Same Criticism, Different Day

Can the critics come up with something even slightly original?

This site is Hilarious!!!!!!! I never knew someone could become so crazy obsessed with bashing anyone or any company! hahahaha

Grow up! Stop whining because YOU decide to blame your lack of success on someone else! If you put 1/2 the effort that you have with this site into a REAL hobby or career, I bet you’d end up HAPPY.

OMG this is sooooooo priceless!!!! I wonder what the rest of your life is like! So sad!


  1. Char

    Shame on you, and what kind of person must you be? There is nothing hilarious about ladies scamming other ladies. And it’s not funny condemning activists who expose harm in this world.

    MLM is a multi-billion dollar scam, and is financially harmful to the 99% of the willing-victims who participate. And, it can be more than finances. There is depression, embarrassment, divorce, family and friend resentment, and even suicide.

    If you are knowledgeable enough about the company you feel so compelled to defend, then you know MK uses MLM, right? You do know they have a corporate structure mothership with a man CEO, right? Your consultant recruiter didn’t bash “corporate pyramids”, did she? Tell you how bad jobs and corporations are? Did she also say MK empowers women, but not mention the male CEO? I could go on about the deception that makes MLM corporations profitable; but in a nutshell, it’s shameless idiots like you.

  2. Charles

    Just ask them how much extra money they are making from their Mary Kay business, and how much extra time it gives them with their family. You won’t hear much more from them after that.

  3. Coralrose

    I kind of wish the writers of e-mails like this would come back to the comments for a back & forth, real discussion. I realize some of these letters are from years ago.

    As a former consultant who worked hard in MK, I’m grateful for Pink Truth. It’s the first place I heard that 99.9% of people in MLMs lose money, and that the directors are LYING to recruits & their downline. PT also exposed how MK Corp ACTUALLY makes their money, and it ain’t by consultants selling to their friends & family.

    1. Renee

      Why bash MK… because they prey on women who are in desperate situations… getting out of bad marriages, with kids they have to care for, little education, recent immigrants. The list goes on and on.

  4. Cindylu

    I don’t think there will be any laughter when she waste’s money on conning women into buying the odd lipstick. I guess it was funny when I got quite sick and couldn’t sell. I guess it’s amusing that the phoney go give spirit didn’t include my SD or anyone else. So hilarious that the products change constantly at the expense of the MK consultants. Free training bah ha ha. Free car ya right. No where to advertise OMG MK is such a joke. The joke is on you for trusting this scam. So go ahead keep being a slave for an mlm. My life is wonderful. I go on amazing vacations. I own my vehicles and home. I have savings to help my children in others. I am not embarrassed by having to admit I sell cosmetics. Enjoy lying about inferior products, that you’re offering facials (you’re NOT a trained aesthetician) and make believing you’re going to become wealthy. In reality the NSD emeritus from the 1970’s are also laughing. They are continuing to exploit gullible individuals who buy into the “Faith, Family & Career”, Find a way or make a way (Ya make a way by deceit), Fake it till you make it etc. Keep believing but realize that a company that is based on door to door sales tactics from the 1960’s doesn’t care about you. They are happy that victims like you pay for: training, gas, constantly changing products, advertising, business cards, web sites etc. Enjoy warm stalking women at stores illegally (because MK is too cheap and uncaring to advertise in real magazines etc).).

    1. Brainwashed no more

      I worked hard in my mk “business”. I was at the top of sales but the mlm is set up for Corp to get a profit not the resellers. There’s a huge profit margin that isn’t shared.

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