The Price of Success

This piece downplays the price of success in Mary Kay. Sure, they say not to sacrifice your family, because it’s God first, family second, career third. But in the same piece, they tell you thatyou should spend less time with your family to gain some financial security.

What they don’t tell you is just how much time you will have to leave your family in order to attempt Mary Kay success. Nor do they tell you that you have almost no chance of success, since nearly everyone loses money in MLM. That even if you DO make money as a sale director, it will only be because hundreds of women below you are losing money.

In Mary Kay, you are expected to try to get to the top at any cost.

The Price of Success

You’ve probably heard that you must pay a price for success. While hard work and sacrifice are necessary, Mary Kay always believed that there was a way to balance the two — and maintaining balance was the true meaning of success. It’s not how much money you have or how many awards you’ve won — it’s how good you feel about yourself, your family and your place in the world. If you can come home at the end of the day and feel good about what you’ve done, that’s success. So how do we get there? You can start by keeping things in check.

1. Having It All Means Being Creative. Let’s face it — a woman can’t be in more than one place at a time. So how can she be there for her kids and continue to work? Be a positive influence even when you’re not there. A note tucked inside a lunch, being present for important events and passing on a healthy self-esteem can be very positive and powerful relationship- building tools. Find ways to make a difference even when you’re not there.

2. The Big Trade-Off. If your career is on the rise, and you decide you want to start a family, you may have to compromise a bit in both directions. Do you give up your career to be a stay-at-home mom? Or do you spend less time with your family because your career allows you to provide them with financial security, stability and independence. When the time comes, you have to decide what’s most important to you and prioritize you life to fit your goals.

3. Tick-Tock Biological Clock. Before embarking on a wonderful career and taking the path toward success, think about having children. If now isn’t the time for you, then proceed full steam ahead! But if you want children, consider your timeframe before getting yourself in a situation where your career could overshadow your desire to be a mom.

4. Prioritize, Please. Remember not to work so much that you neglect your children and family. We have to raise our children and enjoy the friendship we have with our husbands — that’s what family is all about. And working too many hours can rob your life of the joys of family if you’re not careful. What good is a successful career if you sacrifice your relationships in the process? Balance is essential for professional women. We all want to spend quality time with our children, family and friends while we climb the ladder of success in our careers.

That’s why the Mary Kay definition of success puts God first, family second and career third. It can work. You can have it all! Mary Kay wisdom taken from Mary Kay: You Can Have It All by Mary Kay Ash.

In Mary Kay, if you want to try to get to “the top,” it’s all Mary Kay all the time. Your family just has to wait for you!


  1. cindylu

    To be honest it always felt like MK herself was making up for lost time at Stanley’s. She realized early on that her very first directors could make her wealthy. MK’s parenting does not seem to have been the priority. The priority was to build her business as quickly as possible. When I read Jackie Brown’s book it seemed that MK was a workaholic and expected her directors to focus on profit.

  2. Shay

    I wish someone by themself could actually sell all by themselves the dollar amount required by a team to get Cadalliac and you know MK won’t give it to them then that person can turn around and sue. I think a wealthy person needs to do this.. send maybe a stock can be put to this predator company.

  3. Shay

    I wish someone by themself could actually sell all by themselves the dollar amount required by a team to get Cadalliac and you know MK won’t give it to them then that person can turn around and sue. I think a wealthy person needs to do this.. send maybe a stock can be put to this predator company..

    1. TRACY

      You don’t get to be a pyramid scheme (but say MLM to make it sound nicer) by allowing someone to earn money and other compensation by selling a product themselves. Must. Recruit. LOL

    2. Char

      Since MK doesn’t traditionally advertise or stock shelves with product, their reach would be severely curtailed with one person re-selling on foot.

      The mistake is viewing it from the consultant perspective as though they are the business. The business is Mary Kay and consultants are their customers/cash cows. Corporate doesn’t see any money from a consultomer re-selling product. And how much can one person re-sell anyway without those traditional avenues of sales? Therefore, MLM defaults to opportunity selling, and thus a pyramid scheme.

      Finding new consultomers is key for Mary Kay. Simply twist the words and call them “business owners” and they’ll buy even more – a full wagon lol. Brilliant.

      It’s not so much that they are buying product out of pure desire, but they are giving money to the Mary Kay scheme hoping for a return of investment. The products are basically laundering the money.

      As the saying goes, “If you want to make money in MLM, start one.”

      There are some top level pyramid schemers in cahoots with corporate and make ‘some’ money. The only way to the top of a pyramid scheme is to LIE to the innocent women they recruit. The actual product, or re-selling of product, is a secondary matter and only a tool used to execute the money con game.

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