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MLM and Mary Kay Are Not the Problem

A comment from a gentleman who believes that people are more likely to fail than succeed at anything they do. What an outlook on life! Why do anything at all in life? What a sad life you are going to have if you’re most likely going to fail at everything!

Every negative you described appears in every sales opportunity on the planet. There will always be things out of your control. What is in your control is your attitude and response to these negatives. Your work ethic is in your control.

If your dumb enough to buy your way into a sales goal to achieve recognition, you will not succeed. That is bad business. If you open a McDonalds and buy 1000 big Macs to hit your sales goal, you’re a terrible business owner and a hollow shell of a person who believes that is success. And you will never succeed.

What you describe is not exclusive to MK. People are more likely to fail than succeed at anything they do, and we as sales people are entitled to nothing we don’t create for ourselves. The problem isn’t MK or MLM, it’s the people in them that blindly believe it’s an easy way to make 6 figures or better. They’re naive. And shame on the recruiters who aren’t straight with their distributors, hut again this isn’t exclusive to MK or even MLM.

As an insurance broker I talk to agents daily who blindly believe they are guaranteed to make 100k in passive incone just because someone else did. Only 10% of agents make that type of money or better. The other 90% are hardly ekibg out a living. But let’s blame the insurance company or better yet the insurance industry as a whole instead of taking responsibility for our poor business savvy, naivety and weak work ethic.

I challenge you to show me one business opportunity where 51% or more of the people succeed long term making an above average income. And back it up with facts. You cannot do it. 70% of businesses fail within 10 years. If you can prove me wrong, I will quit my job and sign up under you, then pass your lazy ass.


  1. You are right… it’s not exclusive to MK, but here are some of the points I would like to see clarified.

    1. Are they really giving women the opportunity to “own” their own business? Consultants are not allowed to sell and market it in any way they want. Perhaps they are more of a franchise (franchises are very area restricting so that each location can succeed)
    2. Why would they allow consultants to saturate areas and then limit them to how they can sell and market the product? set them up for failure and then they will HAVE to resort to recruiting only to keep saturating their own pond
    3. If they really want to help women, are their training and seminars free. I know the company I work with pays not only the trips and the training but also per diem.

  2. PeachyNotPink

    OP, your whole argument is based on a false assumption. MK consultants are NOT business owners.

    Also, it’s quite interesting how you flip flop to both sides of the argument. You scathingly talk about people blindly believing what they are told by their recruiters. We here at Pink Truth try to warn people in MK and other MLM’s about the lies they are being told – the lies of omission and the lies of fact. Yet, you seem so scornful of us and what we are trying to do.

    So which side are you really on, OP?

  3. Robin

    Gosh!!! Why all the anger?? If you are trying to prove that everyone here is lazy, why do it with such venom??

    People generally need insurance, women do not need make-up! I know your insurance carriers are not forcing you to buy the coverage and then resell it to your customers. I know your company is not requiring you to pay for your training. I know that your success is not dependent on recruiting a customer to become an agent and getting them to buy more insurance products so that you can earn a commission from them. You are comparing apples to avocados.

    Nobody here up has ever asserted that small business success is not challenging. But, MK is NOT a small business!!! It is a MLM scheme. Consultants have little control over their “business.” Do you have restrictions on advertising? If your neighbor visits with a competing agent with your company or has previously purchased a policy from that agent are you required to push them back to that agent? Do you have a dress code? Does your company encourage lying?

    You are not seeing negativity on this site. You are seeing real stories from women/men who really tried!!! Read more! This site is here to help unsuspecting recruits learn and know the full scope of MK before jumping in. This site is for those who floundered, failed and finally freed themselves from MK and need support. One of the most important functions of this site is support because, unlike your insurance business, MKers lose friends, family, personal integrity and hope as they really, really try to succeed at the unattainable. Think about that!!! We are here to help regain love of self, hope and to rise up.

  4. morningstar

    Any man who calls people dumb, lazy ass, and gaslights by presenting this, well I wouldn’t give him the time of day. It is my impression that he has not found the key to unlock his own sales gig. Wonder why? He is angry, and that I understand. Actually he should sign up follow the rules, I would like to see him in the red hounds tooth jacket! And with the ‘tude won’t make to car production.

  5. MLM Radar

    Since he likes statistics so much, maybe he can quote his sources? Or did he just pull his numbers out of a hole in the ground?

    Besides, nothing he claims makes reference to MLM failure rates, or the speed of those failures. You simply cannot compare 10-year overall failure rates when you have an industry (MK and all other MLMs) which don’t have 10 year lives.

    Most MLM businesses fail as soon as their “friends and family” warm market dries up, which takes about three months.

  6. NayMKWay

    “If your dumb enough…”

    I’ll just let that irony speak for itself.

    “If you open a McDonalds [sic] and buy 1000 big Macs to hit your sales goals…”

    More aptly, if McDonald’s were to set policies that coerced its franchisees to buy product from Corporate that they didn’t need, they would be justifiably denounced as exploitive. That is why this site denounces Mary Kay for encouraging inventory loading, recruiting your own competition, restrictions on advertising, psychological manipulation, and other business practices that are to their benefit and to their consultants’ financial detriment.

    This letter drips with the blame-the-victim mindset. It’s the victim’s fault for believing lies, he says, ignoring the social obligation companies like Mary Kay have to be straight with people. Lying isn’t “just business”; it’s a sin.

      1. that is so true.. Why go to an MK consultant when you can to to Sephora.
        1. Trips there are so much fun
        2. Give women alone time from family life
        3. You can try out almost anything
        4. they give you samples on the spot
        5. convenient locations throughout the country
        6. no need to hear boring and long sales talk
        7. carry tons of brands
        8. no pressure to buy anything at any time
        9. you get to take your purchases home with you right then and there
        10. no one is trying to pressure you into becoming a consultant

        1. Char

          And therefore, who is mostly buying the product? That would be consultants because they think it’s a business opportunity. And since these people buy because of the business “opportunity”, the products take a back seat. The actual retail market doesn’t drive the success and desire for the product, it’s the lure of money consultomers think they will make. Hence, it’s not really about the product.

        2. PinkBubblePopped

          When I went to Sephora, their employee was actually knowledgable about the product I wanted to try. She didn’t pressure me to buy it, she simply provided me with information about it, and a few alternatives to achieve the look I was going for. She didn’t tell me I was a loser for not wanting to pay hundreds of dollars to fill out a job application on the spot.
          She DID present me with options, and told me the pros AND cons of each, all the way up to buying products elsewhere, and getting the style done elsewhere. She DID leave me alone and give me time to think about my choices when I asked her to. In fact, at that point, she just gave me her card and told me to just ask for her again or call the store and ask for her if I wanted more information. She knew She’d given me a lot of info, and she didn’t want to overwhelm me. She DID ask another employee for clarification when I had a question she didn’t know the answer to. This impressed me. But yes, tell me again how MK’s business model of “Just squirt and smile!” is superior? Sorry ladies, I’d write more, but I have to head out for the day. At least I know my hair really does look SLAMIN’!

          1. shay

            Hello Pink Truther’s!
            I subscribed to someone’s “marketing” on how to “have it all” in an MLM. Can you guess who?
            Hint: Claims to be a branding expert but has literally a bunch of different “company” names.
            I may just have to submit a blog post to Tracy. LOL or just all the info I collected. I can’t believe the sh*t I found and how dangerous this so called suburban mom really is.

  7. shay

    Hello Pink Truther’s!
    I subscribed to someone’s “marketing” on how to “have it all” in an MLM. Can you guess who?
    Hint: Claims to be a branding expert but has literally a bunch of different “company” names.
    I may just have to submit a blog post to Tracy. LOL or just all the info I collected. I can’t believe the sh*t I found and how dangerous this so called suburban mom really is..

      1. shay

        YOU WIN!
        Go to Ohio Business Search. There is 8 of them under her name .
        I know some people will think I am obsessed, but they have to remember how dangerous she is. Michelle Cunninghamh is pretending to give free advice. Michelle’s videos are like them reality tv stars who get a real estate show, they profit off their popularity and advertise free workshops which are essentially props for to talk people in to paying for workshops. It’s sickening.
        I will email you this week and put “Shay” on the subject line. The email I use to comment isn’t working .

  8. SpaceMonkeyMafia

    I honestly hope that you are just having a bad day, or that this is a sore subject for you.
    I hope you don’t truly have such a jaded outlook on the world. I know life gets hard sometimes but you have to try to find joy in life, even when it’s difficult.
    I truly wish you some happiness. But yes there are plenty examples of successful business opportunities/professions, which have nowhere near the failure rates. I don’t know exactly what you define as business opportunities. But as for professions, Medical Technicians, Teachers, Lawyers, and Civil Engineers have record low Unemployment Rates and regular, steady work. I have personally partnered in 2 separate Independent businesses, both where very successful. One is an Appliance Repair Company, in business since 1997. The other was a Power Equipment Dealership & Service Center, average income was in excess of 3 million/yr. It was open for 20 years. before a fire destroyed it. So yes, as long as you know your market, have the experience to manage a company, and are skilled and knowledgable at your chosen business venture, the odds of success aren’t quite as bleak as you are stating. Again it is also a major difference to own the company and all of the assets vs. simply owning products to sell. One grants a lot more protection and resources. I hope you have a better day here soon 🙂

    1. renee

      I don’t think its a jaded look on the world. Its the way MK operates… that gets people like us upset. Let me point out a story of why this gets me so irritated.
      A “close” friend of mine gets divorced, she has 5 children to support. instead of going out and learning a trade or getting a job or even starting a real business, she joins MK (she wanted to be a stay at home mom) She doesn’t do well for the first year or so. Its not until she meets a wealthy man, and is living off his wealth that her MK starts to skyrocket. Any idea why?….. Its because she starts “showing off” her boyfriends money as her “own” MK wealth. What do all her acquaintances do?…. they join MK in the hopes that they too can live a new life like hers. So i suppose she does make money with her MK business, but not the kind of money that can support herself, let alone 5 children. She lies about the trips she takes… they are not paid by MK, they are financed by her boyfriend, she does not own a lake home, her boyfriend does. But to the outside world, she is living in luxury. Who knows who pays her MK credit card debt, but I doubt it’s her. And I wonder how many of those poor women have fallen prey to her scam. Not to mention the debt the boyfriend is getting into. (by the way, she was almost homeless before she met him, anything she has is his)

      1. Lazy Gardens

        Gloria Mayfield Banks’s husband owns a contracting company … she also pretends her lifestyle is all from Mary Kay,and not from his multi-million dollar company.

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