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I Am Successful Because I Believed In Myself

From a Pink Truth critic:

If you spent as much time and effort in your own business rather than running down Mary Kay you may find yourself as successful as the many thousands of women who do direct sell Mary Kay products. The company has changed my life and many other womens lives I know. I support my husband, 2 children and pay off a mortagage all through my business.

Why have I been so successful, because I believed in myself, and the products. I find many of your comments are obviously coming from bad experiences resulting from no self discipline, effort and time that is required to successfully manage your own business. Mary Kay do not suck people in, you are all criticising something you really dont seem to know alot about. With any Independent business you get out of it what you put in. Maybe you should look at yourself rather than the company!!??


  1. Lazy Gardens

    Please prove this with tax papers and bank statements, “I support my husband, 2 children and pay off a mortagage all through my business.” Because I don’t believe it.

  2. MLM Radar

    If her math is as bad as her grammar, it’s no wonder she believes what she says.

    We’ve proven over and over again that the only way to have a big MK income is to recruit and push your recruits into buying big inventory packages they’ll never sell. She profits only by financially destroying the people below her.

    1. Char

      “She profits only by financially destroying the people below her.”

      But Radar, in Mary Kay that’s known as hard work, success, and a bragging right!

      See article above. Lol.

  3. Char

    I found this on reddit referencing something called the BITE model: behavior, information, thought, emotion. The text I copy/pasted below was the reddit poster applying the model in MLM context. I’ll link the original credit and website about cult tactics. Very interesting.

    Behavioral Control: -Promotes dependence or obedience. (Want to be like the person on top of the pyramid? Follow us!) -Modify behaviors with rewards & punishments. (Ex. Meaningless promotions as rewards) -Control clothing & hairstyle (You gotta dress like a boss to feel like a boss) -Deprive you of sleep (glorification of hustling ex: always on the grind, you’re asleep like you’re rich, I’m up like I’m broke) -Exploit you financially (you have to invest money to make money) -Restrict Leisure time & activities (work now, play later) -require you to seek permission on major decisions.

    Information Control -Withold & distort information (like hidden monthly fees) -Forbid you from speaking to former members (they are just negative) -Discourage access to non cult sources of information (the infamous “did you know almost all information on Google is fake) when their company is researched on) -Gaslight you to make you doubt your own reality (“I didn’t tell you this business would be easy, I told you it would be worth it” but tells you “this is easy side money” when recruiting you) -Recquire you to report activities to superiors (how would you be successful in your business if you don’t let upline control your life?)

    Thought control -us vs. Them mentality (I don’t have a boss/demonization of jobs) -Induce hypnotic trance states to indoctrinate (“go to this convention, it’ll totally change your business”) -Allow only positive thoughts (invalidating any feelings of doubt in the company)

    Emotional control -instill irrational fears of leaving the company (you’re gonna spend your whole life working in a job if you don’t build a business) -Shower you with praise and attention (love bombing, it creates a sense of you always wanting to impress your superiors) -Shun you if you disobey or disbelieve (“I don’t hang with negative people”) -TEACH THAT THERE’S NO REAL HAPPINESS OUTSIDE OF THE GROUP (everything is wrong and we’re the only ones right mentality)


    “….Unfortunately, undue influence rates low for most people as an imminent threats to a free society and happy families. But such an oversight is very costly. In the manipulative hands of human traffickers, terrorist and violent extremist groups, charismatic cult leaders, highly controlling bible-based groups masquerading as benevolent religions, multi-level marketers, political action cults, human potential hucksters and even abusive spouses and parents, undue influence is a major problem in today’s world—and it is getting worse…..”

    1. NayMKWay

      “Discourage access to non cult sources of information (the infamous ‘did you know almost all information on Google is fake)’ ”

      I find it interesting that many PT critics blast away with “If you had done your research, you would have known blah, blah, blah before you jumped into Mary Kay. Why didn’t you do some Google searches first?” Um, OK. But the reason Pink Truth is here is to support that very due diligence, so why are you criticizing?

      The level of logical dissonance is stunning. Much of this site’s content is objective mathematical analysis (of numbers from Mary Kay’s own publications) yet it is dismissed as “just your opinion.” Hundreds contribute and over a million visit every year, yet it’s “just a few disgruntled women and will soon go away.” The decimation of the ranks evident in the 2008 and 2009 Seminar photos prove Mary Kay is anything but recession-proof, yet they still make that claim.

      Cold, hard evidence and irrefutable math mean nothing in MK’s insular world. It’s all about “changing lives” and “living the dream.” They ignore the reality that very few want their products, and cling to the silly notion that “every ‘no’ brings you closer to ‘yes.’ ” It’s … pretty sad, really.

  4. NayMKWay

    “If you spent as much time and effort in your own business rather than running down Mary Kay you may find yourself as successful as the many thousands of women who do direct sell Mary Kay products.”

    There are hundreds of thousands of women who direct sell Mary Kay products, and if they were all supporting themselves by doing so, this site would not exist. But US sales alone would have to top $25 billion to support the 500,000 or so US IBCs (that’s $50k per year on $50k wholesale per year for each consultant, assuming sales at full retail and no expenses). MK sales are nowhere near that high, ergo very few IBCs are earning decent money selling Mary Kay. That’s math.

    These women you so easily dismiss were not merely dabblers who sat on their butts for a few months and whined that it’s too hard. Some of them were in MK for decades and drove Cadillacs; do you think you understand Mary Kay better than they?

    If you really are supporting your household with your Mary Kay business (and don’t worry, none of us believe you are), then congratulations on being in the tiny percentage who do. But what about the other 99+%? I suppose you just write them all off as “lazy loosers [sic]” but we think better of people than that. We think they deserve to know the truth behind their failure while everyone else seems to be bragging about their success, like you. And the truth is, they’re all lying. Like you.

  5. Wasrings90

    “didn’t you do some Google searches first?” I might be aging myself here, but Google was founded in 1998 it wasn’t a huge search engine until about 2001 ish…

    I do believe some of the members here probably started their Mary Kay/ other MLM ventures long before Google was a daily resource…….

    I also know and work with many actual business owners in my job one of which just started a natural beauty shop, and she is killing it in our small town, that place is always busy and she does some amazing pampering classes and even ones that teach you how to put one & use false eyelashes… They have a limited space & the tickets sell out within 24hrs for any event they have.

    1. MLM Radar

      Mary Kay directors would do anything for that kind of response.

      Of course, they’d immediately try to recruit as many customers as possible, meaning that within a few months there’d be too many salons and not enough customers for anyone.

  6. Cindylu

    Thousands of women trying to sell MK and competing against each other. The amount of effort it takes to recruit (not sell) is questionable. It’s like trying to fill the bathtub with the drain open. I certainly have done well after leaving MK. The products do not fly off the shelves. There are quotas for directors and often co pays on over priced cars. (You don’t win a car, you work hard to earn it and then often lose the car). Training is not free. Most things in MK are costly: Meetings, inventory, business cards, seminar, career conference, suits, gas and advertising. The company itself does virtually no real advertising. They often change the products at the expense of the MK Sales force. There are times when whistle blowing is justified: when a child or senior is getting hurt, when a product is dangerous, when someone pollutes a lake and when an mlm is financially exploiting others. Cannot understand how anyone could be insensitive to the hundreds of women being put in debt over a scheme that is like taking our chances at a casino. No thank you. I’m enjoying the time, money and closeness of being with family at Christmas. No wasted time on warm stalking, failed open houses, trying to sell perfumed lotions or unsellable mens products. Once you leave and get your life back, you’ll be very happy PT exists.



    This makes me think she’s not a US consultant. If she’s one of the early foreign consultants she may actually be doing decently (and prob still using shady tactics)

    1. NayMKWay

      That first sentence is a syntactic nightmare. “If you spent as much time and effort…” Where’s the second “as”? The “as much as” syntactic structure requires two instances of the word “as.” We all learned that in grade school.

  8. KeepinitReal

    Anyone who is in MLM’s, should watch the T.V Series, On becoming a God in Central Florida. In real life, talk to any Accountant, and most Consultants are in the hole with MLM business’s. You can tell big stories, about making so much money. But if it were true, then you wouldn’t have to work anymore, because all your down lines would be doing the hard work for you. You should be sitting in a bread boat flouting down that gravy river. But… reality is you have thousands of dollars worth of Inventory, expiring each day it sits in your office, basement, garage. Your lucky if you can get rid of it before its 1, 2 , or 3 year expiry, or before the Mary Kay Company changes its ingredients, updates it packaging, making your inventory useless. You coax, push, brainwash, other consultants into buying into the SCAM of Inventory. Forcing, persuading, guilting, them to buy more and more. Not caring about them, or if they are going bankrupt, only caring that you get your Ugly Pink Car Payment for that month. You are such a Saint. NOT. Consultants come to you telling you they are struggling, they are close to bankrupt, you tell them to buy more inventory. Lining your own pockets again. Knowing full well they can’tc sell what they already have. You even steel their customers. You know the ones they bring to weekly meetings. Checking up on them after, and pushing them into a coffee, or free facial, even offering the $100 in free product. Not caring that you just stole that person from your very own consultant. Then guilting your consultant that they do not try hard enough. What I can’t understand is how do you sleep at night?? How do you justify the way you treat others?? How can you even look at yourself in the mirror, and do what you do, day after day?? You miss Director, National Director, disgust me!!

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