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Spending a Lifetime Spreading Negativity

Pam Perkins has some things to tell us. After visiting Pink Truth repeatedly, she needs us to know how successful she has been in Mary Kay. She left the below as a comment on the article asking why Kelly Brock left Mary Kay.

I have watched this over the years. Never commented. Today is the last day I will come here. I asked myself, “why would someone spend a lifetime spreading negativity about one company when there are certainly multi level businesses that deserve it more.” Well, I see the advertisements all over this site so all I can think is that it is money-related. Every time one of us come here, cha-ching.

I love my Mary Kay career. Was trained by Mary Kay herself. During a year of amputation earned $80,000, drove a Cadillac and that didn’t include my sales. Regarding weekly sheets. I have well over 100 people and five turn in those sheets and I have never turned in one and I have been in the court of sales eight times selling every piece of product I bought.

Have you read the Harvard study? Do you know the #1 National in the world is a Harvard graduate? Do you ever look for anything good? I have earned 19 cars with 38 years of driving Mary Kay cars in my 39 years.

Just because it doesn’t work for those of you who come on here and gripe doesn’t mean it doesn’t work for those of us who wouldn’t give up. I now do it in a wheelchair with one leg and I am still making it. I’m not as fast as I use to be, maybe not as good, but I believe when you change an outer look on a woman you change an inner feeling. In 39 years there have been more good times than bad.

But ask yourself as you read this garbage (and that is what it is). Why would someone spend their life trashing one company? She tried it and didn’t make it? Know people who tried it and didn’t make it? Doesn’t understand that Mary Kay or any other company isn’t for everyone. Apple isn’t for everyone. Facebook the company isn’t for everyone.

You have to find your niche in life. There is one thing I know. No one has ever come through my life that has not left with more confidence and pursued other dreams that came true. I have them come up to me and thank me for the influence I had in their lives.

I challenge everyone that comes here, look for joy not junk. I pray for you all that you find the company that works for YOU! Also, as a director we are under contract. If anyone chooses to pursue another company, they cannot use Mary Kay as the base of contacts. Therefore, they have to take one or the other. We are under contract. That is why they leave. They believe they have a calling helping people in other ways. Some will some won’t so what.

Everyone has a brain to decide what is best for them. I salute everyone who does. Goodbye to all of you who keep reading this trash. Personally, I love my Lord, Mary Kay the person, and Mary Kay the company. Through breast cancer, 40 surgeries on my leg, and amputation they have stood by me. I have never held another job in 39 years.

Dear Pam…. A few pieces of information to help you understand more about Pink Truth. Thank you, by the way, for being such a loyal reader all these years.

  • I don’t “spend a lifetime spreading negativity.” This is an interest of mine that I do in my spare time.
  • No, it’s not about the money. In fact, I’ve put thousands of dollars of my own money into creating, maintaining, and defending this website. The advertising is used to help defray the costs, but it doesn’t even cover the cost of hosting (which is expensive because we get so many visitors).
  • Mary Kay seemed to work so well for you. So why is it that you’re not a NSD? Did you not try hard enough? How much have you saved for retirement from your Mary Kay earnings?
  • My niche in life is fraud investigation. This is what a real business looks like.
  • I’m sorry you think this site is trash. It has helped thousands of women who want the real facts about Mary Kay. They just want their money back. They just want to know the truth about this loser of an “opportunity.”
  • You made money because hundreds of women you recruited lost a bunch of money. There is no honor in that.


  1. Lazy Gardens

    “Have you read the Harvard study?” You mean the one where they analyzed Mary Kay Ash’s ability to get an unpaid sales force working hard for her with just trinkets and competing for status?

    “Do you know the #1 National in the world is a Harvard graduate? ” With an MBA, so she is absolutely 100% aware of the con she is perpetrating. And much of her lifestyle can be credited to her husband’s successful contracting business, not her NSD efforts.

  2. NayMKWay

    Dear Pam:

    Let’s break it down, shall we?

    “Why would someone spend a lifetime spreading negativity about one company when there are certainly multi level businesses that deserve it more.”

    Um, 13 years is not a lifetime, and your rhetorical question is entirely irrelevant. You aren’t any better just because someone else is worse. Moral relativism is not a pass for unethical behavior.

    Honestly, Pam, your letter reads like The Narcissist’s Manifesto. It’s all about you, right Pam? What about the hundreds of women who joined your downline, lost money paying for your cars, and dropped out poorer for having known you? You learned from Mary Kay Ash herself, you say? I’m not surprised, since you seem equally unmoved as she was by the plight of all those who “came in the front door and went out the back,” as Ash put it.

    “I have earned 19 cars with 38 years…”

    I don’t think scamming other women into paying for your pink ride counts as earning so much as using other people.

    “…Mary Kay or any other company isn’t for everyone.”

    Now, that’s an interesting comment, because we hear that a lot, but never from Consultants or Directors trying to recruit others. No, during the courting period, there is no mention of “This might not be for you.” Instead, every objection is met with, “That’s why you NEED Mary Kay!” None of the Mary Kay scripts mention being selective in recruiting; they’re just lists of how to manipulate every possible personality type (D.I.S.C., anyone?) into signing up. It’s only after they get run over by the Mary Kay machine that you blame the victim with, “Well, Mary Kay isn’t for everyone.” Which of the D.I.S.C. people have you ever turned away, Pam?

    “Everyone has a brain to decide what is best for them.”

    Sure, but they need a complete set of data to decide wisely. Mary Kay is never going to reveal the negatives up front; that’s why they NEED Pink Truth. It’s here they will learn the realities of hidden costs, the pressure to buy too much inventory, the fact that the “free” car is far from free, the wretchedly long hours, what the average pay really is, etc., etc.

    If Mary Kay didn’t lie all the time, there would be no need for Pink Truth. You want Pink Truth to go away? Start telling the truth yourselves.

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