Don’t Poison Everyone Else’s Mind

Another critic of Mary Kay who knows all the catch phrases…

There is a reason that Mary Kay Cosmetics has been the #1 selling cosmetics in the U.S for years! I am very offended by your comments, and of your insensitivity towards not only Mary Kay herself, but also to individual sales directors and NSDs.

I completely understand that you are entitled to your opinion, but you are sadly mistaken. I have known more women who were beaten down into spineless nothings before they got into the WONDERFUL business of Mary Kay. Now they are empowered, self assured, and most likely making a lot more money then most of the rest of us do. If Mary Kay doesn’t work for you then fine, don’t do it. But PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not go bashing it just because you don’t like it.

The women in Mary Kay are some of the most selfless, giving, loving, wonderful friends that I have. I thank GOD for them everyday. If you didn’t happen to meet women like that then I am truly sorry. But remember, there are self-centered jerks in every business, NOT JUST MARY KAY. I completely admit that there might be some self-serving women in Mary Kay who are only in it for the money. But for the other 99.9% of them, they are in it because they have a passion to help other women have a BETTER LIFE.

Women like me. I was in an emotionally abusive marriage, and Mary Kay gave me the courage to GET OUT. It was the best thing that I ever did, and I never would have done it had it not been for my Mary Kay business.

You know, I could go on and on about the benefits of Mary Kay and how life-changing that it has been for me and every other woman I know who has gotten into the business. I could go on and on about how they teach the Mary Kay business plan at HARVARD because it is one of the best in the nation. But you would have to have an open mind about it, and I don’t believe that you do.

I didn’t have to write you this letter. I have no idea who you are or why you have such a hate on for Mary Kay, but I could not stay silent. How many other businesses do you know put God first, WHICH BY THE WAY IS EXACTLY WHERE HE SHOULD BE, family second, and your career third.

And as for making production when you have personal trials, that is why YOU HAVE A TEAM. It was never intended for you to do it all on your own. We are all to work together for the common goal of our unit of team members, or rather I will say our friends. It has nothing to do with working yourself to death while you are sick or having a baby or whatever. You encourage your teammates to help you, which helps them, and everyone succeeds. That is the Mary Kay way!

Know any other companies that do that? I sure don’t!

And as far as the lady that can pay for her car with her Mary Kay, MORE POWER TO HER!!! I sure as heck wouldn’t have been able to do that with my 9-5 job, which stands for journey of the broke.

Just have an open mind about it, learn your facts, and consider the fact that you could be wrong about the whole thing. And if it still bugs you that much, go to headquarters and talk to them about it. But don’t poison everyone else’s mind about it just because you don’t like it.


  1. Char

    Such a sad story. She’s out of one abusive situation and into another. Damn the MK consultant for preying on a women in a weakened state, but that’s what they do. Now, she has had so much pink Kool-Aid shoved down her throat, that she’s slurring out the false information like Harvard.

    I’ll say this again because it’s making more and more sense. I really get why kids from broken homes or bad parents join criminal street gangs. They finally feel important and have a sense of belonging. They don’t care about researching the dangers as long as they ‘feel’ loved. And, they’ll do anything not to lose their place in their new found family. They worship the gang they’re in, and it’s leaders.

    They get out of one $hitty situation and into another – just like this lady. She’s gone from an abusive marriage right into pyramid scheming and being abused by upline. Sad, sad, sad that she doesn’t even know it yet. Watch and wait.

    *I promise the ladies will be here for you when you realize what has been done to you regarding MK. That would be financial and emotional manipulation, surrounded by lies and more lies told to you, that you are now repeating to others. What another mess you are in.

  2. BestDecision

    The regurgitation of all the phrases is sickening. I used to say them, too! Harvard has never “taught” MK. Just because a student uses its business model as an example in a paper doesn’t mean that’s a good thing and a compliment. Political science classes talk about Nixon as an example, and we all know that’s not a compliment.

    And as for the people you call your friends right now, they’re not. Trust me. If you were to leave, they’ll abandon you just like mine did me.

    You are severely misled, in the dark, and incorrect to say 99% of the women in MK are ethical. My experience, and the ones I post on here, is the opposite. Instead of cramming the same phrases that are at least 20 years old down our throats, consider the sources on here. We’re real, and so were our experiences.

    Now, go pay for your Fall Retreat. “You can’t afford to miss it!”

  3. Neverpink

    Mary Kay is not the #1 skincare brand in the United States. A preliminary Google search will tell you it isn’t true.

    So then I have to wonder, what other lies do you believe? Obviously the Harvard one in addition to the “#1 best-selling brand” nonsense.

  4. Pinkiu

    My first thought was that I was not surprised that she finds a sense of initial belonging in MK. She was in an emotionally abusive relationship and it’s what she knows. MK felt comfortable because much like abusive men, they love bomb you in the beginning, giving you a false sense of belonging. But then when you don’t perform to the expectation of the abuser, they belittle you, say that you’re not doing enough, increase pressure to perform, etc.

    I wish you well. But please read more. Suspend your opinion that MK is wonderful and look at MK as a hidden abuser. What did your ex-husband do in the beginning to make you not notice his true character? My guess is that he showered you with praises and incentives. He lied or twisted the truth until you blamed yourself for what was wrong.

  5. Lily in NYC

    Wow, this was written by someone so gullible that I almost feel bad for her. Lady, you just spouted every lie MK tells their new consultants. You are a textbook case. Let me guess, you just earned your red jacket. FYI, Harvard does not teach about Mary Kay in the way you were told. It’s a case study used to show how an example of how the direct sales model never works. People at Harvard aren’t stupid enough to fall for the MLM scam.

    1. Neverpink

      That’s what I found as well. However, I saw that Euromonitor was what is “verifying” this claim. I went to the Euromonitor site and found this:

      *Rodan and Fields, Rodan & Fields, Rodan + Fields

      *United States, U.S., United States of America

      “Source Euromonitor International Limited; Beauty and Personal Care 2019 Edition, retail value RSP terms; all channels; Anti-Aging including Anti-Aging products sold as part of Sets and Kits.”
      (( Source: ))

      The thing that concerns me is the “products sold as part of Sets AND Kits”. So they’re tracking consultants buying the kits as “sales”. I question the legitimacy of this claim if Euromonitor is counting consultants buying kits as “sales” when we know how much MLM product doesn’t make it into consumer hands outside the pyramid.

      1. Char

        Yes. Many MLM companies are counting affiliate sales as “customer” sales to elude the FTC. Melaleuca and Vemma are two off the top of my head. Mary Kay doesn’t even bother providing a number.

  6. OnelessSD

    I understand your anger.. I had it to when I first found out about Pink Truth I was always told that Mary Kay is a Christian Company… look at the motto “God first, Family second, Career third.” However, if you were to really examine how thing are done in Mary Kay.. you will see that nothing could be further from the truth. The one big thing that stands out to me in relation to all things regarding God & MK is this: The bible clearly states in the 10 Commandments : Thou shalt not lie, Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not put any other gods before me, etc. It’s there in black and white. However, if you were to do a little digging on this site – you’ll find document after document that encourages all of what we were told in the bible to not do. 1. Lie….. If you leave out important information so your new recruit will see things in a certain light.. that is lying by omission. If you tell her (as NSD Dacia has been recorded saying “I’m going to leave out her foundation from her set.. so I have a reason to get back with her and share the marketing plan with her”)… she purposely lied and kept back part of her purchase to suit her own desires. She lies. I could go on, but for brevity, I won’t. 2. Steal…. we are taught not to steal another consultants sale or customer. But there are directors and NSD’s out there that tell their people… “if that other consultant hasn’t given this prospect the marketing plan, etc… is she really their consultant? They are free for you to market and sell to.” That is plain stealing. Stealing of the future sales, and possible commissions. You may think this doesn’t happen… but it happens, and it happened to me. The adopted director who claims she’s a Christian- basically told me that she didn’t believe that this prospect was really my customer…. even though I had years of sales receipts to prove otherwise.. she was a good customer- and even mentioned my name in the interview… they recruited her anyways. 3. No other gods: when you put the leaders of any company, any sports figure, and celebrity, in fact- anyone… when you place them in a place of importance in your life above everyone else…. so that you are ‘worshipping’ them by your actions, by your thoughts… you are essentially giving them the place of god in your life. By extending your anger to us because of this site.. you are in essence elevating Mary Kay into that god position.. when you can’t see objectively that she was merely human, and you idolize the words she spoke, her actions, etc… you are elevating her to a god position.

    These are only 3 examples for you to ponder.. and I hope you do…. and next time, you might want to check that righteous indignation at the door… and really just try to look at what we are saying objectively….it might be the truth you are seeking. 🙂

    1. BestDecision

      I love hearing other Directors on here like you! I saw someone’s Weekly Plan Sheet posted, and it was full of nights and weekends away from her family to build her unit. Yet, her days were also filled but with non-IPAs. (Remember all those lectures at Leadership about IPAs?). She works 7 days a week!

      We all did it, though, didn’t we? We’d claim our Sundays were for “God first” but then race to a Business Debut or hold conference calls that night. We claimed we worked part-time, but if you add all the non-IPA hours, we worked more and FOR FREE!

      And still…after years with no change, Directors still haven’t been given a raise in commissions under the new reorganized commission schedule. Yet they feel MK corporate is so generous and loves them!

  7. Wild Collards

    I really want to reply with something snarky but her post is heartbreaking. She’s so indoctrinated she doesn’t know which way is up. She’s the classic person who is so easily turned into MK, and I hate the people who preyed on her to join.

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