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I Will Not Return to the Dark Pit of Mary Kay

Another story from a reader. She was reluctant when she signed up, but got turned off by the immediate demands that she borrow money and order inventory. They did not take no for an answer, and they turned her off for good.

I just wanted to share that I am SO happy I came across your site. A couple months ago I was sucked into signing up for Mary Kay. I was already work a full time job but was brought in by the thought of making some extra money. Well, to be honest it felt more like “forced” into. I’m a person who has a very hard time saying no especially when it comes to super pushy people. And let me tell you this lady was pushy.

Somehow I ended up with a contract in my hand signing it. It was like having this out of body experience and I was looking down at myself screaming “No! Don’t do this,” but I did and of course right away all hell breaks loose.

I get many calls and texts telling me I need to place my first order and blah blah blah. Ever after I tell her multiple times that I cannot afford it and that I will not open a credit card. Oh, but she can help me she says! Why don’t I ask a family member for a loan? Uh are you kidding me? Because you know “this is a business and you have to invest in a business.” 

This harassment goes on for weeks. Asking me if I’ve figured out a way to make my first order work and assuring me I can make all my money back. When I finally get fed up and just start ignoring her calls she has the lady who originally invited me to the MK party call me. At first I thought she was a very sweet person and wouldn’t be such a crazed Kaybot. But I was wrong. At this point I’m just so stressed out. She bugs me and bugs me about making my first order and having my debut party. Even though I tell her how busy I am with working my 50+ hour a week job, and working on my photography. But you know, they don’t take no for an answer. Because “when a woman says no she’s really just saying you haven’t told me enough” insert eye roll.

Anyhow. A few more weeks and more hair loss later from the stress of having someone on my back constantly I finally just tell them through a lengthy text (because I genuinely fear she’ll put some kind of spell on me if I talk to her on the phone) that I’m done with trying Mary Kay. I’m just way too busy, this has all made me more stressed out, I do appreciate their help and everything, but I just can’t. (I wanted to be nice and not be mean, hoping that would be the end of it, but of course not.)

I get this long text back:

Please note I was not “freaking out” unless telling someone you’re just to busy to do this business is “freaking out.”

When I didn’t respond back to the text I get a phone call (from a different number, mind you, otherwise I definitely wouldn’t have answered) and I get cornered on the phone. I get asked lame questions like “Think back to when you signed up for Mary Kay. Wasn’t that exciting??” and things like “we’ve all been there. It’s okay it’s just about not giving up.” And so on and so forth. After I figured out I would never get off the phone with this lady unless I just hung up I told her, thanks. I’ll think about it some and hung up.

Now I still get occasional texts like “hey haven’t heard from you in awhile. We can still get your first order in and make your dreams come true!” Its like lady, I haven’t replied to any of your texts in like 3 weeks. Have you not gotten the hint? Maybe I should have someone tell her I died? I don’t know though she might come to my funeral and hit up my family members to buy some Mary Kay. “It’s what Sara would have wanted.” She’d say.

All that to say all I’ve gotten out if this experience is that these people are drinking the kook-aid and are legit insane. I did have a tiny brief thought that maybe I should give it another go a couple of days ago but then I found your site and it was reconfirmed that I definitely SHOULD NOT EVER return to the dark pit of Mary Kay. So THANK YOU.


  1. HollyHop

    Congrats on escaping!

    I would strongly consider calling Corporate and asking them to deactivate your consultant number. Seeing how pushy these Kaybots have been, I wouldn’t be surprised if in the future, one of their directors ends up using you as a ghost consultant (ordering under your number without telling you, a tactic often used when a director needs a “body” to make production).

  2. BestDecision

    Classic Director scripting there with “feel, felt, found”! If business is so “awesome”, why is there time to chase someone down?

    Desperation causes people to do unthinkable things like giving away family pets and putting kids in daycare. I’ve seen both! I’ve seen Director friends taking out loans to finish Seminar goals and cars. All in the name of building their business.

    I agree with the above comment to cancel your Consultant ID and report her to MK Legal. It borders on harassment. The most freeing feeling is speaking to the Repurchase Department and walking away to real freedom.

    Good for you!

  3. Char

    Good for you. You may know this already, but it can never be stated enough:

    All MLM is the same. Whether it be Mary Kay, Amway, ItWorks, doTerra, Avon, OneCoin, Younique, Monat, Arbonne, etc.. They all use the same corrupt method, MLM, and THAT is what you need to avoid.

    You probably learned this lesson the hard way, but being nice to an MLMer doesn’t usually work in your favor.

  4. MLM Radar

    Absolutely cancel your consultant number! You may also consider sending them one text message saying you’ve cancelled. Once your contract is cancelled they’ll have very little reason to call you.

    You may get a future call/text telling you all the reasons you should reinstate your contract for “just $25” but that should be about it.

    If you ever get calls about another “opportunity” with an unnamed company, you can safely assume it’s an MLM and ignore them.

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