Getting Consultants to Order More

Let’s not kid ourselves. Getting consultants to order more inventory is the heart of the pyramid scheme: recruit and frontload. Notice that this email has absolutely NOTHING to do with selling the product. It is pure recruiting and scamming orders out of newbies.

All of this ordering is encouraged without regard to any consultant’s personal situation. No regard to her inventory. No regard to her sales. Only regard to has she ordered yet? And if she has ordered, was it enough? And if it was enough, do I need more?

I love how the writer points out that these schemes have worked for her time and time again throughout the years. That is… It worked to suck orders out of consultants. (I know, Kaybots. It’s their fault if they’re not selling to support their orders. But do you see anywhere in this email where it instructs the director to help anyone sell anything?)


The countdown is here to month-end, & the adrenaline is rising. Your goal is in sight, but production is short. Where do you find it now? Your diligent efforts over the next two days could DOUBLE your production & increase your paycheck by even more than double!

There’s no telling how many more consultants you can still recruit & activate by Saturday, just by being out in the personal space of your prospects & operating with an energetic sense of urgency!

Preferably the groundwork has been already been laid for you to cross the finish line victoriously between your personal business activity & that of your unit in the last 28 days, & now all that is needed is focused followup on the phone.

Today is the day to view some reports. Think of them as treasure maps to production!

1. Go to “Recruiters & Their Teams”, and treasure hunt there first:

  • Check your personal team to secure your own 13% Love Check. Have 5 of your team members ordered? Do you have in at least $600 wholesale yourself?
  • What Red Jackets have an “I” by their own name, yet have team members who have ordered? Unless an activating order goes in by Saturday, she will lose a Love Check. Alert her immediately!
  • Now check for 9% & 13% potential upgrades with Team Leaders & above. What Team Leaders are short of $600, yet have 5 team members who have ordered or could order? What TLs have in $600 themselves, but are short of 5? A quick, excited phone call to those Red Jackets may be just the motivation THEY need to cross the finish line beyond what they are seeing today.

2. Now go to your Unit Consultant Wholesale Production report, & measure it against your August Unit printout, under Monthly Unit reports. (If you have a DIQ, be sure to print both Parent Unit & Qualifying Unit pages):

  • Who placed an order last month who could be inspired to begin a Consistency Club pace by placing a second order in August?
  • Who has been in the Consistency Club, but hasn’t ordered yet in August? Send out both an email today with the “End of the Month Ordering schedule”, then have your office assistant call every one of these Consistency Club pacers just to remind them that the end of the month is Wednesday & what that schedule is. (Give her a script.)

I cannot tell you how many times this has produced orders, just because the end of the month had crept up on busy consultants who had no intention of giving up their Consistency Club status!!! Yes, they thank-you for conscientiously reminding them every month!

STRATEGY NOTE: If you do not have a Consistency Club promotion going in your unit, don’t allow another month to go by without placing a priority on this promotion! I have been running one for 15 years, & it has been the single most significant promotion I have ever run to maintain consistency in both my production & my paycheck. I have consultants who have placed $225+ orders every month for 8, 9, 10 YEARS!

  • What new consultants came in in July who have not yet ordered? The deadline for her new consultant product bonus is this Wednesday! Has she been reminded of that this week?
  • What other new consultants need to place initial orders before the end of the month? Are they aware that an order placed Sept. 1-5 will experience a long shipping delay? That DOES make a difference to new consultants! New consultants in qualifying units and/or on car teams probably have no idea that the timing of their order makes a big difference to someone else’s goal. If this new consultant has a Team Player personality, she will want to know that her timing can benefit a team goal. How you communicate that must be sensitive, but what has often worked for me was taught to me years ago by my Senior Director, Xxx Xxxxxx, “If you are going to be ordering anyway, is there any way possible you can do so by this Wednesday?”
  • Check ordering patterns over the last 6 months. Who is “due” to order by her traditional pattern? (Example: usually orders every other month & has fallen out of pattern? Is she ordering? If her pattern has broken, why? Red Flag?)

3. THINK: Who has told you recently that she has sold a lot of product or “needs to order”? What if you call & offer to facilitate getting that inventory order in for her today before the end-of-the-month rush, so she can give the best service to her customers? From now on, anytime you hear that from a consultant, write a note to yourself in your day – timer the last week of the month… Has __________ ordered yet this month???

4. Finally, print your Former Consultants report (under Monthly, then Consultant reports). Who will lose her wholesale buying power if an activating order doesn’t go in by Wednesday?

Our work is cut out for us, leaders, so put on your running shoes! Cross the finish line Saturday with your tongue hanging out, & whatever the scoreboard says, hold your head high! If this month is going to be great, we must MAKE it great!

So that’s the formula for getting consultants to order when you’re Dialing For Dollars. But what happens next month? You do it all over again, and hope to squeeze every last penny out of each and every consultant.


    1. Lazy Gardens

      “Love Check” = commission check. If you don’t order enough, you don’t get any commission, even if your recruits order tens of thousands of dollars. That’s one thing that builds up debt, having to buy your comissions.

  1. Char

    56,927 listings for Mary Kay on eBay today.

    I couldn’t find the bottom on the Poshmark App as I just kept scrolling and scrolling. One listing had a disclaimer that she wasn’t a consultant, yet had five of the same item for sale. Hmmmm.

    There really should be a national distribution system where MLM products could be donated to all the homeless. The new slogan could be: “Mary Kay, what homeless women wear.” Lol

    (Apologies if I’ve offended a homeless person out there.)

    1. Data Junkie

      Char, most of those listings are asking way too much for Mary Kay the way it is. My guess is most of this inventory ends up in the trash or at women’s shelters. I wonder how much of what Mary Kay produces is ever actually used…5%? Less?

      In fact, I’d argue that the top sales directors skip the middleman and just dump their qualifying minimums directly at the shelters every single month, for these reasons:
      – It make the Sales Director look charitable (to the charity and to her down-line reps)
      – It keeps the inventory from piling up in her home (even she can’t stand looking at it)
      – It is beneath her to hold parties and sell product directly at her level
      – By having only a modest amount of inventory in her home, it gives her down-line reps the impression that it is a breeze for her to move own inventory

      And when the women in those shelters get back on their feet, they can say, “I can now wear whatever make-up I want…no more Mary Kay shelter make-up for me!”

    2. Char

      Is it finally okay to re-sell on Poshmark? Here’s a note posted under someone who has a lot of MK for re-sale:

      To blkcat89
      Thank you Catherine!! From one beauty consultant to another!!

      Another one:
      Thank you for all the great samples.

  2. Juliet

    MultiLevelMoneylosing, you asked what is a love check, and how many huns have office assistants lololol. Love check is a commission check earned off of the downline’s orders, what love has to do with it hee hee I think comes from the original hustler, Mary Kay Ash, ”cutesifying” things to distract from her schemes. That’s just my theory, however.

    Not sure about how many have office assistants, but I have read in so many accounts written by former consultants how they would find themselves unable to maintain home life with the demands of the kaybot schedules, so the sales director would tell them to hire an assistant, a babysitter/nanny, maid, etc., to free them from, in my opinion, STAYING AT HOME even though that was the bait used to lure the woman in with.

    What kills me is how the email writer above keeps saying paychecks. I am familiar with business owners paying themselves SALARY but not paycheck. Employees receive paychecks, and in fact, it seems to me, kaybots are NOT supposed to be ”employees”, yet certainly are not business owners either. But even the highest shiller can’t keep her deceptive phrasing in order.

    When I see the comments about ”donate mary kay products” to homeless shelters, I can only reference the one I was at in Florida where the makeup probably would have been used by the ”working girls”, who were not all originally girls. It definitely would have been snapped up. But as pretty as the women could look when transformed, somehow I don’t think it was Mary Kay they were using. I never saw MK specifically at any rate. And I can see where that COULD be a hallmark of having moved to a better place in life when you can choose your own makeup again!

  3. MLM Radar

    Activating means you get to buy at “wholesale” price for the month when you place the order, plus the next to months.

    So why would any consultant place an “activating” order at the end of any month? If she does that, she’ll only be active for two months and a few days (such as Sep 28th to Nov 30th).

    If she just waits 3 days to order she’ll be active for three full months (such as Oct 1st to Dec 31st). She’s looking out for her own best interest.

    Oh wait… postponing that order isn’t in her Director’s best interest… the Director always knows best… how selfish…

    1. Lazy Gardens

      Oh … but the new consultant doesn’t have that horrible “shipping delay” if she orders at the end of a month, and she can show she has a Team Player personality by sacrificing 1/3 of her discount period for the good of the director’s commission checks.

      All of this involves reminding people they have to buy enough product from Mary Kay to ransom their commissions every month … without actually saying it that way.

    1. Lazy Gardens

      Sort of:
      Typically the contract is for an amount with a discount. The delivery can broken up into smaller shipments at intervals. If you stop the deliveries you get hit with a penalty.

      I have seen contracts where the discount varied depending on the dollar amount in the order, or the how much had already been bought that year. (encourage good customers)

      I’ve seen contracts where the reseller promises to buy “X” dollars a month or year.

      But I’ve never seen one with the price to the reseller suddenly doubling like Mary Kay’s.

  4. Ashleigh

    Hey! I am a rather new consultant with Mary Kay. I also have my mba and read up on this site prior to signing up.
    But, I wanted some products & some extra cash with a solid 90day plan just for trial.
    I wanted to help a friend in DIQ get her director & car. So last night at 9:45 on the 30th I signed up a friend to join (#2 of my red jacket).
    I was told this morning my friend had 2 orders “on hold” and they needed to be placed by 10/2 from my current director. (Not the friend I am trying to help).
    One option is $225 & other $600
    Without my new friend being able to choose any inventory of those….

    So now my friend who I don’t want to tell needs to order $225 of these 2 orders is stuck because she doesn’t have room for funds until Friday (payday/4th).

    So director is asking I purchase this for her? One I don’t have room for this in my budget to restock more inventory after meeting my star with orders last month. But I want my DIQ friend to get the car & supposedly she must have this person active by 10/2?

    Is this really the case? Why can’t she become active 10/4 on payday at least when it’s not putting financial stress regardless if she or I order under her? This literally is squeezing the last penny out of either of us at the first of the month…
    I want to help my friend get her goal to DIQ but I have a suspicion it’s not that way? Any response is appreciated.

    1. MultiLevelMoneylosing

      You have your MBA, so you should easily be able to see that these rules exist to make consultants to order more, which is the cornerstone of their business model.

      You have your MBA, so have you written up a business plan for your new venture? If you have, I’m interested to hear what your path to profitability is in a saturated marketplace. Also, I’m interested to hear how you’re thinking of this inventory order from a business necessity and P&L standpoint. Why are you taking on more risk when you could just place orders as needed, and in what timeframe are you hoping to make back your initial investment?

      1. Ashleigh

        I wasn’t like throwing my title out with the degree I was stating that because I really dug in depth before signing and knew of profits/loss. I agreed to help with 90days. I only place 225-600 month so far one to help my friend trying get her red jacket and our mutual friend DIQ. I am able to sell most anything & I ventured the risk with tax deductions being my final benefit if at a complete loss after 90 days. However, I am in the end of my 29 days of 90 & really just felt odd about it.
        My friend, ( working on car) told me to come by last night for a foundation color I needed for a customer when I did she handed me bags of inventory (twice now) that I was able to sell being in my unfinished orders. So I accepted, thinking I would just pay her half- when I took out my wallet she said use the money to get Jeanie signed up I need 1 person. That morning she needed 5 so I did what I could thinking wow she just needs 1. Well, next thing I know I have an order on hold that me and brand new need to have paid by 10/2 but neither of them are able to pay, “ because it’s being watched & card cannot have their name on it”.

        My business plan, was merely just to help for 90days and get anything bundled free etc. I have managed to not keep much inventory 100 or less to date. Because I never purchased too much thanks to reading this site.

        I am just here asking to try to see if this even is going to benefit either friend before I have to exceed personal budget?

    2. TRACY

      Ooooh, they are playing a game. She has to have her active by 9/30. But someone didn’t have the money to pay for the order. So they gamed the system so the order would go in and count for 9/30, so long as it’s paid for by 10/2.

      Do you really want to be involved in this kind of game? She can’t get the orders and the people legitimately in the time given, so she has to play a game with YOUR finances in order to make it work? This is the first of many times you will be asked to do something that makes you raise your eyebrows.

      1. Ashleigh

        So the kicker is I must order what’s in the order deemed by director currently. Not even things I could potentially flip like eye makeup removers, lipsticks etc it’s just 3 timewise repair kits or 1 and the repair eye cream.

        I feel like I need to help but myself nor my friend were really recruiting & the new consultant definitely was already waiting until pay day. So she did the favor-
        No good deed goes unpunished.

        1. BestDecision

          You have an MBA. An advanced degree. You are too smart to fall for all these early red flags. I gave up over a DECADE of my life, heart, and mind (mental health) trying to rise above all the cheating that goes on, so get out now. Your Director is wanting that order to go under September production because that’s the end of quarterly car maintenance numbers.

          Please heed my advice and RUN. Block your Director’s number and get out.

          1. Ashleigh

            Interesting fact there on the quarterly cap.
            I agree with so much of the site knowing that as an active consultant I need to heed to many of the things & it has helped so much in making good decisions. I feel like everything is based on last minute everything. I will get active around the 1st week of the month and likely only order 150 less here and there as I’ve sold. But, it’s been such a push of how I “start strong and don’t finish strong” that I’m like thinking I finished the first of the month bc that’s all I was doing nearly & this is 2 months in.
            I just got a text from my DIQ pursuing friend that she had a check for me to come get it for $180 to deposit. I’ve even shared this site with her bc I feel like she has no idea her entire home has become pink and I know that she’s signed up on “scholarship” half or more of the girls & ordering enough to get them active. I just don’t understand how she got there.

            1. Data Junkie

              Ashleigh, I’m sorry to say your DIQ is in deep trouble. If you care about her, sit her down and show her what she is doing. MK wants your orders, they don’t care if you ever sell a thing. Your DIQ is trying to do the “right” thing by helping her down-line, but in reality, the bottom of the pyramid cannot be helped from above, only from below. She’s is going to lose a LOT of money…not just on her own purchases, but on the purchases of her down-line….those ladies will just continue to pile up the IOUs with your DIQ holding the bag. This is scary.

              This is going to end very poorly for your DIQ if she does not wake up.

            2. BestDecision

              If she’s giving you money to create an order, that is illegal in MK. The DIQ Dept insists that all orders in her future unit are legit and paid for the consultants themselves.

              Again, another HUGE red flag if I’m correctly reading what she’s doing to you.

              The greatest power we can ever emit is stepping away from the very concerns and hesitations our gut is telling us. You are too smart to waste your time and education on any of that. You CAN do it!

                1. Ashleigh

                  I call it that- basically the win/win is signing up ppl interested in opportunity has kit sent to her home urges promissory to sel $600 in 2 weeks. This has built those on team that don’t necessarily have money to pay for kit, (this wasn’t me) but merely because it was that in 2 weeks she would profit the cost of kit and just zero out after signing. Basically she gambles kit cost- orders or has new consultant order $600 she returns her investment on the kit cost while building a team?

                  1. BestDecision

                    It’s an atrocity anyone would use a valued, academic term like “scholarship” to describe illegal activity of a recruiter or Director. I don’t know how you can stomach it with the education you got.

                    I have a degree, and the work I put in to get the REAL scholarships I earned are nothing like someone paying for a $100 Stater Kit. Sickening.

                    1. Ashleigh

                      Hey- atrocity may be the last term I used to reference as I didn’t suspect illegal activity until these comments. I read all the MK edu & googled to try to come up with a reasoning. Honestly, I’m just the one asking for input as a friend helping a friend to get goals, etc. — suspecting things lead me to even have the balls to comment in this thread, seeking the education of the people in this group. So, I apologize for referencing the “scholarship” as this golden ticket, here.

                      At the end of the day, it is her money and she can make her own decisions. While I am financially stable & didn’t accept scholarships in either Mary Kay, academics nor sports.
                      Instead, I worked my way to pay for my own degree in 4 jobs sacrificing sororities, late nights, friends and dating to press forward to not only to get my degree & job titles but I also sacrificed a family. I also did not seek government assistance. I worked 5 years had to save to finish grad school then paid for my education.
                      I also paid for my own kit.

                      i respect your defense here. I was never fed with a silver spoon & if someone ever offered to help chances are I’d still be obligated so I would say no. But, “stomaching” anything is not what I would call it.

                      I am also a 31 no children, no huge assets, & with a 6 figure income… so the loss, as I stated was my win at the end of the day. I already owe federal taxes and paying monthly from 2018.

                      I’m not out to maliciously take out anyone. It is her goal, despite my attempts to say hey are you keeping up with receipts for taxes- do you realize what you’re doing? Etc.

                      I really came in here to protect my recruit the girl on 9/30 bc I deem myself responsible for saying hey we are one active person from my friend getting her car can you sign up at 9:45pm on 9/30. Do I save friend #1 and get to DIQ or do I save friend time #2 & explain.. bc I’m more responsible for friend 2… I came here for advice.

                      So I came here to protect another person. Not to take hits from anyone. Help people, help people. I have obviously seen or feel the selfish acts of other pink cloud brain women but I’m no means trying to come here for insults.. so thank you to the many of you that have given positive feedback. I am not “stomaching” anything. I am making my decision to be an adult with an education to say… girl, I may have gotten caught up in a knee jerk reaction here but don’t be fooled to a friend. I will always admit I’m human. I’m sorry you wouldn’t be the same.

                  2. BestDecision

                    It’s a shame my words on a screen made you feel so offended because I was honestly on your side 100%. That’s the mighty struggle we all have with technology over a spoken voice, isn’t it?

                    I’m glad you’ve found examples on here to protect yourself and your friend, and that’s all I’m ever on here for. I’m unapologetically protective of our degrees we’ve earned and the work it took to earn them, which is not what I can say for a lot of people in MK that cheat and fake their way past a finish line.

                    With respect,

            3. Lazy Gardens

              “I feel like she has no idea her entire home has become pink and I know that she’s signed up on “scholarship” half or more of the girls & ordering enough to get them active. I just don’t understand how she got there.”

              We do, because we are outside the “pink bubble” and we’ve seen it happening to others, or experienced it. The goal of her upline (her recruiter/director director) is to suck as much money as possible out of your friend and her close social network as fast as possible.

              So they create a temporary distortion in her reality field using well-tested tactics to make her stop thinking long enough to be profitable.

              She’s being “praised to success”, what cults call “love bombing”, to make her feel good enough to ignore those warning feelings that something doesn’t add up.

              She’s being encouraged to use “thought terminating cliches” instead of business rules and logic to squash her rational thinking.

              She’s being shown the illusion of success, what MLMs call “fake it till you make it”, and has not been shown the sort of information any real businessperson would be shown when buying into the local taco truck: the actual cash flow, the real income, the real expenses, the checks with not the gross but the net after car co-pays and chargebacks.

              She’s being lied to about the profitability of recruiting the people close to her – the ones who should be her customers – to be her competitors. They are glossing over the harsh reality that loaning startup costs to people so they can be your competition is not a sound business practice by calling it “a scholarship”. And they have led her to believe that those “scholarship” recruits will be able to sell enough at full retail to pay her back before the credit card interest piles up.

              Here’s bit of reality – the offerings range from a single lip gloss to an entire inventory, and most of them that sell are selling for pennies on the dollar:
              eBay search has 57,406 results for mary kay
              Poshmark has 48 pages with 48 listings per page (2300)

              This is not a business, it’s “cargo cult business” … it has all the trappings of business, but none of the actual economics.

              The only sane thing to do is cut her losses: quit, send as much back as possible for the 90%+tax refund and call it an expensive course in the University of Hard Knocks. And tell the friends she recruited that she was taken in by the illusion and advise them to quit too.

          2. morningstar

            Could not understand why my friend in MK called me up to tell me her Cadillac director needs 30K orders in October with 80 consultants ordering and ask why so much production. When I read your comment, now it all makes sense, The director has started the uphill climb again for the new quarter, Obviously – shooting for a high production ‘number’ at the very start of the clock tick tocking away….the hamster wheel.

            1. BestDecision

              Yes, the quarter started over Oct. 1 and runs through December. Directors not making their maintenance production for last quarter are now making car payments off their commission checks for October, November, and December.

        2. Lazy Gardens

          “I feel like I need to help but myself nor my friend were really recruiting & the new consultant definitely was already waiting until pay day. So she did the favor-”

          The upline is exploiting your natural impulse to help a friend for their own profit.

          Use your MBA to explain to the DIQ about “sunk costs” and advice to cut her losses now. She’s playing with a deck that is not stacked in her favor, with a table full of experiences card sharks, and as Kenny Rogers sang …
          You’ve got to know when to hold ’em
          Know when to fold ’em
          Know when to walk away
          And know when to run

          Her time to drop cards and say “I’m out” is now.

          If she gives you that trite line about “not wanting to be a quitter”, remind her that the Donner Party refused to quit and they ended up mostly dead and partly eaten.

    3. Lazy Gardens

      “Why can’t she become active 10/4 on payday at least when it’s not putting financial stress regardless if she or I order under her?”

      Because your director NEEDS that order in September to get her commission, or keep her car … and if she can strong-arm you into paying for the $600 for the new recruit, she gets a bigger bonus from that “qualifying order”. The only financial stress the director cares about is her own.

      It is important to understand that a “qualifying order” does nothing for the recruit who places it – it means the DIRECTOR qualifies for car points, bonuses and prizes.

      Welcome to the Pink Shakedown Squad, Ashleigh.

    4. Lazy Gardens

      “I wanted to help a friend in DIQ get her director & car. ”

      While your friend is in DIQ, her recruiter/director gets credit for most of the “production” (orders, not sales). DIQs are cash cows whether they succeed or fail.

      And if your friend fails to make it through DIQ successfully … guess who gets the recruits? Yes, her director gets to loot the corpse and she respawns with only her personal recruits. That friend you signed up under you … straight to the upline’s team.

      It’s actually in her director’s best interest to have her fail, because she gets the production for a few months and then gets the recruits when she fails.

  5. Ashleigh

    So today is 10/2 & I wanted to let you know the end result because I have valued each of your responses & found a little humor in a reality check of the feedback- it’s nice to know My gut feeling serves me well too.

    So last night I picked up a kit put together from inventory of my good DIQ friend.. a beautiful leather bag I had asked her how I needed to earn (3 active consultants) only 2 were active under me the other she given a scholarship too that I really didn’t know that well. (Interesting bc the girl is actually in the local law enforcement Facebook for a mug shot with a child custody arrest on Sunday) – just for more humor here.

    I got a check for 225 & the our director called at 8 after me responding to her text at 7:45pm that I couldn’t finish order last night it would need to be today. She responded… “I’ll have to get everything tonight from you & update products in order due to I have bunch of appts tomorrow. Let me know when’s good to call you?”

    I ignored the text so she called. I ignored that too because I clearly said it would need to be this morning.

    Deposited check Director called at 9:30 I changed the order to items I had already presold and they had to be the exact amount so I only had to add a charcoal mask.

    In closing convo she stated “you are so close to red jacket & $100 you should be a director.”
    I said absolutely not and if it wasn’t for this is a great friend of mine I would be mailing any inventory I had back today. But, that she was lucky I now have 4 good friends involved but I knew very well of her selfish motives. That this was not what I signed up for & it she didn’t get her DIQ I would take my customer base of 210 to Sephora & my recruits will be gone as well.

    So I’m awaiting those lovely beehive Facebook group unit post congratulating my friend. I mean, that repair regimen is just not that great any more to discount. I feel bad for those I care about in the unit. I think I initially knew it would benefit me in a tax write off to “loose”. But I didn’t realize the tiny little games that in corporate America Would not make it. It really ticks me off that my friends are now in this. It’s like dating a toxic man. Or being a mule for a big king pen in a drug tv episode.. all because I was trying to help buy a kit place a $225 order & have a % buy back. Turned into $600 to get a free bundle. Stars drive cars, you’re almost a star.
    Now it’s you start strong but don’t finish merely bc I only order before 15th holding order to at least get the jewelry. So I’ll place that order- I’ll collect the payments I’ll return the $ to my friend in DIQ bc I hate seeing her drown in inventory at her home. But I won’t place under me this month or any there after. So with this gain she will loose. Likely more overhead wholesale…

    1. Lazy Gardens

      “if it wasn’t for this is a great friend of mine I would be mailing any inventory I had back today” And that is the special evil of MLMs. They exploit your friendships for their profit.

    2. MLM Radar

      You want the MK jewelry? Why?

      MK jewelry is worthless junk. Any reliable jewelry appraiser will tell you that. BUT, MK has a corrupt jeweler on their consulting payroll, who will send you a fancy “Certificate of Authenticity” with the MK junk.

      The worst part is that MK will also send you an IRS Form 1099 in January. That 1099 will say they told the IRS you received a prize worth what ever the corrupt jeweler says it was worth, and you’ll have to pay taxes on the overstated value.

      OTOH, if the prize is coming from your Director, what you’ll get is something she bought at Seminar for about $5: a ring that turns your finger green, plastic pearls on a fishing line or elastic, earrings with fake plastic gems, or a gold colored necklace that peels and turns black in about a month. I’ve gotten better junk jewelry from the Claire’s close out rack.

      Get out now. Don’t waste any more time wallowing in the MK pigsty for fake rewards.

        1. Char

          Ashleigh, I really think you meant well and were trying to help your friend. I commend you for getting around to doing your homework.

          Now that you know, will you continue to enable her? In essence, give her drug money. You also need to be careful not to be enticed by fellow partiers that make it seem fun. It’s dangerous – financially.

          Also, please keep reading here and perhaps
          I promise you will learn a ton.

          1. Ashleigh

            Thank you! So today I spoke to my new grand car achiever friend. She told me that she was really upset her best for 20+ years called MK to term her contract immediately. Our pink Cadillac director assured her the DIQ wouldn’t be affected bc she did so after the 30th. The national lady told her over the phone that she may have been her 20+ year friend but that she was likely mad or jealous about her & her new business and that ppl would essentially be that way. I immediately went to reference many of your comments in advice. Still didn’t break through a wall of pink BS.

            1. MLM Radar

              Jealous? Hardly. LOL.

              Mad? Yes, absolutely, but not for the reason your car friend thinks. Her 20+ year bestie terminated her contract because she realized she was being cheated, and was mad enough to take action.

              The question is, are you also mad enough to stand up against the Mary Kay predator? Are you made enough to do the right thing (cancel your own contract) and tell your friend you won’t support her misguided effort? The best friends are the ones who are not afraid to tell us the truth, especially when we don’t want to hear the truth.

              Now, your grand achiever friend may think she’s won that car, but she hasn’t. Not yet. Cars leases are expensive to deliver (taxes, license, insurance) and expensive to cancel (repossession costs, legal fees). Mary Kay doesn’t take chances by delivering cars to women who are one-month wonders, women who might not be able to bring in enough “production” to cover payments.

              That car won’t be delivered until your friend continues to make car-level “production” for several months. If she fails to make her car production quotas between now and the car delivery date it’s bye-bye car for her. She’ll be the used-to-be grand achiever.

              But car or no car, she can definitely stay in DIQ. She can go right back into DIQ as soon as she fails the first time (or the second time or the third time). Mary Kay made it very easy to start and re-start DIQ. That’s because her Director and her National want her to recruit as many people as possible for them. The harder she works recruiting new victims, the less work they have to do.

              You can see the abuse. Please be strong where your friend is weak. Please stand up against the abuse for both of you.

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