You Are Wrinkled Haters

We can’t possibly take care of our skin with drugstore products. We’re all wrinkled, and we’re just haters!

You are all such haters. Your skin probably looks like raisins. No matter what you say, what you write, Mary Kay will outlive all of you bitter old-looking women. This product just came out and you haven’t even tried it and if you had you would never admit it. Drugstore brands are just topical solutions. Use it, and thinking you are taking care of your skin, and then 5 years later you look like a hag overnight. I do not look my age. I still get carded when buying liquor and I’m damn near 60, like in a couple of years and I look amazing! No crows feet, no forehead horizontal lines. Skin smooth as silk.

I work in a law firm. They get ever bit of the wages they pay me, in blood, sweat and tears. Gotta get permission to take a day off. Can I get tax writeoffs for anything I do there, only mileage if I drive to the court. Mary Kay, I can write off lots of things, and when I decide to do this full time at retirement, I can take whatever days off I want.

Nobody twists your arm to become a consultant, or even build a team. Personal use consultants do just fine. I have, for 10 years.

I feel so, so sad for all of you. Please feel free to write back to me. But I know you won’t cause you don’t have any guts. Mary Kay has been around for more than 55 years and still going strong.


  1. My Dermatologist Disagrees

    My dermatologist advised me against MK skin line. That’s one of many things that lead me to decide to stop throwing money down the drain and ruin my finances by always having to spend my profit on “new inventory”

    Quitting was the best thing j did for my wallet and my skin. I’m under a dermatologists care now. She prescribes and recommends products for me and my skin is even better now than it was with MK

    If that over priced MK skincare works for you, then keep on peddling it. Pretty hard for me to peddle something that I know my doctor said wasn’t good for my skin. ?

  2. Brainwashed no more

    Mk better than drugstore? Show me proof. It’s the same quality for more money and harassment as a bonus.
    Mk still going strong? Show me some proof. You think that mk will help you in retirement? If there’s still mk by then. You have to pay everything yourself in MK. Travel, seminars, meetings, etc. Is that what happens at your law firm?
    I wonder why you are so angry if you are loving mk so much? Why would pink truth bother you if you’re so happy there?

    1. BestDecision

      She clearly hasn’t been told by her Director of Sean Key and many other employees’ firing, nor has she been told of distribution centers closing.

      Note to Consultants: Your Director is hiding what is really happening in MK because she can’t afford to lose you to reality.

      1. raisinberry

        Best, I was wondering the same thing….How are they going to spin the Distribution Centers closing down and employee down sizing? Wait, I know…

        You’ll just never believe how great our company is! Mary Kay is reworking their efficiency systems in order to provide greater benefits, incentives, and prizes to the sales force! They recognize it is the sales force that insures their future, so they are shutting down unnecessary expenses to provide greater incentives for us!!!!!! We are in the best place at the best time!!! YIPPEE (First person who spots this version of facts on a kaybot site wins a PT teashirt) LOL

        1. pinkblacksheep

          I have a couple team members who are still friends after I dropped my repurchase bomb. I’ve been keeping them posted and encouraging them to be prepared for the worst. They’re not to the point yet of “shutting the door” with a repurchase, but they aren’t ordering anymore (they both have “full stores”). The end is near…

        2. Abby

          You just brought back memories of a company that hired me as a 1099 contractor. Every time there was some change that would lead to less work/less money for contractors, we’d get an email telling us they were “so excited to announce” whatever the change was. They’d do a great job trying to spin it, but the bottom line was that every exciting announcement somehow led to a decrease in pay or a reduction in the number of available assignments.

  3. Wasrings90

    OMG – I have been using drugstore moisturizer with sunscreen in it for almost 20 yrs. I turned 40 something last week. Guess what I get told that I don’t look my age and get carded at the liquor stores, & this fall while in KY was told that I look way younger than my husband who is actually 10yrs younger than me…..

    Also facts mean something even in skincare/makeup Olay was founded in 1952 and Ponds in 1846…. Both being sold & in business before any MK products, still best sellers in every drugstore.

  4. BestDecision

    You only have tax write-offs if you incurred EXPENSES. And, the FDA only allows certain ingredients or percentages to be used by consumers, which, yes includes topical products that both counters, drugs stores, AND MK sell.

    Your writing appears angry, and your grammar is not impressive at all. My skin actually is healthier post-TimeWise, and I still get carded, too.

    So, your point is…?

  5. PeachyNotPink

    OMG! You mean Timewise is not topical?? Was I supposed to be drinking it the whole time????

    Listen, OP, anything you put on your skin is “topical”. That means Timewise is topical just like the drugstore brand.

    My dermatologist actually cringed when I told her I was using Mary Kay. Based on her assessment of my skin, I now use Cerave cleanser and Olay Regenerist moisturizer. My skin looks and feels fantastic, and I’m saving a ton of money on skin care.

    And please knock off the BS that you’re almost 60 and still get carded. I know you’re used to blatant and outrageous lies as a Kaybot, but you may have OD’d on the Kool Aid if you think anyone is believing that whopper!

    1. Cynthia

      I’m a pharmacist and I can tell you not all dermatologists actually take the time to research MK brand. The brand is just fine with no ingredients that Lancôme, Estee and others don’t also have. My dermatologist is impressed with the MK line and the research behind the development of products. To each his own.

      I am a kaybot as you affectionately call us, but I enjoy it. My Director and National have NEVER encouraged front loading … ever and my director missed Cadillac by only $13000 and nope she didn’t buy the rest…. I dropped out 25 years ago due to a director like that, rejoined under a great ethical woman and am happy. I try all the brands in my drugstore and have not been so impressed that I changed to L’Oréal or any other, and I get a discount. But I have a bone to pick with corporations. Buying from a consultant in any DSA company is literally supporting a small business person. I know, you don’t believe MK is a small business, but I literally sell products to consumers who reorder… and close to replacing half my income which I will use to retire in a few years. Yeah you have to sell a ton to gross 35% but it’s doable with the right I honestly am surprised more people don’t sell $50,000 a year or more… cause that’s what you have to sell to make a decent income.

      I have read this site since 2006. … your experiences convinced me I couldn’t replace my 6figure income, and I thank you for that. It’s reality for only a small few. And I enjoyed raising my kids instead of doing classes at night away from my kids. Now they are grown and I have restarted my biz cause I miss the girl time and yes, the pink bubble. It’s horrible what many of you went thru …. and I keep in the back of my mind all your key points…. but some of us really like the company. Now, saying that, I’m pissed about Sean Key and Jocelyn being let go… wrote a complaint yesterday. Not that it will do any good. But if you guys are right about the mentality is that of a greedy corporation (which I despise that mindset) , this company will go down, and for that I am sad for Mary Kay Ash’s memory. We are in a different culture than 1963, and the days of owning your own business in any field is about gone. My dream was to own my own drugstore like my grandfather. When independents started selling out to CVS (SuperX back then) I started searching for something else. I hate that healthcare is a “corporate mindset” today… not truly focused on people. That’s what I like about MK … connecting with people.

      Enough of my rant. I do enjoy reading the posts that are not full of piss and vinegar, and I do keep in mind your key points.

      1. BestDecision

        For years, MK lied to us saying they didn’t test on animals. Then, they changed TimeWise’s formula overnight with no advance warning. They’ve hidden Sean Key’s mugshot for drunken driving. Now, they’re hiding all the layoffs and distribution closings from every single one of you.

        I drove pink Cadillacs and wore diamond bar pins, and it sickens me to my core. The lies and egos are too much for anyone’s mental health, and I happily taped my boxes shit and sent it all back.

        Here’s a little tip: Trust your senses. The fact that you’ve been in here for 14 years tells us all that something is amiss. Don’t give them another penny of your money.

      2. MultiLevelMoneylosing

        Meh. There’s no comparison between MK and a modern skincare line that’s transparent about their actives and what percentage they’re in, like The Ordinary or Paula’s Choice. There’s also no comparison between the cheap ingredients (baking soda, fragrance) in their “natural” line vs the high quality oils in a brand like Drunk Elephant.

        MK is just so late to the party on this and the topical vitamin C, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, retinoids ect that other brands offer, often at a lower price, are just so much more effective than than the mineral oil and glycerine MK products have as top ingredients.

      3. PeachyNotPink

        ” I literally sell products to consumers who reorder… and close to replacing half my income which I will use to retire in a few years.”
        There is a lot of Mary Kay Math going on with Cynthia. In order for her net $50,000 with a 35% profit margin (mentioned in her post), she would have to sell $142,857 in retail product (50,000/.35). Which means she’s claiming to “sell” $11,905 in product each month.

        Then she says “Yeah you have to sell a ton to gross 35% but it’s doable with the right I honestly am surprised more people don’t sell $50,000 a year or more… cause that’s what you have to sell to make a decent income.” Except $50,000 x .35 = $17,500 . That is hardly an “executive income”.

        So which is it Cynthia? Do you sell gross retail of $50,000/year and net $17,500 or do you sell $142,857 gross retail and net $50,000?

        We would love to see your Schedule C as proof of your “selling” success. Tracy will black out all identifying information for privacy reasons.

        1. Cynthia

          My mistake… I was not saying I grossed $50,000 year…. I was referring to how few sell 50K retail … because that’s what is needed minimum to make minimum wage…. Once again, anger…. which is why I don’t post on here much. You just solidified that I shouldn’t again. Hope you are nicer in person.

          And BestDecision, I appreciate your comment and I do listen to my senses…. it’s why I didn’t keep pursuing MK full time years ago hoping it would replace my income. That was back when Dacia was rising to the top and rumor was her downline was selling products at docks for cheap to ship elsewhere or something like that. It made me cringe. You can totally cheat your way to the top and get recognition … like that cruise they had last year… you could order enough to get on that ship…. but how would you feel once there? knowing you cheated? for some I guess they think it’s worth it. I haven’t been a Director, for reading what you guys have gone thru, never wanted that headache. I just like having something that is fun and easy .. not stressful. You talk of the lies and egos…. that part I haven’t seen, but you reached a level where people are different…. sad… and women can be vicious. Many on here pounce like a tiger …. this should be a place where people can express thoughts and not be attacked. Not everyone has the same experience.

          1. Char

            Do you think the getaway driver working with a gang of thieves should be condemned? Even if the driver is just doing it for FUN?!

            I don’t understand why a seemingly intelligent person would support a scam that exploits other women. You admit you read the articles here. Is nothing getting through? Or, is your little bit of fun more important than all the women that are harmed by MK?

            Mary Kay does not thrive without exploiting women, as they are an MLM company. That means they use a corrupt method, and you admittedly support that. I’m sorry, but the “company” you keep sucks, and that is a reflection on you.

            And, I’ll be the first to admit with no apologies. I absolutely have anger toward MLMers. I also have anger toward child abusers, wife beaters, drunk drivers, etc., as it’s the same principle of disgust against certain things people do. I’m sure some abusers get personal enjoyment and fun out of hitting others. That’s no excuse. And the person who supports that or enables them isn’t much better!

            “Many on here pounce like a tiger …. this should be a place where people can express thoughts and not be attacked. Not everyone has the same experience.” –

            How about we discuss the pros and cons of being an abuser? Maybe share your thoughts on how it’s just a past time for them, and they only do it a little bit? Let’s compare the ones who only give black eyes, but don’t break bones. (And no, I haven’t been abused. It’s an example to help you understand.)

            You either are an MLMer, or you’re not.

          2. PeachyNotPink

            Cynthia, your back pedalling and changing story is quite frustrating. You state that you make six figures as a pharmacist. You state that you are close to earning half of that through MK by actually selling product (no recruiting). You state making 35% profit. When I question your math on that. I am accused of being angry. No, Hun, I’m trying to learn the facts.

            Easy math: six figures starts at $100,000. So based on your claims, I assumed you were making a minimum of $50,000 just by selling to actual retail customers. If you truly profited $50,000 by only selling product at a 35% profit, you would have to sell $142k in product each year just to make $50,000.

            So, I’m asking you nicely, what is the gross retail you actually sell each year and what us your net profit from that?

      4. Lazy Gardens

        “Buying from a consultant in any DSA company is literally supporting a small business person.” … no, it isn’t. Buying a starter kit does not make you a small business owner, it makes you a commission-only sales rep with no benefits. Most of that money goes to support the multi-million/billion dollar company and its management, commission to several layers of non-local upline, and only part of the commission to the consultant ends up circulating in the community.

        In contrast, my local Walmart pays hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in SALARY to the employees, who spend it locally.

    2. roo2

      Haha Peachy! I was thinking the same thing! all skincare lines are topical. Another clueless consultant… and some of those ladies need to lay off the botox Cindy Williams comes to mind her eyebrows are about to be in her hairline. But I guess the Timewise must be really “working”

  6. ragtopcutlas

    Many retail stores in my area have trained their employees to card everyone.
    Is anyone capable of offering criticism without harsh, judgemental remarks? Oh wait,
    that would require independent thinking supported by facts, not simply reciting trite, overused phrases. And please do not try to educate the members of this site
    (who are well read & knowlegable) on income tax law with incorrect statements.

    Happy Friday everyone!

  7. Cindylu

    Wonder where MK products are actually made? Probably China which is where most products are made these days. If so then why would MK products be any better than drug store brands? After all they have been training women to lie about the products for years. For this mlm it’s all about profit profit profit. If they don’t care about their IBC’s, then why would they care about the quality of their products. The cheaper it is to make the products. More profit for the heirs etc.

    1. Lazy Gardens

      Rumor has it that they are using various contract manufacturers because the EXPENSIVE facility they built in Texas is not ready yet. Don’t know what the problems are, but it’s not being used for making product, it’s just sitting there sucking money out of the consultants.

  8. J

    Chase just announced they’re ending their partnership with mk (you know the awesome company that’s doing so well).

    Guess everyone’s credit cards are maxed out, and they can’t get a credit line increase bc their husband’s were able to quit their jobs.

    I’m also glad she didn’t say anything rude and condescending—like name calling or expressing she thinks a woman’s value is tied strictly to her appearance. You know the type of reaction you’d expect from someone under 21.

    1. Char

      “We’re committed to building a future that’s healthier, greener, and sustainable for generations to come.”

      They’re environmentally friendly alright. Nothing like getting a fake “sales force” who are really the buying force to purchase thousands worth of products only to be given to the dump to rot. That’s a lot of plastic bottles and compacts!

      I’m going to go out on a limb and say that scams without a product vs. scams with a cover product like Mary Kay are actually kinder to the environment.

      When the “opportunity” drives the motive for purchasing, and true desire for the product is secondary, many bad things happen. Welcome to MLM. If the product could hold it’s own in the retail market, the company wouldn’t need/use the MLM system and attach the lure of an opportunity to make sales.

      What a bunch of crooks AND destroyers of the environment – now that I think about it.

      1. Ruby Slippers

        Yes it’s all rotting in someone’s basement. Once I had a 15 year customer offer me products that were in her basement for 15 years. She said she had 3000 worth of MK… So probably a star order . I told her throw it away.

  9. SpaceMonkeyMafia

    Wow, I’ve heard plenty of Mary Kays’ drones on here defending their companies terrible practices and mindlessly repeating propaganda. But you’re just a sad little attention-seeking narcissistic bully. Your entire post is just assumptions and outright lies about an entire group of strangers that you’ve never met, and know nothing about. I also LOVE how all of you living Mary Kay billboards, ignore all of your own “principles” when it’s convenient for you. For example, you’re told to stay away from this website all together, instead you post on it. Mary Kay is supposed to believe in the value of building up womens’ confidence, and fostering comradery. You just spent several paragraphs calling every woman who does not use Mary Kay products insulting names, telling them how ugly and old they look (or will look), and just insulting them in general. Not to mention for a company who claims to work off of Christian values, you seem to have no trouble passing Judgement on everyone, even people you don’t know.

    I’m honestly a little confused as to whether you’re here to defend MK, or if your just so insecure and self-absorbed that you need an entire website full of people (that you don’t even like BTW) to look down on and insult from your high horse, while bragging like you’re Gods’ gift to humanity. Speaking of God BTW, he’s the only one who sits up high enough to judge others, you’d do well to remember that.

    In a very small way I’m actually just sad for you. How miserable, jealous, and Insecure does a person need to be, when the only way they can feel happiness is to continue bullying people into their 60’s just to feed their ego. I mean…the proudest moment of your entire self-absorbed ego stroking story. was getting asked to show ID to buy booze (A clerk ID’d my 74 year old grandma for cigarettes the other day, and she looks every bit her age). You have to be diluted enough that you believe your own lies. If you were truly as content with your life as you say, you wouldn’t need to tear us down to make yourself feel better. People who go to this extent to appear perfect to people they don’t even know have serious inadequacy issues.

    If you’re supposedly so confident why are you…. on a site you CAN’T stand, trying to impress people you DON’T like, judging the looks of people you’ve NEVER seen, ASSUMING you’re more attractive than the rest of us, While advertising a brand this entire site is AGAINST?! (Confident, well-adjusted people don’t do that).

    However, the part of me that doesn’t feel bad for you, wants to say, you are by far the Ugliest person on this entire site. Even if everyone else here was bucktoothed, bow-legged, and covered in warts, you would still be the ugliest. Truly beautiful women know that we don’t need to tear each other apart and cut one another down to feel beautiful. We are so much stronger when we stand together and support each other. No matter how beautiful you are on the outside, if you have a toxic, nasty personality it will make you an ugly person to the rest of the world. And there’s always Makeup, Botox, Photoshop, etc. if you want to change your physical appearance, but theres no cure for a hideous personality.

    The women on this site are simply trying to help save others from the terrible experiences with Mary Kay that they went through. I know you say that you do just fine with it, but you also have a full time job at a law office, it’s not as though you’re solely supporting yourself with this. And at least they back up their statements with research and evidence anytime theres any availible. Mary Kay simply flat out lies, and tries to prevent anyone from doing their own research, or speaking freely if they have questions or concerns. Pinktruth (unlike MK) allows a fair open platform where anyone is allowed to share their thoughts, even critics with less than kind things to say. So how about you grow up & stop hating other women who’s only crime is having confidence and the ability to form their own thoughts.

    P.S. It looks like you’re the ONLY one here that has no Guts, plenty of people wrote back to you, and I don’t see you continuing the fight YOU picked. Coward.

  10. Briana

    Just because your day job sucks doesn’t mean the rest of our jobs do. I only have to work 40 hours per week. I made $16 an hour as my starting salary, and got a raise after one year. I get an obscene amount of paid vacation and sick time per year (which doesn’t expire, btw) and I began earning it on day one. A year and a half later and I had over 100 hours of accumulated sick time. I took two vacations within the past year, for a total of two and a half weeks off, and I still have nearly a full week built up. I also get 10 paid holidays off per year (including my birthday). I got a $1,000 bonus this summer after having worked there for one year. My team is amazing and supportive, my boss encourages us to practice self-care, I get cost reimbursements, etc… honestly, I could go on and on.
    And the real kicker? I am only 25. This was my first job outside of food service. And I have a guaranteed, consistent paycheck every two weeks. And I get to work in a field where I get to ACTUALLY empower women, unlike you with your shitty attitude.
    So yeah. Sorry your “day job” sucks ass. Not our fault you chose a shitty one with no benefits. That’s no reason to take the risk of going into thousands of dollars of debt for something that will not pay off for the vast majority of those who join. ACTUAL good jobs exist, you just have to go look for them.

    1. Briana

      Oh yeah, and when I have to get off my parents’ health insurance at the end of this year, I will have health insurance provided through my work. And they pay the premium.
      (I mean hey, as long as we’re flexing here…)
      So yeah. I’m not bitter, sweetie. I can just see through your bullshit.

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