Nobody Wants to Listen to Whiners

Another Mary Kay lady tells us the “fix” is to get off our butts and do work.

I’m not usually rude but you all need to get a real life and quit trying to convince people that their dreams and goals aren’t worth pursuing.

My regular job makes me very close to an executive income but it includes all of the stress and difficulties one gets when working with negative, nasty, crazy women.

Nobody forces anybody to do anything in this business. You are given facts and statistics. What you choose to do or not do is what is going to take you places.

If I sit on my laurels all day at my regular job I’m sure someone would notice me and give me some lovely recognition called a termination. So quit blaming every else for your lack of success and get a life. Nobody wants to listen to whiners.

There are two types of people in this world. People who work hard and achieve something and those who sit around complaining that it’s someone else’s fault they don’t have anything.

My personal fix to all of your negative crap is get up off your butts and get to work. Maybe you need to change where you all hang out. You need some Jesus in your lives.


  1. MLM Radar

    Need some Jesus, do we? Just some Jesus? So we don’t need the awkward parts about withholding important information, or saying misleading things, or lying about expected results? What part of “fake it til you make it” is found in the gospels?

    And when did being a pushy makeup peddler become my dream?

  2. BestDecision

    Jesus also wants us to hear truth and not misquoted “facts”, which are given daily in MK and from all levels.

    Yes, MK Inc. does animal testing.
    No, not all NSDs are making “executive income”.
    No, that Director or NSD quoting the Bible isn’t to be trusted when she tells you she makes said “executive income”.
    Yes, it sure does take more than 5 hours a week to earn a car.
    Yes, there are far superior products out there. (Hello, Sephora!)
    Yes, you have to pay money back when your team or unit quit.
    Yes, you have to pay for training.
    Yes, you are taught theory and not repeatable behavior/actions.

    Shall I continue?? Jesus wouldn’t want me to withhold the truth.

    1. MSgtK

      You are so Godly! I wanto to talk and be just like you. Not! You are lying about making executive income. A professional does not talk like that. Nor does a Christian. I can also tell you are not successful at Mary Kay either. We see right thru you! Ummm we all work for a living. I retired after 20 years with medical and dental. I get a nice check every month and never had to work again. Oh, I’ve been retired since 2007 at the age of 43! We know the gig and your gig is up!

  3. Char

    Sigh. Why do ignorant MK ladies always presume that MLM fraud exposers aren’t affluent, successful, or hard workers?

    These ladies who also think their “belief” reigns supreme, and they will be saved over the 70% of fellow humans and all the loving animals? (That’s just funny) These very same ladies who perpetuate pyramid scheme fraud – will be saved???

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess this authors “dreams and goals” are to drive a pink Cadillac. She will achieve this by “working” really hard at getting single mothers to buy tons of over-priced crap makeup on their only credit cards. Am I right? Is this what your Jesus teaches you?

  4. PeachyNotPink

    For not “usually being rude” you are quite good at it.

    You are also ignorant. If you had truly read this site, you will find former Cadillac driving directors who worked incredibly hard to make their MK “dream” happen. Too bad it turned into a MK nightmare!

    Oh, and if your day job is such a terrible place to work, did you know that you have the option to find another job with a better environment? If you don’t like your unit in MK, you are stuck.

    Educate yourself on this site and the real truth of MK, then come back and defend your “business” with real facts – not insults and propaganda.

  5. Neverpink

    “My regular job makes me very close to an executive income but it includes all of the stress and difficulties one gets when working with negative, nasty, crazy women.”

    Ooh boy, the sexism and internalized misogyny are hot and ready today! What about all the negative, nasty, crazy men out there?

    Or is your cult indoctrination telling you that anyone who isn’t constantly spouting glitter and rainbows, is outside Mary Kay and/or is critical of MK is “negative, nasty and crazy”?

    The truth isn’t “negative, nasty and crazy”. It simply is the truth!

    I bet you’re a real peach in real life.

    1. SB

      I don’t know what her definition of an “executive income” is but I’m certain if she was making anywhere close to that…she wouldn’t be defending MK. And she wouldn’t have the time to troll this site because she would be busy working her actual job.

      I mean, I’m close to an executive income as well, I’m just one or two “0”s away! *eye roll*

  6. Cindylu

    There is something called “Whistle blowing” which is a necessary part of protecting others. It doesn’t mean that acting in the best interests of others makes us irrational. Through our collective experience across North America and beyond, we are simply pointing out what we know first hand. MK training isn’t free. If and when you get sick, the “Go Give Spirit” wasn’t there for me. I believed it was immoral for my SD to take a single mom’s grocery money. I tried to make this work. I paid to go to Seminar where the cult of MK had women gloating over trips, glitter and money. Meanwhile we were herded like cattle and slept with four to a room. Our meals were pitiful. For a company that quotes the bible and pretends to promote spirituality, it somehow seemed crass to brag about cars and income. Meanwhile many in the MK audience can barely pay their bills. The last thing they need is tons of inferior make up that no one wants to buy. No one wants to book make up parties. That’s a thing of the past. So we aren’t negative or hysterical. We are simply telling the other side of the story. We are exposing that Directors (not the company itself) pay when products are returned. Co-Pays for ridiculous trophy pink cars are more than leasing a car.

  7. Pinkiu

    I am working my professional job right now, sitting in my pjs. I work both from home as well as my office and receive full benefits, etc. I have a professional job in the public eye and am giggling that she thinks I need to get off my behind and work harder to be successful.

  8. NayMKWay

    “Nobody forces anybody to do anything in this business. You are given facts and statistics. What you choose to do or not do is what is going to take you places.”

    “Facts and statistics…you choose.” That’s what you said. And if the “facts and statistics” are lies, where does that leave you? How can you make an informed decision without factual information? The women that run and contribute to this site are performing a public service. They are telling the insider’s view–from very near the top–about what goes on in Mary Kay. What the real numbers are. Why you, as an MK consultant, aren’t doing as well as you were led to believe you would. How you are being used, whether ot not you see it.

    If you think they’re just whining, you’re not paying attention. Their motives are to rescue women from the MK trap, and they’ve done well at it. We should be applauding them for their efforts on behalf of women everywhere who are targeted by the MK money-milking machine.

    That’s how I see it, anyway. I have no dog in this fight. The closest I’ve been to MK is seeing the occasional pink Cadillac in the late 60s when I was a kid. But seeing the stories here of families torn apart by MK has opened my eyes. Tracy, Pink Truth, I salute you!

  9. Briana

    This is hilarious. I work very hard on my career and make quite a good income, even regarding my starting salary, and guess what? My career doesn’t involve pressuring my friends and family into buying makeup and skincare products 🙂 And I get sick and vacation time out the ass, and yearly raises and bonuses, WITHOUT being taken advantage of by a giant corporation. And I’m only 25. If your “regular job” is as bad as you say it is, perhaps you are the one that needs to find better options (or, dare I say it, “work harder?”).

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