Mary Kay Ladies Are Liars

Ashlee posted this comment in response to an old Mary Kay article on my business site. Have a look and then read my comments below. It’s curious that Ashlee objects to me calling Mary Kay ladies liars.

I will commend anyone for feeling led to do their research and “expose lies” that they feel would benefit the public on any subject, but I feel it’s unnecessary and unprofessional to call a large number of women “serial liars” and that the business structure is a scam.

It is unfortunate that in any business that there are going to be bad apples that give companies bad names.

I can only speak for myself when I say that I’m a former 11 year Federal Government employee (talk about a crooked scam) who just willingly left my position Last month because my Mary Kay business is doing so well for our family, soon to surpass a GS-12 pay scale.

Self employment is not for everyone, very true, and each consultant has the ability to rise above the person who shares the opportunity and business plan with her. To each their own, but my experience has been a wonderful journey, in which I’ve surrounded been surrounded by positive, educated women who wanted to create a life that revolves around their family, and not have to live a life that revolved around their career.

It is very obvious that you are also educated and have done quite a bit of research, however, only seem to be focusing on the women who have not been successful in the business or have had a negative experience due to varying reasons. To those women, I am sincerely sorry to hear about, because I have not experienced that in my 15 years of involvement with the company.

Thank you for doing what you do and exposing fraud, because I can only imagine the situations you uncover. I do want to end by saying, however, that the foundation that this company was founded on is not lies and if women will follow those principles of integrity and honesty in all aspects of their business, positive changes can come into their lives. It’s obvious that your thoughts on subject are not the same, though, by your insistent use of calling a large group of individuals who you’ve never met “scammers” and “liars” ~ so there’s no point in beating that dead horse. My point is that I love my life now and I’ve never been healthier and more financially sound.

So Ashlee has been with Mary Kay for 15 years and has just quit her job as a government employee with pay at a GS-12 level. That pay level starts at $64,490. After 15 years, Ashlee would have been making more than $70,000. So she wants us to believe that she is making about $6,000 per month with Mary Kay.

Except she’s just a consultant. So in order to make $6,000 per month, she’d have to be selling something on the order of $15,000 retail per month. Making her queen of everything in Mary Kay. We all know that’s not the case. Interesting that she quibbles with the use of the word liar….




  1. Lazy Gardens

    Soon to surpass a GS-12 pay scale! I want to see that tax return lady …. GS-12 government employees get a minimum of $64,490.00 a year. To make that, as post-expenses sales income, you would have to be selling at least $3720 a week.

    If you have recruited a downline and are counting on their sales to make this income, your commissions would have to be consistently high enough so you can pay your expenses and net $5400 (I assume $8-10K is needed because director expenses are high).

    We can look at Applause and see how the top 100 directors in each division are doing. And very few of them could be making GS-12 pay.

  2. Lazy Gardens

    I interpreted it as saying she was quitting after 11 years as pay grade unspecified, and thinks she can exceed a GS-12’s income with her Mary Kay venture. “So Ashlee has been with Mary Kay for 15 years and has just quit her job as a government employee with pay at a GS-12 level.”

    1. TRACY

      That’s probably a better interpretation than the assumption I made. But the larger point still stands: she’s lying about making GS-12 pay in MK but is upset that I dared call MK ladies liars.

  3. BestDecision

    Just because you have your head in the sand about what your real profit is doesn’t mean we do. After taxes and expenses, you’d have to be a Director with $10,000 commission checks EVERY month to net $70,000/year. Which means you’d have to have a unit producing $40,000 wholesale every month. Which means you’d be on the Top Director Trip.

    “The numbers don’t lie”, do they?

  4. Cindylu

    I guess she isn’t keeping track of costs for: business cards, gas, training, conferences, seminar, postage, 1960’s style business attire, cell phone, product giveaway, product use doing facials or the odd pity class, open houses displays, packaging, coffee etc. where no one shows up, the odd table to try & sell or recruit at a fair, etc. Not to mention the many hours wasted warm stalking, listening to Directors & NSD’s repeat their timeworn sales ideas that simply don’t work in 2019. It’s not just the costs of the company’s constantly changing product line. It’s also the extra costs for food etc at these conferences since the company rarely provides decent food or extras. Add in the costs of motivational tapes, MK books, NSD motivational paraphernalia and “There’s Room At The Top” obscure I stories. We also paid for mediocre glamour training from a wanna be former director. Those make up classes were over priced, abusive and lacked any current make up artistry tips. Everything is a gimmick or cash grab. The company, NSD’s get the benefits. The IBC’s & Directors shoulder the costs of every failed promotion or ancient sales model being used for decades.

  5. Darlene

    Leaving a government job that likely has medical and retirement benefits to focus on MK at a pay scale that does not include those benefits(even iif she was doing $65k a year which everyone knows she’s not)? Have fun with that Ashlee. Check in when you’re in your 60s with no social security (because you stopped paying into it) and no retirement benefits to speak of and asking “would you like to supersize that” so you can afford rent. Lol

    1. Esther

      Unless things have changed, US Government employees do not pay into Social Security because they get a pension that they pay into instead. My dad worked for the USDA his entire life and never paid into SS or collected benefits from it.

      In my state (Colorado), State employees pay into the PERA pension plan rather than SS. As a Denver city employee, I pay into both the city’s pension plan and SS, so I will collect both when I retire.

      Just wanted to point out that SS isn’t always paid into with a regular job.

      1. Darlene

        Some state and county employees do not collect SS upon retirement but they have a separate type or retirement benefits as do teachers. IThey still have a pension of retirement account so even if she was in one of those categories she would still have something upon retirement. She will not have either by being in MK. Not to mention that both types of benefits count for only about 30–40% of your total monthly income and the average SS benefit is $1400/mo before Medicare premiums are taken out so it’s nearly impossible to support one person with that amount not to mention two. .

      2. NoThanksMLM

        Federal government employees pay social security tax if they were hired before 1984. After 1984, they switched civil service to a new system and they are covered by social security and pay into it.

  6. NayMKWay

    That old Mary Kay article on sequenceinc sure looked familiar. Reading it tonight, I felt like I’d read it before, but I scanned through to the end because it’s good stuff.

    Wow, over 600 comments. Well, I’m not going to read all those; I’ll just scroll down to the last few and…hey, that last comment is from me! Less than 4 weeks ago. I think my mind is starting to go.

    But I’m not so far gone that I can’t see the internal inconsistencies in Ashlee’s story. She’s claiming income levels that should have her in every single issue of Applause magazine, whether she’s a consultant, a red coat, a director, or whatever. My message to Ashlee would be the same as everyone else’s here: Schedule C or it didn’t happen. Because frankly Ashlee, we don’t believe you.

  7. Ashley

    I am a new Mary Kay consultant. I just did for the extra hundreds for Christmas. I have sold everything I bought with my $225 minimum wholesale purchase. I actually have a few more orders I have to fill. I place one bulk order a month if I have enough orders. I try to space out my orders every 3 months so that I can stay active and not have all that inventory sitting around. I don’t intend to replace my hourly job just supplement my income. I have begun to market to some vendors to build the client base but I am pacing myself. No one makes you place a $1800 order to become a Star consultant. You are your own boss. Your own business owner. Only you know what you can and can not handle. With me having 2 kids under 5 I know my limits. I host several parties in the month before I have to place my $225 order to stay active and place my orders based off of the purchases and sales I have. If it is a pyramid scheme mlm it doesn’t seem like it to me. I put in my business what I want to get out. Maybe I will do more when my kids get older or if I pick up a big vendor opportunity. But Mary Kay is great to me and it really has helped my sister with her acne and my mother with her extremely dry skin.

    1. MLM Radar

      Hi Ashley,
      If I understand you right, you’re selling a maximum of about $225 “wholesale” ($450 “retail”) in a month. Using Mary Kay’s 60%/40% ratio and assuming you keep expenses to an absolute minimum, that means you’ve cleared maybe $180 per month, tops. How many hours did it take you to get that $180 when you include calling people, prepping hostesses, ordering products, filling out paperwork, attending weekly meetings, planning and holding parties….

      Congratulations. Since you’re still selling to friends and family, you’re having the best Mary Kay sales you’ll ever have. When you’ve sold to all of them it gets a lot harder. That will be in about one or two more months.

      I also wonder how it is you call yourself a business owner. You can’t sell your Mary Kay business to someone else. If you die your heirs can’t inherit your Mary Kay business. You’re not allowed to advertise. You can’t open up a storefront. Mary Kay can cancel your agreement at any time, with no notice, and they won’t owe you a thing. So what, exactly, is it that you own, besides a bunch of MK products and order forms?

    2. Lily in NYC

      No normal job requires you to recruit a downline. You are only doing well right now because you are new and getting pity purchases from friends and family, which will dry up very soon. Just be smart and don’t allow yourself to go into debt – if you find yourself ordering just to stay active, that is a huge red flag. Return your inventory for the refund while you still can. You aren’t going to make a living doing this. I can’t believe people still join this scam when there is just so much information available online. Are people just gullible or greedy? I guess it’s a mixture of both.

  8. Not a Bot

    Government jobs also have great benefits which you don’t get in MK. A legitimate business makes money by selling product to customers. MK makes money by selling product to the consultant and ‘selling’ the dream that they will be able to make a living selling the product to costumers and recruiting others to the opportunity. However, most of the time that doesn’t happen. If most people consistently lose money, the business structure is a scam.

  9. Juliet

    Ashley, what do you mean when you say “I have begun to market to some vendors to build the client base but I am pacing myself.”

    It sounds like you are arranging with vendors to possibly make bulk purchases of mk stuff from you to resell? It sounds like a good idea, which makes me think mk corp would be dead set against it, but if not, good for you in finding a source of sales not typically utilized.

    But please don’t be so sanctimonious about those who were subtly coerced into making large inventory purchases. You know it is occurring, you know it is intentional force by sales directors and you only incur disbelief and disrespect by quoting the ridiculous party line.

    1. MLM Radar

      Good point. She can’t sell MK in a retail setting. According to her MK agreement she can only sell to individuals in home party type settings, so what vendors is she marketing to?

      Does she mean that she’s trying to place fishbowls? Yeah, good luck getting leads that way.

  10. PeachyNotPink

    “…in which I’ve surrounded been surrounded by positive, educated women who wanted to create a life that revolves around their family, and not have to live a life that revolved around their career.”

    Everyone is so focused on her pay scale reference, but I take exception to the line above.

    Listen, Hun, women are capable of focusing on more than one thing at a time: career, family, faith, etc. If I didn’t have my career while raising my kids, I would have gone insane. That does not make me “less than” someone who stayed home with her kids (and vice versa).

    Oh, and you may not have figured it out yet, but your life DOES revolve around your “career”. MK is slowly taking over your entire life like a fungus that is hard to kill. Good luck spending quality time with your family when you’re constantly texting, posting on social media, dialing for dollars, going to meetings, and (maybe) holding parties.

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