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There Is No Secret to Mary Kay

The universe is going to get us for being so negative!

I’ve been in MK for 15 years and it’s been a very positive and totally enriching experience for me and my family as a single mom. It’s just too bad that you obviously have nothing better to do than send negativity out into the universe. With all that negativity going out there you will get it back. It’s called the Law of Cause and Effect, you’re making the cause and will get the effect.

I think your intent may be to help others but there is no secret to all that you’ve written. The marketing plan isn’t a pyramid because team building is a choice. Mary Kay Ash designed this business so that if all you wanted to do is make money from sales, you definitely could. It eliminates all the problems that come from consultants and directors from money problems.

You obviously don’t understand the concept of being your own retailer and providing immediate customer service to your customers. I’ve done it both ways by choice and spent too much time, energy and gas placing orders and setting up deliveries, then delivering product. When you tear apart the scripts, you’re tearing apart Mary Kay Ash’s own words of how to work in direct sales before she even created the company.

You know, Mary Kay, Inc. has no control over the few who have used this business for advancement using non-MK principles and have obviously somehow hurt or burned some people’s feelings, like yours. Neither do they have control over those like you, who trash the good that has come from this business.

It’s sad that you feel so strongly a need to use your time to perpetuating this negativity. Post this comment, won’t you? That would be being honest. Give a fair view of the whole picture.


  1. BestDecision

    Oh, but MK Inc. does have control over closing an entire market with no notice, don’t they? And, they have control over changing TimeWise’s formula overnight and not giving advance notice so people could sell through them, right?

    Could you tell us exactly how much NET PROFIT you make “just” selling the product? You’re probably filing your 2019 taxes and have that final figure fresh on your mind. Post that response, won’t you? That would be being honest. Give a fair view of the whole picture.

    1. TRACY

      Closing a market sucks for the consultants and directors. But MK has made the whole thing so much worse by HOW they did it. No notice to the sales force. Shutting down the website immediately so no one can get their records. Giving them only 30 days to return their products.

      Mary Kay is a terrible company, and this just shows their true colors. I wonder how many U.S. consultants and directors are paying attention?

    2. Martha

      I has been a Mary Kay Consultant for 15 years. I sell my products and make good profits. I love the product, the company and the values that MK has, I was a Director for a while, I attended the New Directors Training and they are honest with you. I love my MK!

      1. TRACY

        Tell us more about these “good profits.” How much do you sell each month? By that I mean:

        How much at suggested retail, minus discounts, equals what customers are paying you.

        And then what is your monthly profit?

  2. PeachyNotPink

    Oh, Hun, what you’re referencing is actually called “The Law of Attraction” and it’s complete hooey. You get in equal proportion what you put out into the world. “Cause and Effect” is actually much closer to the truth of what MK does. The lies, pressure to front load, etc. is the cause. The effect is that 99% IBC’s don’t make money, go into debt, and cause damage to their relationships.

    And I find it really disturbing that you revere the scripts like Gospel. As if, by Pink Truth pointing out the flaws, lies, and manipulation in the scripts we are tearing apart some holy religious document. So when they say that in MK it is “Faith first…” what is really being said is “bow down before the great Goddess Mary Kay Ash.” Hun, you may be in a cult….

  3. Not a Bot

    Truth isn’t negativity. If I tell my (hypothetical) friend to stay away from drugs because they are dangerous and addicting, that would be telling the truth. She may say I am being negative because drugs give her a high and make her feel good. That is true, I am being ‘negative’ by telling her that drugs are addicting, dangerous, expensive and a drug habit can ruin her relationships and end her life. However, that is the truth and I would want to protect my friend from long term harm.

    Telling people the facts about MLMs may be perceived as ‘negative’ only because the facts are negative. If it is true that nearly all people lose money and time with MLMs, then it is a bad thing to be involved with one. Like avoiding drugs, staying away from MLMs and how great they seem on the surface will save people from wasting time, debt, and feeling enslaved to a ‘dream’ that won’t happen.

  4. Coralrose

    Not related to this specific article, but is anyone familiar with NSD Kay Elvrum? She was the NSD of my area before I got out, and she seemed likeable & down to earth. Of course, she’s a NSD, so…. ??
    Her daughter is a MK director, too.
    My guess is that Kay had a lot of money before she started MK.
    Any info or stories about her would be appreciated. ?

  5. Mountaineer95

    “You obviously don’t understand the concept of being your own retailer”

    No, SHE obviously doesn’t understand the concept of retail at all, because if she did, she’d know that NO good retailer would intentionally recruit their best customers to set up shop nearby and compete with them. Full profit margins into small percentages of the competitors’ wholesale instead. Nothing about Mary Kay is based on basic, sensible RETAIL practices. Unless of course you consider the IBC and Directors as the ACTUAL retail customers of MK. Then it makes sense.

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