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The Team Wins a Cadillac!!!

Written by SuzyQ

Your director is the one who drives the Cadillac, you are not on the insurance. (You’re not even ALLOWED to drive it, since only people listed as “authorized drivers” on the MK paperwork are allowed to.) Your director gets additional recognition at events, you don’t. What you get from being a Cadillac unit is an additional name badge ribbon, 2 minutes going across the Career Conference “stage” and the ability to eat in a separate dining room at Seminar.

Doing it for the team/unit means doing it for the sales director. Period. The production must be there for the sales director to earn the Cadillac and to maintain it without a copay. She cannot do this without a big unit which means there will be a huge push on recruiting and ordering. Stars will be given extra recognition as will recruiters.

Even before the Cadillac is earned, she will introduce herself as a Future Cadillac Director (in the name of abundance, name it and claim it, and manifesting from the universe) and you will be introduced as members of a future Cadillac unit. It will be so special and may even be accompanied by tears. You may even receive postcards with a picture of the sacred car and a plea to do your part to make this dream come true. Order and recruit. Recruit and order.

And then there are the Unit Clubs and the Top Director Trip, and the honor of representing you on the Seminar Stage! Once again, this team effort nets you little, but your director will have a good time with the bling, the jealousy of the non-trip directors, and the sending of emails and postcards from the trip. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the pictures of food as these appear to be the epitome of the experience to most of the directors.

Next time you see a pink Cadillac, ask yourself a couple of questions: First, why would any adult female in her right mind be caught dead in a pink car, and second, what is the typical amount of her copay and her charge backs? Last, but not least, why doesn’t everyone realize that the pink Cadillac is a brilliant advertising ploy for MK and is used as the epitome of materialism in the MK world that values appearance over substance. The ultimate reward of selling your soul– the trophy on wheels.

Watch for consistency clubs and a huge push after Career Conference for orders and recruits. June is always deadly with new products to be introduced and “goals” to be achieved. The NSDs will hit the road for events and you will be pressured to attend with recruitable guests. You will be reminded frequently that those who show up go up, and if you are not sharing this opportunity with everyone, you are being selfish. You just may be the answer to some woman’s prayers. After all, you are doing this for the Team, and you ARE a Team player aren’t you?


  1. BestDecision

    $900 monthly car payments, even the threat of them, are no joke. To think you might have that taken out of your commission checks for the next 3 months in a row is stressful, yet none of us ever talked about it. If we had, the lecture would begin on how it’s all up to us to fix it, how we aren’t doing enough, and how someone else just turned their unit around magically.

    Being a Director is like a pressure cooker filled with stress. We never recruit enough, sell enough, or hand out enough business cards. I recently saw one of my former unit members that was recruited into my unit by a Consultant, and I felt so sorry for her because she was an absolute wreck when she was recruited and even worse now. A Director has NO control who she ends up working with, so how, exactly, is that different than a J-O-B where a boss picks your co-workers?

    And no more running around trying to get an invitation to a Leadership Conference party or banquet!

    1. MLM Radar

      To replace the $900 x 3 commission, at a Director’s normal 13% rate, she has to convince her minions to order products costing nearly $21,000 “wholesale” / $42,000 “retail” (before taxes and shipping).

      That’s a LOT of product to put out into the local market, hoping to find end-users customers who might buy. If lipsticks are offered for sale at $20 each, 3 months of $900 co-pays equals 2,077 lipsticks.

      Who’s going to buy all that?

  2. Ruby Slippers

    Earning a MK car was joke! I earned a Cruze. I was happy at first. Accepted the car . Did not realize the insurance was $95 a month out of my commission check. $95 insurance a month for a Chevy Cruze?? And when the co pays started when I wasn’t making production the 2nd year in …like between $78-$375 max I believe. I never paid the max but you add that plus the insurance. Mary Kay Corp is getting free advertising plus you are paying for like 4x the amount if you leased one yourself. At that time the Cruze was leasing for like $99. Also no one cared if you drove the Cruze only asked when you were getting a Cadillac. Also MK Corp was smart when they STOPPED sending commission printouts…I rarely printed mine…so you forgot and never saw in print about the total “screw job ” they are doing to you unless you remembered to print them. Only getting a menial Direct Deposit after all deductions . I have a real job now after chasing the dream for over 20 years mostly as a consultant and a few years as a Direcor. My real job gave me 4 days off Christmas week. One Holiday pay, two days off, and a paid vacation day. 2 years ago I would have been wrapping gifts , making calls all Christmas Eve for last minute gifts,, and running around town peddling my “Holiday gifts” desperately trying to MAKE PRODUCTION for a stagnant December. All that work got funneled back into ordering to keep my unit. I am so so grateful I am off the hamster wheel. No more delusions of “possible grandeur” for a future “make it BIG in Mary Kay ” going into the new DECADE. I’m sure a lot of MK lifers (as I was at one time ) will come out of the pink fog for 2020 and realize unless you got extremely “LUCKY” like Dacia finding Auri 10 plus years ago or Leah L. having a consultant recruit probably more than half of her debuting national area. That was luck! They do have skill but luck played a huge hand. Out of the fog….I’m done gambling and playing the MK lotto!

  3. Cindylu

    Could never understand the concept of the MK Pink Car. First the phony “Win a Car”. lol Ya right. Then my SD bragged about her Pink Cruze. I never got that. Once they spoke of MK’s dream of helping women I naively believed that. Little by little that illusion crumbled. It faded when I paid for meetings, all training, all real advertising, gas, costs for seminar etc. Working to get a Pink Car to brag about. Working to spend a whole minute walking across a stage with dozens of strangers forced to clap. All the false accolades, cheap ribbons, prizes and low end trips. I have owned beautiful cars and second hand cars were fine. I have jewelry I rarely wear. The accolades I received at work are now meaningless. The beautiful family trips I took were relaxing and far better than Seminar. I also have been fortunate enough to stay out of debt, go on a cruise and other beautiful vacations with my husband. MK ended when I got sick and NOT one single MK representative cared. My Director didn’t call and so eventually I realized I needed to return product and pay off debts. I was lucky because I got a lot back. I felt badly for the struggling women I’d brought near my cold hearted manipulative SD.

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