I Run an Honest Mary Kay Business

I am a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant and I love it! I feel so bad that many of you have experienced negative aspects of the business.

It’s very true direct marketing isn’t for everyone. I find the best candidates who end up being successful are those women who have the courage and fortitude to stand up for themselves and continue building a business at their own pace.

Growth potential is: your ability to properly and responsibly manage money, especially your business accounts; your own resourcefulness; your ability to listen, learn, and implement a tried and true marketing plan; and your survivability.

Survivability is: do you have the inner strength to hang in there when times are tough? Every business in America has problems and personnel who don’t follow the rules and behave dispicably. Mary Kay is not exclusive in that respect. There are unscrupulous people in every facet of America business.

I run an honest, upfront independent Mary Kay business. I have found I don’t need to employ predatory tactics on anyone to succeed and achieve my goals. I don’t care much what the actual prizes and gifts are monetarily worth, it matters that I am rewarded for my hard work and my time. The prizes aren’t what butters my muffin, it’s the $$$.

I have worked at other jobs in my life and at 37 have yet to find any job that has brought me such personal satisfaction as I have found in Mary Kay. I run into crabby, negative, and complaining consultants all the time. Life today in the world can be depressing and stressful enough. I don’t have any room or need to indulge in all of that. I surround my self with bright, supportive and stylish women. I find that helps when I need a lift.

How can a company founded on ideals such as, “Enriching Women’s Lives” “Faith first, Family second, and Career third” and “the Golden Rule” be so horrible as you all represent.

I have my day planned out. This way I have time for my family, my business, and my other social commitments. I’m still making $$$. Were you all forced at gunpoint to place a large inventory order. There are a lot of comments regarding pushy and forceful recruiters and sales directors. I feel if you didn’t posses the personality to stick up for youself and state with firm resolve, your business plan and that you’ll run it the way you want, then you probably weren’t cut out for this type of industry.

There are some minimums. Yes, in order to stay active you must place a minimum order every quarter. If you aren’t in a position to do that, this isn’t the business for you. I live in NY were women are generally skepitcal and jaded, but I don’t let that defeat me. Fact, women spend more money on looking good every year than anything else. If I’m not proactive and organized I won’t get a slice of that revenue, Macy’s or Sephora will.

I believe in what I sell therefore I don’t have to lie. I believe I am doing other women a favor by offering them the oppotunity to use great products and an opportunity to be happy and successful like me. I think a lot of the failure and harsh feelings here stem from the belief that the women you did or did not meet were doing you an favor. Somewhere in your business scheme and personal ego, there existed a great deal of doubt in your own sales ability, deficient conviction in the company and it’s products, and an absent strong inner voice. This is not criticism, merely observation.

I’m flawed and certainly don’t pretend to be perfect. I hope you all find peace and solice here at this website and I respect your constitutional right to speak out. I would have enormous and profound respect if you actually posted this message.


  1. SW

    Disgustingly condescending, and though I’m not usually the one to pick on spelling and grammar as they’re the least of MK pusher flaws/not limited to MK pushers, this message is just sad.

  2. PeachyNotPink

    Passive Aggressive much?

    Each of her arguments boils down to “It’s your fault you failed”.

    Her assertion of “I’m successful because I’m doing it the ‘right’ way” is backed up by absolutely no fact-based evidence.

    In a nutshell, this is nothing but a poorly written and terribly misguided opinion piece by a brainwashed Kaybot.

    I’m losing hope of seeing some original arguments with real facts,

  3. Char

    “I think a lot of the failure and harsh feelings here stem from the belief that the women you did or did not meet were doing you an favor……..”

    NOPE. You assume wrong. I’m dedicated to exposing this fraud known as MLM. Notice, not once in your article do you address the real business. Just how do you think MK makes its billions? Minimum orders from consultomers? ROTFL

    Another delusional Hun who thinks they are special. All MLMers commit the same act. Some are just better and bigger liars.

    It’s a necessary evil for us to write about the prizes and expose the shenanigans that go on. It allows people like you to say you don’t care about the prizes as a defense. All that really matters, in the end, is understanding the fraudulent and inherently flawed MLM system.

    Bottom line: You can’t do MLMing honest. Any company that uses the system is dishonest. You, Hun, are helping them perpetuate fraud.

    Mary Kay does NOT track retail sales to end consumers because consultants are the consumers. THAT is what they track. They are, therefore, a pyramid scheme. Period. And hence, you are a pyramid schemer.

    Study up on MLM and get back to us, you poor delusional thing.

    P.S. It’s not a badge of honor to identify yourself as a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant. People are laughing at you behind your back. Some are probably running, and laughing. Just in case you didn’t know.

  4. Lazy Gardens

    “The prizes aren’t what butters my muffin, it’s the $$$.” So, show us the Schedule C, your sales receipts, and your time log, please. Just how much butter in in your crock?

  5. BestDecision

    You’re 37 with grammar that resembles a junior high student. Then, you insinuate we haven’t stuck up for ourselves. Your childish behavior defending MKI as a “direct marketing” company shows how naive you are and that these “stylish” women you hang around teach you to believe as such.

    One of the greatest strengths I’ve ever had was sending my Cadillac back and getting out. Please take a grammar class and act your age.

  6. MultiLevelMoneylosing

    Serious question; how old are these “fashionable women?” Mary Kay seems to be still used by lower middle class baby boomers only.
    I love being able to go to Sephora and choose fragrance free, cruelty free skincare and beautiful makeup in every color at a comparable cost to MK, with no pressure to buy. MK can never compete with that, and will die out with the baby boomer generation.

    1. Kinzie

      And you can even get the associates to apply the make up for you as a demonstration. Same with the other prestige brands (one of which MK is NOT!) at the dept stores. Of course they want you to purchase their products but at least the customer doesn’t have to apply it herself.

        1. TRACY

          I’d personally like to learn how from a real makeup artist, not a Mary Kay lady. And I think the point is that when you’re told you’re going to get a facial or a makeover, you typically don’t think you’re going to be slathering your own face.

  7. raisinberry

    The truth is, no one in upper levels of the sales force will ever tell you the truth about the condition of their business (debt, profitability, income, costs) because they CAN’T.

    You will never know this, until you arrive on the career path, having to meet production requirements. The rules of this game will FORCE your compliance, because you have to do so much work to begin the career path, that LOSING what you have accrued is too painful, and sometimes humiliating. Not to mention your upline will “encourage” you to “find a way or make a way” and call that leadership…and you will believe them because after all, they are mentoring you to the TOP.

    At best, MK is pin money at the consultant level, and the “big money” comes only when you can coerce other women into ordering start up inventory, contest winning inventory, consistancy club inventory, star consultant inventory, princess court, queen’s court, and special luncheon or name badge ribbon inventory. In other words, you have to become a manipulative financial predator that dials for dollars every month end to keep the Unit afloat, with absolutely NO BEARING on whether orders reflect actual sales.

    If every Unit/consultant only ordered replacement inventory based on this months sales, how many Units do you think would meet the 4500.00 minimum? You can go ahead and play makeup and pink sorority all you want, getting ever more addicted to trinket recognition, but you are NOT running a business. Every Director here was told, production comes from new recruits. When you figure out what that actually means, you’ll figure out why MK is a product based pyramid.

    1. ThinkPinkThinkAgain

      “You can go ahead and play makeup and pink sorority all you want, getting ever more addicted to trinket recognition, but you are NOT running a business.”

      Thank you. As a consultant for five years, I found this absolutely true.

      It HURT to leave MK. It hurt to cut myself off from my unit, to unfollow dozens upon dozens of consultants on facebook, to stop helping my director with her goals. The pink sorority is what keeps many of us in for as long as we stay. That, and the belief that the only reason we are not succeeding monetarily is because we are weak, or not working hard enough, or any of the other things this director’s post says.

      It’s true that some consultants don’t work hard. But many DO, and still fail to make a profit after expenses.

      If you’re a director, have the gumption to ask your consultants to do the math. The question isn’t whether YOU are making money–it’s whether THEY are. Is this business actually viable for consultants who put in 8-12 hours a week, which is what they are told to do at the beginning?

      No. It is not. But you will never ask them to calculate their profitability, because when they do, they will leave.

  8. ihatemk

    Once again, the old tired line that “no one held a gun to your head.” Please get a new line and you are brainwashed right now. Read some of these older posts, you will see there were cadillac directors etc on here. Post your schedule C if you are making such great $ in this racket. You are not believable. Why do all of these Kaybots come on here and try to persuade all on here that MK is not the racket that you all have experienced and they KNOW so much more than the rest of you, the ones who were directors, etc? Is this MKCorp posting on here to negate the experiences the posters on here have encountered?

    1. HollyHop

      I’ll take you seriously when (more like if!) you post your Schedule C.

      Speaking as a native New Yorker, there no way you’re surviving financially on your own in MY on just your MK income. If you have a couple of other jobs in addition to shilling MK, then maybe you could. But if you’re going to insist that you are indeed doing it on just MK income, then your Schedule C would certainly prove that. So let’s see if you’re serious or all-talk like the rest.

      My autocorrect keeps changing MK to NO as I was writing this. Even my Kindle knows the score ?

  9. Data Junkie

    If the majority of your commission revenue comes from purchases by reps in your down-line, as opposed to sales to outside customers, not only is your “business” dishonest, it may also be illegal.

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