyes, touch her arm, have a sincere look on your face and say with conviction, “You be great doing what I do .. I look for people of your caliber every day! I’d love to work with you.
  • What do you like about the job you currently have? What would you change? (That’s the key question for your direct approach.)
  • If you knew you would not fail, would you try Mary Kay? We’ve never had anyone we couldn’t teach!
  • We don’t want sales people… just caring women to teach skin care.
  • Are you ready???? For a new career??!!
  • If something happened to your husband, could you take care of yourself and your family in the style you’re accustomed to?
  • How soon do you want to start making money? How long can you afford NOT to make money?
  • Do you feel like you need a change in your life? I believe Mary Kay comes into our lives when we need it the most.
  • $100 won’t change your standard of living… but it could change your life.
  • When faced with any objection, the “Magic Words” are…”That’s exactly why you need Mary Kay” Try in on. “I don’t have any money” *** “That’s exactly why you need Mary Kay!”


  1. Neverpink

    These scripts make me wonder where these MKultists are approaching people. Are they being warm stalked in regular retail stores? Also, who is just reaching out and touching you without your permission or consent? Super creepy!

  2. Lily in NYC

    I wonder how old some of these phrases are. Nobody calls other people “sharp” any more unless they are in their 70s. And “the glamour business”? What the heck is that? Sounds like code for a stripper.

    1. zelda

      I was just about to comment on the amount of times the word “sharp” appears in these scripts. I’ve literally never heard “sharp” used as a description for a human in a real conversation. So weird and fake.

  3. Samantha

    It’s never really “That’s why you need Mary Kay”. It’s “That’s why I NEED YOU to need Mary Kay”. They have to exploit what insecurities she has dared to show and then with the inch she’s given, they take a mile. I’d hate to think that in order to succeed, I had to find the missing link or hole in someone’s life and then attempt to fill it with overpriced low quality cosmetics, lies, manipulation, and fake friendships.

  4. Not a Bot

    Advertising is one thing because it targets everybody and those who are interested can choose to buy or look into it and those not can ignore it, but targeting individuals with flattery or hot buttons in their life is manipulation. Most women who have had some life experience know about MLM schemes and try to avoid them. I’ve had the icky feeling of being used when I realized a person stalking or complementing me just wanted me to join their MLM. People who want to recruit should get acting lessons, so they can tell half truths about MK or tell the person would be great at it ‘with conviction’ and ‘with a sincere look’.

  5. Non-Floral Lily

    I’ve always assumed MLMs target literally everyone with a pulse and a wallet, but it seems like most of the female-dominated ones are a bit more specific about targeting women with a certain…appearance. Photogeneity, if you will. I’m not particularly unfortunate looking, but I’m 40 and not what’s considered conventionally attractive or “stylish” and I know it, so over-the-top attempts at flattery by anyone, particularly other women, tends to come off as gross and fake unless it’s someone I have an existing dynamic with.

    If someone came up to me in Target and said “Oh my gosh, you’re so well put together and ~*~sharp~*~, can I talk to you for a second” it’d be an instant tell that there’s some shady sh*t going on. I’m guessing not everyone has that level of cynicism, but I really can’t see how anyone falls for what’s obviously a line unless they constantly have people telling them how pretty they are in public.

    1. Char

      You are spot on there. They do target anyone with a pulse. I think the confusion is in the aftermath with cult members. They don’t initially go after a look, they conform to ‘the’ look – after they join. They start wearing dresses, gowns, and clown makeup; and the men wear “dark suits with a red tie” a la Amway.

      Even the most unfortunate looking human can clean up nice. Everyone does have something beautiful about them. I must admit though, many of the Mary Kay pics I’ve seen are definitely Hilly Holbrook ugly.

  6. ThePatientWhisperer

    Imagining these women approaching total strangers in a public place w/these embarrassingly bad “pickup lines” reminds me of those annoying pop-ups/spam…in Real Life form.

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