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This Website is a Joke

Thank you for making me even more passionate about my wonderful company.  I think you are a sad person and I will continue to do my best to tell every single person I meet what a wonderful, positive difference Mary Kay has made in my life.  I am sorry you are filled with so much hatred and I will say a prayer for you.

I have seen first hand women who help to support their children and families simply by their MK sales alone.  Maybe you don’t realize that earning even $50-$100 extra for a family can make a very large impact to them.   I’m sure you don’t… you obviously tried this and you obviously didn’t ‘work’ the business.  You sure work hard at hating and bringing others down.  It would be amazing what you could have done with something positive. You do realize that women like skin care and make up right?  It is something they buy.

There are so many things that need attention in this world.  You could possibly think of putting your energy into something that will better our society and not waste so much time with this.  Its time to think about getting yourself a life.  You are UN- PATRIOTIC to take away the joy in owning your own business and the wonderful support that can bring to our economy and to women in this country.

This website is such a Joke to me I just had to respond.  You clearly have no understanding of how business works and like ANYTHING in this world, it will not work unless you put in the effort.  Funny… I know hundreds of women that make a ‘living’ on selling makeup and skin care in this company.  I guess I don’t understand why you would try to sabotage that?  Just because there are people out there like yourself that CHOOSE not to do the work needed.  That is your own fault and you know that deep down.  You blame others so you don’t have to take responsibility.

I again will say a prayer for you today.  I will pray that you will find joy in your life, I will pray that you will look to do good and not try to pull others down right along with you.  Your website affected me to  work harder to make my company stronger. And trust me… it will only continue to be.


  1. BestDecision

    Well, yes, I know how to work the business, the 4-Point recruiting plan, how to analyze unit reports, stripe foundation matches, how to do a table close, an interview, close an inventory decision…

    May I ask what car you’re in because you absolutely cannot be in one without working the business. You, my dear, are the joke because you’re allowing yourself to blindly believe all of us on here ordered a Starter Kit and expected a Cadillac to arrive with no effort.

    In fact, my Cadillacs did arrive, but it was after countless nights away from my family, never allowing myself to be fully off on vacations for fear I was missing an important recruit or production issue, and weekends spent driving miles and miles to business debuts, skin care classes, and facials. Overnights away for Career Conference—the single worst company event I’ve ever attended—and Fall Retreats.

    And doing all those things expecting to profit more than I made in my career like I was told I would when I signed up. My Director is in the exact same place she was almost 2 decades ago and is still hoping things will change. TOP DIRECTOR TRIP DIRECTORS ARE QUITTING.

    My prayers were answered. I finally got the courage to get out, and I’ve never regretted it.

  2. Char

    “Your website affected me to work harder to make my company stronger. And trust me… it will only continue to be.”

    Excellent. I think I’m going to apply at Mary Kay:

    Employer Summary


    A company that believes in its people takes care of them with truly exceptional benefits that help employees at work, at home, and in retirement. It starts with a generously supported comprehensive health plan, and includes 401(k) plans, and a generous profit-sharing program for all employee levels. And most people at Mary Kay have access to on-site fitness and health centers. As part of our commitment to employee wellness, we even provide on-site mammograms and flu shots.

    Our benefits package includes:


    • Medical/Dental/Vision Coverage
    • Short- and Long-Term Disability
    • Flexible Spending Accounts (Health Care and Dependent Care)
    • Life Insurance/Accidental Death and Dismemberment
    • Tuition Assistance
    • On-Site Training Opportunities
    • Holiday Bonus


    • FREE On-Site Fitness Center (Corporate and Manufacturing)
    • FREE On-Site Health Clinic (Corporate and Manufacturing)
    • On-Site Mammograms, Flu Vaccines and Health Screenings
    • Mother’s Room
    • Tobacco-Free Campus


    • Profit Sharing
    • 401(k) Plan

    Paid Time Off

    • Vacation Time
    • Holidays
    • Floating Holidays
    • Parental Leave
    • Personal Time
    • Product Discounts

    With consultomers like her, I feel I’d have pretty good job security. And just think, I don’t even need prayer to attain all this. It’s right there is black and white and the law will require them to honor their contact.


    1. Char

      *in black and white

      “You do realize that women like skin care and make up right? It is something they buy.” – Oh yes. How much have you bought?

      “You are UN- PATRIOTIC to take away the joy in owning your own business and the wonderful support that can bring to our economy and to women in this country.” – Might she be criticizing the lady workers at MKC Corp? The ones with guaranteed income and benefits working for evil corporations? The ones with evenings and weekends off. Wait, what, huh, Mary Kay is a corporation? I thought MLM was about owning your own business and bashing the corporate world.

      Seriously. What prompts these women to get so far from reality? It can only be cult brainwashing and flat out lies. I know most women aren’t that stupid, so it’s the only thing that makes sense. Be wary, very wary of any cult teachings that dissuade you from facts. It can be detrimental and divisive to society as a whole. Just look at how delusional this lady is. Calling people “unpatriotic” for exposing pyramid fraud. What next?

  3. Neverpink

    What grossed me out is the appeal to nationalism – “UN-PATRIOTIC”. To me, this seems awfully creepy.

    What’s so patriotic about pyramid scheming and scamming people?

    1. Wasrings90

      “You do realize that women like skin care and make up right? It is something they buy”

      Yep I do buy make up for 2019 at Ulta I was in diamond status which means in 2018 I spent at minimum $1200 on make up and skincare at their store…. For 2020 I am plantium which means in 2019 I spent at minimum $450 on make up or skincare products…… But strangely enough I don’t seem to have any MK, Younique, Arbonne, Limelight, make up products in my collection… Not because I haven’t been asked to buy them or have a party, but because #1 I spend my money on quality skincare and make up, I watch hours of YouTube reviews of products, read countless review blogs before I buy anything that’s going to be absorbed by my skin…. Thing is hardly no one reviews MK and the MK ladies on YouTube want me to try to sell the opportunity as opposed to giving honest reviews of the products, which means someone like me is not going to buy it. And no I don’t feel guilty about telling people there are soany better options out there than to help support a pyramid scheme…

  4. pinkpeace

    “Funny… I know hundreds of women that make a ‘living’ on selling makeup and skin care in this company. ”

    I love that the word “living” is in quotes. She doesn’t know ONE SOUL who makes any kind of decent living by selling MK products.

    A consultant would have to sell roughly $1000 per week – without any discounts or hostess credit – to make minimum wage. When was the last time anyone had a $1000 week, much less 52 of them in a row? And that doesn’t take into consideration any business expenses, which are countless. So ridiculous.

    1. raisinberry

      Isn’t it something, that the need to defend Mary Kay overtakes all evidence to the contrary, in every one of these pro-mk posts. No matter which consultant appears here with the same assumptions that we didn’t work the business, they all assume that rejection of mary Kay’s business model starts with failure to make it work…and we all know, that THAT is rooted in every IBC being brainwashed to believe that their OWN failure is because they didn’t work every angle possible. They do not know that the strategy to deflect the poor performance of mlm marketing, is to apply blame to the individual. With that belief, they come here and assume we were dismal failures. To stay in Mary Kay, to keeping plugging along, losing money, earning money, losing money earning money, in a structure that continually rots out from the bottom in endless turnover is madness. You have to RECRUIT and FRONTLOAD and run prize bait contests to keep the production coming in. That means that THE JOB (to be good at it) is non stop coersion of other women’s money whether they have sold anything or not. You have to not care…TO BE GOOD AT IT.

      When you come here and condemn us, what you are really doing is exonerating Mary Kay’s business plan at the expense of women, world-wide, and blasting us for being whistle-blowers, who were very successful at this con, until we grew a conscience and fell under conviction that mountains of garaged inventory rotting on shelves served no one.
      You are in denial. And we are no longer.

      1. NayMKWay

        Hi, raisinberry,

        The letters do have a rather repetitious quality, don’t they? It is both entertaining and depressing how they all spout the same ad hominem attacks and regurgitate the same blame-the-victim rhetoric. I wish they could see that this site is everything Mary Kay claims to be, but isn’t:

        1. Supportive of women – specifically by teaching them fundamental financial truths instead of silly cliches like “show up to go up,” “if it’s to be it’s up to me,” “you can’t sell from an empty wagon,” and “only quitters fail and only failures quit.:

        2. Supportive of small business (patriotic? OK, sure, patriotic, too) – Tracey is an independent owner of a small (and successful) business, as are a lot of the other contributors here. Buying a starter kit from Mary Kay does not make one a businessesperson; it makes them a customer. When you sign that contract, you are immediately agreeing to terms and conditions that cripple whatever chances you may have had. You cannot advertise, you cannot sell on EBay or any other public site, you can’t set up a retail storefront, etc., etc. That’s not owning a business, that’s agreeing–in writing–to be an underpaid restricted sales agent and, again, a CUSTOMER.

        3. Encouraging and positive – the best thing you can do for yourself and your family is to get out of Mary Kay. This site is here to tell you why you should and how to do it with the least financial harm. How is that not positive?

  5. ThePatientWhisperer

    She knows “hundreds” of women who make a “living” with MK?
    No she doesn’t. ?
    The only thing she got right was putting the term “living” in quotation marks.

  6. Lazy Gardens

    You don’t own a business with Mary Kay … you bought a starter kit! “You are UN- PATRIOTIC to take away the joy in owning your own business and the wonderful support that can bring to our economy and to women in this country.”

    As for the wonderful support to the economy, how does driving families into debt help the economy?

  7. nopinkpunk

    These are questions I’ve been longing to ask: how is it considered a skin care “class” if the consultant generally knows nothing about the product or the care of the skin in general, as she is not a registered esthetician? What, precisely, is she teaching? And how is it a “facial” if the consultant is not allowed to apply the product she knows nothing about to the mark…er…customer? Perhaps these pathetic noobs know the answers.

    1. MLM Radar

      When you first join, you believe that your “highly trained” Director or recruiter will teach you. So you bring friends to the “free facial” success meeting expecting to learn how to apply makeup the Mary Kay way.

      It’s only later that you figure out the only thing you learned at those meetings was how to recruit your friends to be your competition.

  8. Coralrose

    To the writing of this e-mail, I think Pink Truth WOULD stop criticizing about MK if they started doing a few simple things:
    -actually track retail sales (not wholesale sales to consultants),
    -tell potential recruits the average income loss or earnings of EVERYONE who orders a starter kit (But then MK would have to track retail sales.)
    -tell potential recruits how many other consultants (active & inactive) are in their city or geographical area, so the recruit can make an informed choice.

    Have you ever wondered WHY MK doesn’t do these things? I know I didn’t when I was a hard-working, but not profitable consultant, but once I thought about it, the answer was frightening. Maybe you should make a positive change in your company by asking Corporate to make those changes. See how that goes.

    (Optional changes- Tell the potential recruits how much time is *actually* spent on MK activites, not just the time spent at parties.
    -Tell recruits how much commission your upline would make on your initial order when they do the initial inventory talk.)

  9. Lily in NYC

    These women are so predictable. Yet another Red Jacket who doesn’t realize that she’s signed up for nothing but credit card debt and heartache. This one seems even dumber than usual, which is quite an accomplishment. There is so much anti-MLM content available these days that there is no excuse to join one other than stupidity/gullibility

  10. MLM Radar

    If she thinks this website is a joke, I wonder how much she’ll be laughing when she files her tax return Schedule C.

    Oh, wait a minute. The loss she’ll report is supposed to be a good thing because it’ll reduce her taxable income.

    Unfortunately, the truth about taxes is this: If she’s in the 15% tax bracket like most Americans, she has to lose $100 to save $15 in taxes. She may save a $5 in state and local income taxes, but other $80 she lost is gone forever, mostly right into the pockets of the Mary Kay Corporation.

    If she’s one of those ladies who earns so little that she pay no income tax, ALL the money she loses is gone forever. No MK tax “savings.” Mary Kay loves to recruit women who have no other place to go, because they’re the ones most ready to believe the dream. But you can’t feed your kids lunch with an unsold Miracle Set.

    1. MLM Radar

      I’m going to correct myself. Most Americans are in the 12% federal tax bracket, not 15%. Once you include state and local income taxes you have to lose $100 to get a lousy $17 in tax savings; the other $83 is gone forever.

      Mary Kay Corporation thanks you very much for losing that $83 out of every $100 on their behalf so they can be debt free this year. Again.

  11. beautyshouldbefun

    Unpatriotic? That’s a new one.

    Every one of these types of letters indicate they will pray for us…as they bash us, insult us, and call us names. I find that hypocritical.

    I hate being told I failed at this because I didn’t work. I did try, but it all just felt so foreign to me. I am not the sales type. I was told I was perfect for that reason. As far as they are concerned, anyone with a pulse is perfect.

    The information provided in this site is powerful and eye opening. I just wish it had been here 20 years ago. It would have save me a lot of mental anguish and money.

    Great job to the founder of this site!

    1. CommenceEyeRoll

      When I was in mk, if there was a week where I didn’t “work the business” I made squat. I got the exact same results when I did “work the business,” I just annoyed more people on the road to making squat.

  12. are you stupid or dumb baby, mary kay is a mlm, which just happens to be a silly little name you idiots give to pyramid schemes, along with giving them most if not all of your time and money. stop blindly following this shit, or don’t and wait for the outcome.

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