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Pink Truth Should Become an Agent of Change

This critic thinks we should become agents of change. Little does she know, we’ve been doing exactly that for 13+ years. We’ve been educating women on the truth of Mary Kay, and that’s some change I can really get excited about.

I am sure you all well blast me on your website and make fun of me, if you even read this, but I feel sorry for all of you.

You know its kind of sad to read your website. If the women on this site spent half of their energy building a business the way Mary Kay Ashe did, instead of dissing what the ones doing wrong are doing, they would be really successful. The actual truth is most people want to live in a little shell and have money just come to them without having to work for it.

I am SO glad I finally went with MK products. I do it my own way, and only what I feel will bless others. I enjoy not having to stand in wal mart or target searching through tons of goop to figure out what will work. I enjoy not being ripped off by the department stores. I am happy to know that MK does not test on animals. I think it’s great that our products are safe and scientifically tested.

I think the fellowship of women is a blast! No I am not going to go broke trying to work for MK, but excel making MK work for me, the way that Mary Kay, who was told by all the men advisors in 1963 that she would never make it.

yes I think MK needs to go back to there founding principles, and yes i think your website is mean spirited.

I feel really bad if you were hurt by someone doing this , and I think that if you would become an agent of change instead of an agent of anger you could really do something special.


    1. MSgt K

      Please return to elementary school to learn simple punctuation. It is hard to take you seriously with run on sentences, lack of capitalization and misspellings. Tell me you do not have a high school diploma…..

  1. MLM Radar

    Promote chage from within? Did she get herself hired as a MK Corporate senior manager? Because that’s the only way she’d be able to make any kind of effective change.

    When the company itself is a whole barrel of rotten apples, an overworked, underpaid outside sales rep (you) can’t possibly apply enough apple polish to make a real difference.

    Sorry, hon. Write back after you file your tax return Schedule C. Maybe then the blinders will have dropped from your eyes.

  2. Cindylu

    I’m sure she can convince the Heirs including MK’s son to change things. lol Of course since it’s all about huge cars, jets, mansions and profit, I’m wondering why they would change? For one thing as long as they have thousands of minions paying for everything, why would they change. Pink Cars, let the Directors do the recruiting and co pays. IBC’s send back products. Let them pay for postage etc. Let the Directors pay for the costs of the buy backs. Let the Directors pay for prizes and room rental costs. Let those attending seminar and conferences pay for transportation, hotels (sharing with 3 other strangers) and meals. Change the product line every few months just so MK consultants and Directors pay for that too. Where is the marketing for MK on tv, radio or real magazines? Not necessary. Let the MK sales force pay for that too (Pay for booth rentals at fairs, pay for all costs for an Open House and business cards etc. A few Heirs, Corporate executives and NSD’s profit from thousands of women. I cannot understand why this person would condone the abuse of women so a few can enjoy million dollar salaries and corporate jets. Women do work. They attend costly meetings and training. They leave their families to drive to a strangers home wasting time, money for gas and profit because very few women trust the party scam. Most women know a scam when they see one. Why would anyone buy make up from someone stalking them at the mall or on the phone? Why would any woman trust a stranger trying to recruit them to lug around make up door to door? Like some kind of door to door cult or encyclopedia sales person, women today are too busy and intelligent to fall for this con. Work, work harder than for a regular job and go no where. Do you promote lying to other women just so you and MK can profit? Most of us hate that MK is so detrimental that recruiting hurts families. MK cannot be done successfully part time. MK cannot be done successfully by selling a few products. It takes fabricating the entire process. To become an NSD you must persuade hundreds of women to buy thousands of unsellable products. (Products that most IBC’s sell at a huge discount). It takes looking away when a woman uses her grocery money for your gain. I also got sick and my SD and MK did not care. So please stop promoting an mlm that will continue to exploit thousands of women so they can live luxuriously. 🙁

  3. Lazy Gardens

    “If the women on this site spent half of their energy building a business the way Mary Kay Ash did (snip), they would be really successful.” I agree. Please note that Mary Kay did NOT buy a starter kit, sign a contract, and join a team the way you have done. She founded the business of selling cosmetics to a group of unpaid sales reps who pay cash and do all the marketing for free.

  4. enorth

    I do it my own way. — (No, you do it Mary Kay’s way. You can be terminated for not adhering to your Mary Kay consultant agreement.)

    only what I feel will bless others. — (Verbiage like that is a dead giveaway that you are another pink bubble-head. Are you running a business? A charity? A ministry? It’s hard to tell.)

    I enjoy not being ripped off by department stores. — (But you are willing to be ripped off by the multi-billion dollar Mary Kay Inc.)

    I think the fellowship of women is a blast — (Try volunteering or join a social or civic club.)

    I am not going to go broke trying to work for MK — (I worked for a large company for 30 years and it paid me a bundle. I never had to worry about “going broke” working for it.)

    Mary Kay was told by men advisors that she would never make it. — (And, indeed, she DID make it. Why? Because she owned the company! You don’t.)

  5. Kinzie

    Lady, you’re dreaming. Mary Kay can’t hold a candle in quality or prestige to the department store or Sephora brands. You can try anything before hand and actually have the products applied correctly by a representative trained to evaluate your skin type, color, etc. And while you’re there ask for some luxury perfume samples and you’re good to go! IMHO, women who like wearing makeup actually enjoy shopping for it. There’s a reason that Sephora is alway packed with younger clients….the product lines actually appeal to that age demographic (and even span the age gaps) unlike the behind-the-times goop associated with an old lady wearing too much makeup, a bouffant hair style, and gaudy clothes. I’m glad you are having a blast making fair weather friends because you won’t be going far in your “business”.

  6. Lazy Gardens

    “Mary Kay, who was told by all the men advisors in 1963 that she would never make it.” She and her husband George Hallenbeck, who was an experienced businessman, developed the entire plan together. They developed the multi-level scheme and the policy that consultants would pay up front before they had selected a product to sell.

    Usually identified as husband number two, Hallenbeck dropped dead at the breakfast table in 1963 after a very short marriage, providing a dramatic incident in the founding of Mary Kay’s cosmetics company.

  7. Not a Bot

    She doesn’t want to be ripped off by department stores, but is willing to be ripped off my Mary Kay (and rip others off). I also don’t get how selling make-up or recruiting others to sell make-up (which is difficult to sell) is blessing people.

    These ladies are making a difference. This site may help somebody who feels like they are the only one not succeeding realize she is not alone and have the courage to walk away. This site can save others who have heard the promises of a perky consultant realize that it is all b.s. and save her the time, money, and heartache of it all.

  8. lulutoo

    She also spelled Mary Kay’s name wrong–it’s Ash.
    And, so SHE’s the one who goes through all the goop at Wal-Mart and Target. Hope she cleans up after herself.
    And Mary Kay DOES test on animals.

  9. NayMKWay

    Pink Truth IS an agent of change, and an effective one. It would be more effective if Mary Kay Corporate would pay more heed and do the right thing. It’s not like sound advice hasn’t been given to Mary Kay repeatedly on these pages.

    But until Mary Kay cleans up their act, we’ll just have to be content with saving thousands and thousands of women from being victimized (or further victimized).

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