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Women Who Could Not Make It In Mary Kay

Another uplifting email from someone who is desperately in love with Mary Kay…

It breaks my heart to see this many angry women who could not make it in the Mary Kay world.

Why are you blaming someone else??? It sounds like you are the ones to blame for your failure!!! All you had to do is work your business smart!!!

I have been with the company for 2 years and I have no debt!!! And I carry a $4000 inventory!!! If something is going to hurt me or my family financially and emotionally, you know what… don’t do it!!! (interesting concept!!!) (are you ladies that gullible???)

There have been some very successful women in the Mary Kay world!!! Women retire with $60,000+ a month!!! Will you make that at retirement???

No, it is not easy, but you know what??? It is probably worth every sweat and tear!!! The amount of women that you have touched by that point!!! Yes, there are women who don’t have what it takes. But do you think that anyone holds a gun to their heads and said that ‘you have to purchase $3000′??? NO!!!

Every single women here posting their displease for the company, had every right to say…’you know what??? I’m not comfortable in investing that much into my business right now, this is what I can do’. I think you have forgotten that this was the opportunity for you!!! Did you forget that you were starting a business for yourself???? Not Ann…. Not Dacia…. Not Auri….. but for yourself!!! NO ONE MADE YOU PURCHASE ALL THAT INVENTORY EXCEPT FOR YOU!!! Dacia and Auri and every other Director and NSD are selling you an opportunity!!! What you do with that opportunity is or was up to you!!!

Yes, I have seen some bad apples in the bunch that have made it very hard on the rest of us to run a strong business….. but I have seen more successful women that just want to do it the right way!!! The way Mary Kay taught us to!!! With integrity and truthfulness!!!

So to all you women that have bashed Mary Kay because you have had a bad opportunity that couldn’t find a way to turn it into a wonderful opportunity….. look into the mirror and decide if that gun was pointed at your head!!! If I were a betting woman….. I’d bet that it wasn’t!!! So start blaming yourself for your failure!!! Not a business that has been extremely successful for 50 years!!!

This site makes me sick!!! You aren’t giving women a chance to see what it could be like. Are you scaring everyone off that sells AVON???? Or any other Direct Selling Company??? I’m sure that those companys have had their ups and downs!!!

So to close I just want to say that I feel that everyone of you women that are sitting there waisting time keeping this site running…. are you making the $40,000 a month??? Probably not…… because you are waisting your time bashing a company that could have made you a millionaire by now….. I am proud to be a Mary Kay Consultant!!! Thanks to you…… I have a better chance of touching those lives that need to be touched the right way!!! And I am so excited to have that chance!!! It’s better than what your doing!!!

Feeling sorry for you…..


  1. BestDecision

    You ask if we make $40,000/month like that is the norm in MK. Honey, most NSDs don’t take home that much. If I were to have stayed in and kept hoping I’d beat the odds to make what the few make, it would be like believing I’d win the lottery.

    May I ask what your net profit was in 2019? Surely since you keep up with exactly how much inventory you have you also know what your net take home was.

    Net profit, please??

  2. Lazy Gardens

    Look at the commissions reported in Applause and it’s clear that damned few directors or NSDs are making $40K a month. Only ONE NSD in the December 2019 issue is over $40K, and NSDs who make under $10K a month aren’t even listed because they embarrass the company.

    None of the directors listed in top 100 were even close to $40K a month. You have to remember that all the ones not on the list are making LESS than the lowest figure given. So $5K and under is more realistic. And that’s before chargebacks and expenses … this is not a way to make money.

  3. Char


    She seems mighty impressed with the very few that make 40k a month. I wonder, has she figured out HOW those few make it?

    How about tease 40k a month to recruits in order to sell them $4000 worth of product? Hmmmm

    Two years in and she has the gall to preach to former directors here who expose the truth. Reformed MLMers who no longer wish to lie to other women for a buck, and who work to warn others! She can be “proud”, but everyone else is laughing with disgust.

    Btw prettyinpink, there is a difference between carrying debt and a loss. But not to worry, you’ll soon understand.

  4. NayMKWay

    Well, the spelling and grammar errors made me feel I was “waisting” my time reading this letter, but the repeated use of triple punctuation marks really won me over. Sorry, won me over!!! Honestly, I counted exactly two sentences in that entire diatribe that ended in single periods. When you get all shrill like that, you really come off sounding a little…touched.

    The blame-the-victim argument is really wearing a bit thin. Example:


    When one joins a company on a new venture, one justifiably looks towards those with more experience for wise advice. When that advice is “Go into debt and buy as much inventory as you can,” is it then YOUR fault when you act on that advice? Is it YOUR fault that the advice was a lie? That the person giving it knew it was a lie, and gave it anyway? That the lie was from a script and was carefully crafted to sound plausible?

    When those high up in the organization create scripted lies like “You can’t sell from an empty wagon!” to convince those under them to make self-destructive moves, that makes the organization evil. And it makes those writing the script (Mary Kay Ash herself, in the above quote) evil as well, no matter how much you want to blame the victims.

  5. raisinberry

    As Directors we were told that production comes from new recruits. We were rewarded for creating “star consultants” so it was reinforced to sell inventory packages. We did it by any and every means possible. You probably do not know we got enhanced quarterly prizes for how many stars we had for the quarter. Nobody really knows this. Except Directors.

    Don’t for one minute believe that inventory package selling isn’t a very real and necessary production pressure tactic….why do you think you only get free bonus products that increase with the larger packages? And only on your first purchase? Not accrued over the quarter? Wake up, genius.

    1. BestDecision

      You’re so right we were! I gave up so much time with my family, friends, and myself driving from county to county chasing business. I know of Directors that have stuck their kids in daycare and even given away family pets so nothing could get in their way of driving production. It’s sick! I drove miles and miles for interviews and gave up so much time to dress for and hold facials and classes in hopes I could get somewhere with my business.

      How exactly is that “God first…”?

  6. Shay

    There have been some very successful women in the Mary Kay world!!! Women retire with $60,000+ a month!!! Will you make that at retirement???

    This does not happen in MLM’s.

  7. roo2

    So many thoughts on this

    Krista Warner just posted about missing her son’s birthday due to the January Jumpstart event.
    Then Mary Kay rents out universal studios? uh huh I can’t imagine telling my 12 year old, no sorry you can’t come. I want to know how any mom walks away so easy for that but just smile for the Gram!!!! Let’s line up ohh there is someone important at Harry Potter. yeeks

    Also, if you really want to see some Mary kay for sale check Craigslist. My city has people clearly selling their whole inventory $3,000 for $500. Might need to let them know about the buy back help on pinktrutn

    1. BestDecision

      Almost every post from Director meetings there are using the words “sit at the feet”. That’s exactly what we were told—how sitting at the feet of an NSD was an honor and how we would learn so much for them. Always made me feel gross.

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