Mary Kay Ruins Christmas Again

Written by PeachyNotPink

After several years of not really taking care of myself, in 2019 I started to step up my game.  I began losing weight, starting dressing nicer for work, and finally got the right skin care routine for my perimenopausal skin.

For Christmas I asked my husband for a gift card to Sephora so I could have a makeup artist show me how to do some casual day looks, because I was still applying eye shadow like it was 1995.  I have been daydreaming for weeks about having a trained makeup artist teach me a few tricks and hook me up with products that fit what I wanted and needed.  I had planned a whole day around getting my nails and makeup done, having a nice lunch out, and scoping out some of my favorite higher end consignment stores.  After years of putting everyone else first, the one thing I wanted more than anything for Christmas was a day of beauty and self-care.

On Christmas morning I noticed I had an extra stocking hanging from the mantle.  Imagine my surprise (dismay) when I pulled out several Mary Kay products.  My husband then explained how our friend who “sells” MK reached out to him to see if I could use any beauty products for Christmas.  When he explained to her that I was actually looking for a makeover, she talked him into the stocking and told him to have me set up an appointment with her after the holidays.

I can’t even begin to tell you how disappointed I am!  I know my husband meant well, but this was the furthest thing from the gift I had anticipated.  I feel like I got a lump of coal in my stocking instead of the gift I truly wanted.  In my husband’s defense, he really thought he was doing something nice for me and helping our friend with her “small business.”

While it is the topic of another post, this woman had talked me into becoming a consultant back in 2018.  It was then that I found Pink Truth.  This Kaybot followed all the scripts posted on this website.  She told me the half truths that others wrote about.  She omitted important information that I never would have known if it wasn’t for Pink Truth.  Because of this, I’ve done my best to avoid her texts, calls, and FB messages for the past several months.  I am not interested in renewing my consultant agreement or continuing to use MK products.  Yet, now I feel totally obligated to go to this appointment with her, not actually learn new ways to apply makeup, and then buy a few things that I really am not thrilled with using.

Merry Christmas to me! More Mary Kay-related guilt.


  1. Tamara S

    Decide to go cruelty free and tell her you will not use Mary Kay anymore. When she claims they are, tell her no company who sells in China is cruelty free. China does animal testing. Sephora has many wonderful cruelty free choices in skincare and cosmetics

    1. PeachyNotPink

      Actually, I was thinking about pulling the “My dermatologist recommends I use X brand because of a skin issue I have” to get out of the appointment.

      If she keeps bothering me about an appointment, I can blame tax season and avoid her for the next 4 months.

      Unfortunately, because our husbands are friends, I can’t just outright tell her to leave me alone. I don’t want to start a feud.

      1. Lazy Gardens

        No excuses, no fibs, that just makes her keep trying … tell her you were in Mary Kay long enough that you have no desire to ever let its products near your face again, or contribute to its business model.

  2. Wasrings90

    If it was a shirt, pants,shoes that didn’t fit or you didn’t like the colour of would you exchange it for the right size or colour? The gift of makeup should n’t be any different….If the brand doesn’t work for you, exchange it for one that does.

    I would also thank your husband & just tell him that MK is bad for your skin & thats why you need to return the products and cannot meet with this MK lady as the products won’t be used and she isn’t trained to teach you the techniques you are interested in learning about.

    In his defense most men think make up is make up & since MK has been around for so long and is so pricey it can’t be a bad brand. He was also probably given the help a small biz owner speech and Sephora is evil by her.

  3. MSgt K

    It’s your life! Do what you want! Tell her she can pick up her goods at the front door at a time no one is home and be done with her. Rock her number , etc. I’m surprised hubby doesn’t know your feeling about MK since you were a consultant….You should tell him!

    1. BestDecision

      Go to Sephora and toss the MK. You’ll get what you actually wanted and far superior products. And I agree with what was posted above to look for cruelty-free brands. They’re everywhere!

      You can also watch Bobbi Brown’s new Master Class where she teaches about proper makeup application. So good!

    2. PeachyNotPink

      I was only a PUC in order to “help” her get her directorship – which is a story within itself, and I may take the time to send to Tracy in the next few weeks. Despite being adamant that I only wanted to be PUC, I was harassed for months about “starting my MK business”.

      I’ve told my husband some of what I learned in Pink Truth, but that was back in 2018 so I don’t expect him to really remember. All he knew is that the wife of his friend asked him to help support her “business” and he thought he was doing a kindness.

      1. MLM Radar

        It’s time to have a chat with your husband and give him an update. He should be your ally in this, but because you’ve handled things so quietly he doesn’t understand.

        This woman was harassing you non-stop, and now she’s trying to use him to get to you. While you don’t want to get between the men’s friendship, your DH needs to know why you’re uncomfortable with her.

        Since you’ve already been on the inside of MK, you can also tell him that the reason you don’t want a MK makeover is that you know MK ladies, and her in particular, don’t have any real training in makeup and skin care. Also, she doesn’t have a cosmetology license and isn’t legally allowed to touch your face. Getting a makeover from her would be a bad idea.

        Here’s an example he might relate to: Suppose one of the neighbors had a hydraulic Jack and a few car repair tools, but the only training he had in car repair was what he learned in high school shop class. Also, he has no mechanic’s license or insurance. Should he be trusted to do engine repairs on your husband’s truck?

        As for the woman herself, you owe her no explanation. You can tell her: “I’m no longer interested in MK products. Please stop asking me about that. No, I don’t want to discuss it.”

        How you handle the stocking is up to you. I’d suggest exercising the 100% satisfaction guarantee for a refund if you can.

        If your consultant number was never cancelled, it was completely unethical for her to persuade your husband to buy MK products from her (at “retail” price!) to give as a gift to you.

        1. TRACY

          I think this is good advice. Your husband doesn’t know. He’ll feel bad for the situation, but you can reassure him that he didn’t know and you didn’t expect him to know. 🙂

  4. Char

    Oh man, you win best PinkTruth story for 2019.

    But on a brighter note, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

    You are always going to remember this Christmas gift and eventually will laugh about in years to come. I could see the MK stocking being a white elephant gag gift passed around year after year. Of course, might need to let the dust settle before you explain to your husband, poor thing.

    (Me trying to make some light of the situation. Hope you understand and sorry about the disappointment.)

    1. PeachyNotPink

      Goodness, no offense taken! And I’m already finding it somewhat amusing.

      She had been posting on FB the entire month of December trying to get husbands to buy a stocking for their wives. I just had no idea she would play Dialing for Dollars with the men. That surprised me.

  5. Lazy Gardens

    “now I feel totally obligated to go to this appointment with her” … don’t get guilted into something you don’t want to do. Have your husband return the products for a refund, burn the cards and tell her there will be NO APPOINTMENT!

  6. Amy Walton

    I would absolutely NOT set up or go to that appointment. You are under no obligation whatsoever, don’t let all the training we (women) receive to “be nice” guilt you into doing it. Ask your husband to return the products. The MK lady has no good reason she can say no to that.

    On a separate note – i hope you thoroughly enjoy your Sephora and Spa day!

  7. BestDecision

    Pam Shaw just posted a picture of her Directors’ web conference from TODAY. It’s New Year’s Day, and they can’t even set MK down for a holiday. And so hypocritical when they keep claiming “God first, family second”.

    Hey, Directors, I got paid for being 100% completely off today. And I didn’t have to or need to check whose orders came in last night. And I didn’t have to make production goals or analyze my reports. Nor did I have to attend even an online meeting. Happy New Year to me!

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