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Recruiting Lies in Mary Kay

If you’ve spent any time in or around Mary Kay (or any other mutli-level marketing company, for that matter), you’re familiar with the recruiting lies that are told. There are plenty of scripts used to mislead, and earnings claims make it seem like ANYONE can make lots of money if only they’re willing to work hard enough. If you’re a Pink Truth fan, you know that more than 99% of people lose money in MLM, and for the few that do make money, they’re lucky to make minimum wage.

The whole goal with recruiting into an MLM is to make an alluring picture of the income you *could* make, and draw attention away from the flawed structure and the almost guaranteed loss of money. Among the lies that are commonly told:

  • Residual income – You can make money on an ongoing basis from people you recruit. This expands your earning power beyond your personal efforts. You’re no longer a wage slave in corporate America.
  • Continuous income (without continuous work) – Our products are consumable! Your customers will need to purchase them again and again. You will keep making sales after that initial selling appointment… with virtually no work on your part!
  • Unlimited earning potential – You can make much more than your current profession! Just look at those at the top of the pyramid, who are making tens of thousands of dollars a month. (They will show you how easy it is if you recruit five people, and they each recruit five, and the chain keeps going.)
  • Early retirement – You (or your spouse!) can retire now from your profession, and you will have this continuous income stream from the people in your sales organization. You are set for life!
  • Freedom and flexibility – You are no longer constrained by a job. Your time is yours! You have no boss! You work when and how you want to. You can be at home with your children instead of working. You can travel whenever you like.
  • Security – In an uncertain economy (inflation, downsizing, wage stagnation), you are protected from all of that. You are self-sufficient and control your own financial destiny.
  • Low risk – The initial investment is low and there is a money back guarantee. You have almost no risk!
  • Anyone can do it – You don’t need any special skills. Anyone can succeed if they’re willing to work hard.

We all recognize the lies. You’re not retired, you’re CONSTANTLY working in MLM. No matter how much work you do, or how well you follow all the instructions, you still don’t have a reasonable chance of making a viable, full-time income. You will work many hours, doing many undesirable things (cold calling, stalking people in Target, attending networking events, approaching strangers at Starbucks), and you still won’t turn a profit. The big money is achieved by almost no one. Only the select few at the very top of the pyramid make the executive income that you’re shown, and you have almost no chance of making it there.


    1. TRACY

      For sure recruiting will be way down. They’ll still get some with the lies about “make money from home” and promoting the idea of a backup source of income. But too many people won’t have the money to sign up and won’t want to put it on a credit card when they’re unemployed or uncertain about their jobs. Even when they do get people to sign up, they will have a tough time getting anyone to buy thousands of dollars of inventory.

  1. morningstar

    Do you think directors, NSDs and whomever will be imploring MK to relax the rules, as in production, minimum orders, paying retail taxes on 50% wholesale buying (my special irk) during this time? Read the retail news all; cosmetics sales are down. Estee Lauder has reported to Forbes a downward revision in their 2020 sales outlook. Stated here, our needs can be quickly met with a lipstick of our choice quickly if needed. No reason to speak to consultant etc. especially the chirpy and/or the fake empathy driven personalities.

    Please release our Universe from this MLM!

    1. BestDecision

      They will! The only time I saw MK relax on unit maintenance or DIQ requirements was Oct. 2001. That was a catastrophic terrorist event where we were under attack, so I don’t know if they’ll weigh this as heavily. People should be posting that kind of messaging any day now if so.

  2. MLM Radar

    Security. Nope.

    Remind me again about how much security the thousands of consultants in Australia and New Zealand had when MK shut them all down permanently with absolutely no notice.

    If you were a real Independent business owner, your supplier wouldn’t have the authority to shut you down.

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