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Some Questions for Mary Kay Inc.

Written by SuzyQ

Dear Mary Kay Cosmetics,

I have been writing things for Pink Truth for more than a decade. The things I criticized in the beginning are unchanged. I know you have someone at the corporate offices who is tasked with monitoring this site. I know the executives know full well how consultants and directors are taken advantage of, how almost no one makes money, and how this wonderful opportunity for women actually ends up damaging women’s finances.

But please hear my heart on the following points:

1. Do you ever look at the numbers of “T” consultants coming back into the company on the last day of the month? Any month? With as close to $225 w/s as one can get to it? And rarely is there a Section 2 order attached to these orders?

2. Do you ever pay attention when a new consultant has 2 or 3 initial inventory orders that have been flagged as “credit card decline”? Do you know what that means? No? Well, it means that a director has placed usually a $1,200 AND an $1,800 and has 3 days to get a credit card for the new consultant, and based on the credit limit, one of those orders will be approved before the month closes and the other will remain as “on hold.”

3. Have you ever paid attention to what is fondly known as the Unit Bounce? This is what occurs when a personal use consultant is moved from one unit to another depending on who needs a body at a particular time. You might be interested in tracking Social Security numbers to see just how frequently this happens. Sometimes, the personal use consultant in question actually knows about this, sometimes he or she just suddenly starts receiving the Applause again.

4. Isn’t it interesting that a director can use her own credit card to place an order for a consultant? All she has to do is promise that the consultant gave her the money for the order in advance. So you mean to tell me that all these newly reactivated consultants do not have credit cards of their own, but do have cash lying around to give to the director who uses her own credit card? It might be fun to just check by phone with the newest reactivated consultants, especially in June, or in the last week of car qualification, to find out why these consultants just happened to come back in with a $600 order, and then forgot to order section 2 items.

5. Does the rate of directors losing units and cars ever bother you? Did anyone ever think of doing something like an exit interview (something done in real jobs)? Does this strike you as a viable topic for one of those high level meetings? Has it occurred to you that your NSDadvisory board doesn’t have a clue as to what is actually going on in the field? And that they have vested interest in keeping things as they are, and that they are concerned that their checks are continuing to shrink.

6. Has anyone ever thought that starting DIQ with 8 recruits is a bad idea? It seems it’s really good for corporate and for the DIQ’s director. But the DIQ herself? Not so much when she has a weak and small team. It creates weak directors and wreaks financial havoc on those involved. Back when DIQ started with a team of twelve or started after finishing the car, it created directors who at least had a fighting chance.

7. Have you notices how many directors are make and miss production every other month? Did it occur to you to check to see the director’s personal production in the months she made it to $4,500? I believe you will see a correlation.

8. Again, with directors. You are losing them. These are not all new directors. You are losing seasoned directors. That should at least cause a wrinkled brow on someone. There IS in fact, something afoot. This should concern you. Really. It might be worth your time to find out why.

9. And really, the religious abuse needs to be addressed on a corporate level. I am dead serious. Your NSDs and their hot shot directors are really really causing great emotional distress among the consultants and others. If we consider quitting MK, we are also quitting God? That Mary Kay Ash is deified as a god.

10. And last but not least. Shunning and lying. If one of the favorite phrases in the recruiting interview is the no risk thing… don’t like it? Send it back! Then you might want to reinforce that those who choose to leave are not pariahs, but are simply women who are on a different path. We haven’t gone to the devil, we aren’t losers, we aren’t turning our backs on God, we just changed our minds… for a variety of reasons, see “exit interview” above.

I will be done with this last comment. There would be no need for Pink Truth if you hadn’t lied, manipulated, deceived,  and have been generally awful to your sales force.


Another Loser Director Emeriti


  1. BestDecision

    One easy way for a Consultant to accurately see how weak the business model is is to look at her Director’s newsletter and the unit anniversaries posted. My Senior Director has been in for decades, yet the anniversaries she posted are not from every year. For example, it may be someone’s 11th year, but only 1 person remains from recruiting that month 11 years ago. Then, there may be someone having their 7th anniversary, which means people recruited in that month 10, 9, and 8 years ago are gone.

    Units are supposed to be GROWING. Attrition is HUGE in MK, and unit anniversaries show how few people remain even 1-2 years after they came in. It’s a hamster wheel you can never get off in MK. Same old, same old.

  2. Ruby Slippers

    Please check out Kelly Brock’s latest IG post from yesterday. She talks about the upper level telling you to do more on the Hamster Wheel and she used that exact terminology also. Even top people felt that way.

    1. roo2

      it is interesting though how Kelly Brock is capitalizing off the same hamster wheel that no longer served her. I am going to quit Mary Kay and sell you an hour of my time to help you succeed in this endless hamster wheel

      1. TRACY

        I HATE it when these directors become “coaches.” They are preying off women when they know those women will fail. Nothing they say in their coaching can make MLM any less of a scam. No matter how hard you work, the math is against you. And yet, they take the money of these women, selling them a dream just like MK does. Another wolf in sheep’s clothing.

        1. Char

          Me too. There are three ways to make money off the willing-victims in MLM: start one, be a top liar for the MLM company, or the “tools business”.

          These women “coaches” solidify what scammers they really are. I know some people might think the term scammer is harsh. I hope they realize a scam isn’t blatant. These people are indeed a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

          I wish people realized that the more money you acquire doing MLM, the bigger scammer you are. Aspiring to be a successful network marketer is like aspiring to be a successful money launderer, drug dealer, car thief, etc.. Can you imagine if I sold lessons on how to be a successful money launderer or car thief?

        2. NayMKWay

          They have no doubt seen how lucrative the “tools” business is for upper-level Amway people. People signing up with Amway have to subscribe to motivational CDs and DVDs from their upline. There are also services they must sign up for, and regular “training” sessions they must pay to attend (sound familiar?). These collectively are hawked as “tools for success” within Amway, and rightly derided as “tools scams” by critics and former victims. It’s an open secret that selling tools within Amway is where the money is.

          Mary Kay disallows all but charging “room fees” for meetings, and no one is going to get rich off of that. If you want to get rich in the Mary Kay tools business, you have to leave Mary Kay first, then market your tools as generic, lest Mary Kay lawyers come knocking.

          It’s all so silly (and slimy). Few of these former directors have special skills to impart other than that they are good at scamming people. Look at how how Allison LaMarr’s attempts imploded. The Amway platinums have captive customers (their downlines), or they wouldn’t succeed selling their “tools” either.

        3. enorth

          Dacia has a new FB business page called Delightful Dacia.
          “Go on over & start following me there for skin-care, beauty, make-up, & fashion tutorials.
          I also had to get this page because once you have over 5,000 Facebook friends you have to get a business page.”

        4. Missy C

          I actually have an ICF coach certification and it’s all I can do not to go on these people’s pages and tell them, “unless you have a credential like mine, you shouldn’t be calling yourself a coach.”

  3. Char

    (A response to the letter from a MKC executive tipsy on HIS vacation in Fiji. Alcohol has been known to cause loose lips. Anyway, it’s nice of him to take the time to even respond before his round of oceanside golf.)

    Dear Mary Kay Consultant,

    You do realize you are our customer, right? We just use the term “sales force” because it encourages you to buy more; hence, you are really our “buying force”. ROTFL You have to admit, “sales force” does sound more important. WE are the company, and our sole intention is to make our company profitable. You don’t just become a debt-free billion dollar company without a marketing plan. Duh! So we lie to our customers (you). Get over it.

    Everything that you point out in the letter drives our sales – to you. Of course we want that $1800 order. Do you think we care who pays for it?!!! We are MLM after all. Just because you choose to believe the spiel that you are a business owner is on you. Do you always believe what you are told? Hey, here’s a tip: Do some research on MLM, Read PinkTruth….. Shhhh, hiccup

    Honestly, after 50 years, keeping up this ruse is getting more and more exhausting. The internet is a wealth of information that we didn’t have to deal with years ago, and the FTC has been closing in. We’ve made our billions off you ladies, and we are tired. It might just be time to call it a day and retire on our millions.


    Thank you for your patronage,
    Mary Kay Executive (A legit one and not one of those delusional MLMer CEO’s)

    Sent via iPhone. International rates apply.

    1. PinkSchmink

      “Honestly, after 50 years, keeping up this ruse is getting more and more exhausting. The internet is a wealth of information that we didn’t have to deal with years ago”

      Yet when someone doesn’t use said internet and still buys into the scam and then comes here and posts about how Pink Truth “enlightened” them like they’re Saul on the road to Damascus, you coddle them and act like they were innocent and blameless.


      Also, c’mon now, we had horror stories about MLMs before the internet. All you’re doing is justifying the anti-intellectualism permeating our society.

      “I don’t need to do my research! I can just buy into OBVIOUS scams, then I can get coddled as the VICTIM later!”

      Kant was right about people like you:

      “If I have a book that thinks for me, a pastor who acts as my conscience, a physician who prescribes my diet, and so on–then I have no need to exert myself. I have no need to think, if only I can pay; others will take care of that disagreeable business for me.”

      That’s all this site is – nothing but greedy people butthurt that they got “victimized” by an OBVIOUS. SCAM.

      If you need the internet to tell you any MLM, let alone Mary Kay, is a scam when we’ve had people telling one another for YEARS pre-internet about how they’re scams, then you are an idiot, straight up.

      Bet y’all vote for politicians and buy goods from companies who are just as corrupt as Mary Kay too lol

      1. TRACY

        Curious, isn’t it, that millions of people in the U.S. alone sign up for MLMs each year. They’re such obvious scams to you (and to us!), yet people still fall for the “it’s a business” lie. Yes, we’re here to educate because the people promoting MLMs are so good at convincing people that they’re selling something legitimate.

      2. Char

        “All you’re doing is justifying the anti-intellectualism permeating our society.” –

        Are you responding to my fake letter that was clearly mocking a pretend Mary Kay executive? Read much? Or is it an anti-intellectual problem?


        “If you need the internet to tell you any MLM, let alone Mary Kay, is a scam when we’ve had people telling one another for YEARS pre-internet about how they’re scams, then you are an idiot, straight up.” –

        Yes, MLM has been obvious for years, and people still buy into it – just like religion. It’s fascinating how effective brainwashing can be, don’t you think?

        Btw, I choose to congratulate formerly brainwashed people as they become enlightened. I’m sure you aren’t without fault either, and have been a willing-victim at some point in your life.

  4. morningstar

    With the latest memo from corporate stating how they have to downsize the and change the warehousing of product. In an effort to get product out faster for the customer/ sales force (customer), the question is why should any sales person stock inventory?

    I am sure directors are a little ticked off, corporate took their thunder away by pandering quicker turnaround for all. Good luck Directors, no more inventory needed thanks to corporate memo citing changes!

  5. NayMKWay

    “1. Do you ever look…”

    When I first read that, I mentally finished SuzyQ’s question with:

    “…in the mirror and wonder what happened to your soul?”

    The rest of this excellent article only details why my unspoken question was valid (albeit rhetorical). No one in Corporate is unaware of the glaring issues SuzyQ points out, no matter what they may say into 20/20’s cameras. They’ve had decades to make things at least better if not right, yet they let things stay the same or even implement policies that make them worse, like reducing the DIQ requirements.

    So to whatever Mary Kay executive or minion is reading this right now, I’ll ask you straight out: how do you live with yourself?

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