It’s Easy to Earn a Mary Kay Car

The lies Mary Kay consultants and directors tell about how “easy” it is to earn a car in Mary Kay and how little time it takes! This is a training document which completely downplays the amount of time and effort it will take to “earn” the car. It will cost you far more than if you just went and leased a car on your own!

Out of your 168 hours week you will need to spend 12-15 hours a week in people time to earn and continue using your free company car. Suggested allotment of time:

6 hours – 3 classes per week
3 hours – 3 interviews per week
2 hours – weekly meeting
2 hours – business debut or specialized training
2 hours – reorders, follow-up phone

Car drivers are responsible for attending all local and company sponsored events such as specialized trainings, retreats, career conference, seminar, etc.

All paper work and computer work should be delegated or hired out. Approximately 204 hours a week.

This level of activity continues building your team above 12, assures a $500-$800 sales week ($200 – $320 profit) for a monthly profit of $800-$1300 and a team commission check of $500-$800 a month.

This part-time position earns you the use of the car, tags, and approx.70% of the insurance. With the suggested activity above you will earn a total of $1000-$2100 a month in commissions from sales and recruiting.

And that, my friends is what we call a FALSE EARNINGS CLAIM. You will not “earn your car” in only 12 to 15 hours per week. The time it takes to find new victims, convince those victims to hold parties, recruit from those parties, get the recruits to place inventory order… it is all very time-consuming and claims like the above regarding the time commitment are nothing but lies.


  1. Anna

    Baloney! For one party, how about 1 hour prep time, 30 min to pack vehicle and travel to location + 30 minutes to get home, 2 hours for party itself, 1 hour to follow up, wrap up, and order/deliver products not on hand. That’s easily 5 hours for one party. Source: I’m a former Passion Parties hun.

  2. Char

    “The time it takes to find new VICTIMS, convince those victims to hold parties, recruit from those parties, get the recruits to place inventory order… it is all very time-consuming and claims like the above regarding the time commitment are nothing but lies.”

    Yep, not only do they lie about the amount of time, it is also what they are DOING during that time. They are attempting to recruit new victims into a pyramid scheme, and THAT takes more time than they advertise.

    Scamming people into a pyramid scheme is indeed hard “work”.

    You know when upline victim shames and says you didn’t work hard enough? The answer should be, “You are correct. I didn’t work hard enough at scamming others.”

    1. MLM Radar

      But… but… but… a Senior Director doesn’t need any time to find new prospects. She shouldn’t budget any time for that.

      Finding new prospects is what her Directors and consultants do.

      All the Senior Director has to do is show up at New Consultant debuts (big honor for them) … and recruit their customers!

    1. ThinkPinkThinkAgain

      It’s nice how they don’t mention that if you DO hire someone (I hired two high schoolers as office assistants), it takes time to train those people on your systems and they might not be as fast as you. One of my office assistants had messy handwriting and was not good at wrapping gifts, so I had to do those things myself or risk having my thank you cards/gifts/orders to deliver look unprofessional. She was a diligent worker, though, which meant she got my beauty bag items cleaned and packed and my customer/receipt info entered. It just took her longer.

      Good luck finding an assistant who is ALWAYS available 2-4 hours a week, is fast, and can knock out alllllll of the office work in the time allotted. It’s likely not going to happen. Even if you pay her minimum wage or in product (I tried both of these things), you might not be able to afford her! Five hours of work at $8 is $40. The girl I paid in product ended up joining my team because she wanted to make more money for her time. Spoiler alert: she didn’t. She lost money and quit. Should have followed her example, but I stayed in three more years.

  3. BestDecision

    The first thing I notice is how the production needed has gone up, but the cash compensation is the same. Once again, MK making so much money off its sales force!

    1. OnelessSD

      Best! YES! I noticed that too! Requirements continue to go up… yet the compensation never does. MK is FLEECING the sales force by doing this. But I guess it’s a sign that they are losing money in other areas.. and can’t quite keep their #’s from tanking.

      Yay for PT and sincerely hoping this is the sign of a sinking ship!

  4. raisinberry

    Ha Ha… I got stopped right away at “free company car”.

    In what Universe do you “win” a “Free car”, and have to continue to pay for it? How do you win a free car…and get it taken away from you?

    When I was a new consultant, I can remember thinking, wow! My own car!! Part of insurance paid for!! WOW! Only, not so much.

    You NEVER “win” a “free car” in Mary Kay. You win the right to be obligated to find at least 4500.00 dollars worth of wholesale production each and every month for two years, and if you can’t, you make it up yourself.

    Is that the definition of “win”…or…”earn”?

  5. Ruby Slippers

    I earned a “FREE” car as a consultant and finished as a Director the following month. It’s a lie that Mary Kay pays 85% of insurance . I should have taken cash comp not car. The “insurance” taken out of my commission was $95 per month. So if that’s true then insurance premium per month would have been $633 for a 15% of it of $95. For a Chevy Cruze that’s ridiculous plus a Cruze was leasing at a dealership for $99 lease payment. Bascially you were paying a Lease payment for MK Corp …..oh and that’s with making your production….once production fell below 5000 personal team production then you had a co-pay…. Of up to 375…. That plus insurance . What a farce. One time I had 287 taken out of check plus 95 for insurance for a total of $382 income lost to drive a Red Cruze. And ps. No one gave a shit about a Red car only asked if you were driving Pink. So if you are thinking you are going to get more sales leads for driving a non Pink car , you are in for a sad reality.

  6. DonewithMK666

    And don’t forget the directors who only one time reached the pink Cadillac level but was given the option to buy the pink car after the lease and keep driving it fooling everybody into thinking that they were a Cadillac director forever and ever!!! I have known several directors in my area who have purchased their cars so then they don’t have to jump through the hoops like everybody else does!!

    1. raisinberry

      Donewith… we had a PINK grand prix Director STILL DRIVING it probably 5-8 years after it was no longer awarded!!…MK makes it so easy to BUY your FREE car after you have lost it…One call, they give you the payoff, and boom…nobody knows. Thank You MK, for making it easy to hide our humiliation!

  7. Neverpink

    ‘All paper work and computer work should be delegated or hired out. Approximately 204 hours a week.”

    But there’s only 168 hours in a week, hun. How is this possible? Do you just need to BEE-LIEVE?

    1. ran4fun

      “‘All paper work and computer work should be delegated or hired out. Approximately 204 hours a week.”” …. I think that’s supposed to read 2-4 hours a week. The dash and 0 are right next to each other.

    1. raisinberry

      You have to hold 2-3 classes per week in order to get in front of new faces to hear the recruiting schpeel. Then you have to work the phones on any team members. Usually you have to do THEIR interviews with hostesses, then, follow up with everybody. People arent answering/home, so this is continuous. If you are short, you have to STALK, meaning warm booking, fish bowls, and anyone who gets within 3 feet. WHO KNOWS HOW MQNY HOURS? You are NEVER “off” the Mary Kay clock.

    2. BestDecision

      When I earned my first as a Consultant, I did while working full-time by doing MK every night and all weekend. Once I was a Director and had quit my job, I worked 5-7 days a week. I easily worked 40 hours a week building my unit while still servicing my customers.

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