We Don’t Want You in Mary Kay

If you read these untuths about a wonderful company “Mary Kay” we do not want you in our company because you are just like these people that never made it and will never make it in this world! So don’t waste a person’s time coming into a company where we work and make fantastic money!

Every person who ever wrote on this blog is a lazy good for nothing and is a taker from the government or wherever they can get something for not working for it! There are 3 directors in my family a National Sales Director Emeriti and we all are successful because my parents taught us how to work! Yes Work did any of you every hear that word before???

Get down on your knees and ask GOD for forgiveness for ever starting a blog like this! Iam ashamed that you ever signed an agreement to work in our company you all are a disgrace! Remember my name because i will fight with every breath I have to let people know never to click onto this site. See I am not afraid of people that hate their self God will take care of you!!!!! Praying for all of you unimportant people


  1. Char

    “There are 3 directors in my family a National Sales Director Emeriti and we all are successful because my parents taught us how to work!” –

    Big fu€king deal. Your little family pimps for a mediocre makeup MLM company, lol. Let me guess? I’ll bet you were also on yearbook staff at Padookie Middle School.

  2. PeachyNotPink

    “Remember my name”

    I’ll be the dense one here. Who is this chick? Tracy, did you deliberately keep her name private to avoid any nasty trolling? If that’s the case, I totally respect that. I’m just curious.

    And to the MKTroll who posted above:
    My parents taught me to work, as well. They also taught me integrity, kindness, and honesty.

        1. coralrose

          Well, I’m laughing. ” Remember my name”… but she doesn’t share her name. ?

          To the author of the e-mail, I earned a Master’s degree and have an excellent job in the school system working with special needs kids. It’s completely wrong to assume that those who quit MK didn’t work hard enough or are lazy “good for nothings”. I realized the business expenses of selling MK were very high, and there was greater return on investment for me to work more at my present job than to try to sell over-priced, low-quality make-up.
          Also, seriously, how can you tell us you’ll pray for us, yet call us unimportant in the same sentence? Gross.

  3. pinkpeace

    ” i will fight with every breath I have to let people know never to click onto this site.”

    “You guys, DO NOT go to pinktruth.com! I mean it – NEVER click on pinktruth.com! Pinktruth.com is a wicked, wicked site and no one should ever visit pinktruth.com! If there’s one thing I want you to remember: DON’T VISIT PINKTRUTH.COM!”

    1. Lazy Gardens

      “a company where we work and make fantastic money!” Fantastic money, definitely! One of the definitions of fantastic is “imaginative or fanciful; remote from reality.”

      “Every person who ever wrote on this blog is a lazy good for nothing and is a taker from the government or wherever they can get something for not working for it!” Oh my, we hit a nerve, didn’t we. Yes, we’re a bunch of lazy loosers around here, just waitin’ for handouts.

      “Remember my name” Maybe you should sign your e-mails so we will know who you are.

      “Praying for all of you unimportant people” … Why bless her heart. She’s praying for us. While you are praying, please tell God that I want a pony. And world peace.

      Oh my I LOVE the Friday whine party.

    2. Meg

      Reality says when you tell someone not to do something they are most likely to do exactly what you told them not to do

      Oh Karen, I’ll remember your name when you have the actual balls to use it, instead of hiding behind your keyboard

  4. Neverpink

    I’d be more inclined to listen to what you have to say if you had even a passing relationship with grammar, Karen. Punctuation – you should try it!

    She definite ticks all the boxes, though. Excessive use of the exclamation point/question mark, “Pray to God!!!!”, “God will take care of you!!!!”, “I will pray for you”, bad grammar, assumptions that if the MK scam didn’t work for you, you must be a government mooch…

    Nah, Karen, I have a REAL job with REAL benefits, all without scamming everyone in a 5 mile radius around me. Imagine that!

    I’d believe you were “successful” if you’d prove it. The truth isn’t negative/anti-God, Karen. It’s simply the truth.

  5. NayMKWay

    Three directors in the family, and no one could afford to get this poor waif a grade-school education in English?

    Hun, if run-on sentences were turf, you could be a golf course.

    And by the way, being in a family of successful scammers (if true) is nothing to brag about.

  6. Erica

    I worked marykay 80 hours a week 7 days a week for 10 years. I work that business more than I work my current job and I make more money at my current job making minimum wage than I ever did with Mary Kay and just FYI I I don’t get government benefits I get my benefits through my job my mother taught me hard work I work full time I have another business I run I’m a culinary student and I’m also a single mother of three beautiful daughters and a grandmother to one beautiful granddaughter so don’t tell me or anyone else on this site that we didn’t work our business because we did I just feel bad that it took me 10 years to realize what a scam Mary Kay really was the second that I said I was going to stop doing my business all these so-called friends I had made in Mary Kay disappeared my director called child protective services on me when I quit my business saying that I beat my children so so much for The sisterhood

  7. MLM Radar

    If she has a National Sales Director Emeriti in her family, why does her family only have two other Directors?

    I thought NSDs had the privilege of deciding where their downlines went. I guess those other two Directors in her family weren’t good enough.

    1. D. Phillips

      Oh, it certainly sounds like the offspring of Kimberly Copeland.
      She was raised to graduate from high school and go straight into Mary Kay.
      No college for that girl.

  8. Cindylu

    Wow just Wow. “Praying for all you unimportant people”. This statement is the epitome of pure Evil. I often thought those air kisses and gaudy make up were egotistical. Now I see that the progeny of these NSD’s are worst. Any NSD’s I met were self centred, scary people. When conducting yourself like some kind of royal celebrity, those NSD’s contributed little to Seminar or any conferences I attended. Heck at Seminar the NSD’s were chastising each other for NOT doing this right. At one Seminar I attended years ago, MK herself let one of her first NSD’s know they were out of line. All these NSD’s are capable of is providing misleading information to unsuspecting targets. Continuous recruiting when this pyramid scheme is floundering isn’t virtuous. Bringing Jesus into the equation is questionable and an outrage. What your family has contributed is the financial and mean spirited ruin of dozens of families. How many lies have you told? How many commandments have you broken just to keep your money jewels, pink car and other golden idols?

  9. BestDecision

    When you are over 65 and have NOTHING to fall back on because you counted on MK and being an NSD, I will be the one that has provided you Medicare from the checks I’m earning in my career. You won’t have Social Security, either.

    Your attitude comes across as immature, hateful, and unbecoming of a professional. Your grammar is an embarrassment to the U.S. educational system because you shouldn’t have gotten past 6th grade with it.

    Just how many $70 face masks did you sell today, hmmm?

  10. Char

    (Off topic Halloween Huns)

    Did you guys see all the funny pyramid scheme costumes on reddit? Also, Huns were handing out scam cards with their candy! Here’s a Mary Kay post:

    “Mary Kay hun gave my 4 year old this Halloween “Trick” with a sad little Jolly Rancher that looks like it’s been in the bottom of a bulk candy bin for about 5 years. We will be skipping this house next year!”…..It was in a bag with a “complimentary facial” card.

  11. morningstar

    The seething anger is apparent and totally misdirected to this site. First of all, we must be so off putting to her and those that think MK circus masters (director, NSD) are making it in life. *
    Socially they are predators, and manipulation is second nature, they feed off BOTH the negative and positive reception in life. So this person is happy to read all our comments, as it feeds her alternate reality. Think of the concept of being raised with this fake and money grubbing family who have made this embedded in the hierarchy and legacy. Can you imagine this MK type indoctrination by the family while in formal growth years? I would lose my last nugget if I had to be around this 24/7 and then with the relatives’ more of it. YIPPEE!!! I think (IMO) it stunts the brain growth due to non exposure to math, geography, statistics, free think.

    My advice to you sweetie; is to distance yourself from your family. Go to school, learn a trade (hair stylist etc), or go to any college you want the world is your oyster. Otherwise you will be subjected to a life of hen pecking around with each other, propped up by lies and creams to get new blood into YOUR MK church.

    *director,NSD and MK along with their schemes’ are so unimportant in the grand scheme the rest of us call “Life”. Thanks to PT we are all out doing life!

  12. Not a Bot

    I am one who reads this site and was never in the company. I guess you can say I am one of the unimportant people. This letter writer doesn’t want me in the company? Good! I don’t want to be in the company. I don’t want to be lied to, deceived, have my emotions and my kindness played on and taken advantage of by women who say they have my best interest at heart but will chew me up and spit me out if I decide to quit MK. I don’t want to spend hours upon hours doing MK with little to no return, lose money, lie to my husband, trick and lie to other women, warm stalk people (especially under the guise of friendship which has happened to me). I am sure not all people in MK are terrible, but it would be hard to be successful telling the truth (the stuff is hard to sell for full price, most of the people aren’t interested in house parties and uncomfortable being chatted up by a sales person, there are a lot of additional expenses, the only way to make a real income is to recruit and get the recruits to recruit others and buy product which they most likely will not be able to sell etc).

    1. Megan

      I read here a lot, but have never been in the company either. I’ve had to wear mandatory uniform makeup for a competitive baton team I was on, and a couple of Moms sold it (the photos still surprise me at how ridiculous and heavy it was for 12 year olds). But that was it. I have memories of my Mom mentioning how she hated going to pampered chef/some jewelry company/whatever parties because “you always feel like you have to buy something”. I’m glad not as many people do those these days. And selling merchandise is not a party.

      This site has truly opened my eyes to how all these party/selling stuff groups work. Especially as many popped up on facebook. I’m incredibly impressed at the strength of the women (and men, too, I am sure) for getting out. It’s certainly saved me quite a few times from various MLM friends to hear the truth. I thank Tracy for standing up to this scam and making the facts well-known.

  13. JustSayinSweetie

    As a matter of fact I do get on my knees and pray to God every night. I thank Him for the job I have that helps me pay for my car, home, groceries, and daycare for my 4mo old. We got into the best one in town and I’m proud I can afford it. I thank Him for my genuine friends and family who love me and that I’ve not used and abused to peddle cut rate face paint. I thank Him for my husband who trusts me and I’ve not lied to or conned for above mentioned cut rate face paint. I also thank Him that I don’t have people like you in my life trying to swindle me and pretend to like me. And, I thank Him that I received an excellent education and can professionally and appropriately convey my feelings without having to talk to someone like an absolute dog. I’m also thankful for Ulta, Sephora, and even Walmart for having my skin care and makeup needs at the ready so I don’t have to deal with your pyramid scheme

    I’ll pray for you, mystery gal, that you rid your heart of hate and find joy. I will pray you find a real job, one you can be proud of and actually make a difference in this world with. And I’ll pray that your eyes are opened sooner rather than later before you completely and totally ruin your future and have to receive financial assistance like you referenced in your rant n’ ramble. I got swindled by your kind a few years ago by a (once) sweet and lovely gal from HS that went through a horrible tragedy in life and became an MK bot. She had me fooled and then when I backed away from it, she dropped me and my friendship like a hot potato. Despite our history, I want to be nowhere near her simply because she’s aligned herself with MK and its questionable morals and ethics….all in an attempt to gain access to a gaudy Cadillac and live the “high life.” I simply don’t associate with liars and thieves…wonder how many people around you view you the same? Food for thought, huh?

  14. Roo2

    If this is Waverly, it is hilarious as her aunt director, Krystle has forever been trying to make NSD. She also had a post a few months ago about losing Cadillac director.. hmmm, does she not believe hard enough?? Why is she not an NSD?

  15. Tfur

    As a matter of fact, I am in need of the government. Why? Because of Mary Kay.

    I quit my job to go full time Mary Kay, I worked to become a director, and guess what? The money wasn’t there like I was promised. My family was struggling but I was told to not “give in to the devil” and keep my faith with Mary Kay. So we had no choice but to visit a food pantry and apply for food stamps.

    I quit MK soon enough, and NOW GUESS WHAT? I have enough money for groceries. So you can rethink what you wrote and ask yourself how many girls on your team are using assistance from the government because you brainwashed them to think God will take care of it all and don’t get a job????

    I can promise you I’m not lazy. I’ve always worked hard and paid for everything I have. But how could I when I had little to no income? This is NOT a real job and it’s so sad to see women falling victim to the company.

  16. Lily in NYC

    I love how these delusional losers don’t seem to understand that people have regular jobs with benefits – insulting your critics by calling them “takers from the government” is hilariously out of touch. I bet there are a heck of a lot of former MK’ers who had to go on welfare after losing everything. Hey lady, how about you back up your lies with some proof? Show us your Schedule C. And if I fall down and break my arm tomorrow, I don’t have to worry about how I’m going to pay for my medical care. How about you, OP? Do you have paid benefits? No? How sad. My company puts 17% of my salary in a retirement fund for me every year – how is MK’s retirement plan? Do they match your 401K submissions? No? How sad. I get 6 weeks off a year and don’t even have to think about work when I’m out. When was the last time you took a few days off without having to hustle? Never? Oh, how sad.
    And your “god” would be ashamed of your behavior.

  17. SpaceMonkeyMafia

    “Every person who ever wrote on this blog is a lazy good for nothing and is a taker from the government or wherever they can get something for not working for it!”

    WOW….JUST….WOW. You just made a very nasty blanket judgement against a bunch of people that you don’t know, and in the same breath proceed to imply what a good Christian person you are. Honey you need to read your Bible again because you completely missed the message. We are all brothers and sisters in Christ and we are supposed to love each other. Another important lesson….Judge not, less ye be judged.

    And as one commenter already stated, It’s also COMICALLY IGNORANT to assume that those who don’t sell Mary Kay for a living, must live on welfare checks & Food Stamps !?! And are all failures in life. I’ve never been associated with Mary Kay in any way, I simply research MLM’s as a hobby. I’m a college graduate, I work as a Paramedic, and Part time Firefighter
    I break my back and risk my life every time I go out to work, because as a good Christian I want to be there for my fellow man in their hour of need. Call me worthless, lazy, or any other terrible name you want. But if you were ever in danger, I’d be right there for you too.

    If yourself, and all of the other PinkTruth haters out there, can’t stand this site and want to put it down and keep everyone you can away from it. You’re advertising to us all just how threatened you are by this blog, call it unimportant all you want, but you don’t feel the need to lash out or defend others against something that you don’t see as any threat at all

    I’d remember your name, but as with many cowards you hide behind internet anonymity to say disgraceful things to others, you know nothing about.

    Brandy ( I stand proudly by my comments and I’m not scared to put my name on them)

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