No One Is Forced to Order Inventory

A friendly note from a Pink Truth critic:

To whom ever,
Its sad to see former Directors and consultant bring down am oppurtunity like a job. No one put a gun to your head to sign an agreement. We sign agreements to belong to discount whole sellers this isnt any different. Except we have the rights as independent consultants to sell the products or purchase for ourself.

These few unhappy former Directors/ condultsnts complain because it isnt easy nothing in life is easy you have to work hard. Yes there might be some NSD am Directors only thing of themself but there are far more that are truely dedicated snd are very loving.

As far as re orders and inventory you are NEVER forced to have one its just convient. Women like instant gradification. Besides if you are the few with the Directors that push you, we as consultant understant the wrod NO!! So use it. The NSD and Director push you if you ask for it.. Dont make the Legacy of this Beautiful company be bad mouth by a few that didnt give it a try to work.

I made money, I earned a ring for court of sales. I never purchased anything I didnt have already sold.

For those few it doesnt matter what you do in life you would find something to compain about it!!!


  1. BestDecision

    Your Court of Sales ring equates to you profiting LESS than if you worked at Target or Hobby Lobby. If you had no expenses, that would Bess < $700/month net profit.

    Since you “made money”, please go buy some grammar classes. It’s hard to give you credibility.

    1. The Patient Whisperer

      *standing ovation* 👏🏼👏🏼
      Attempting to decipher that insufferable mess was painful. I’m actually a little embarrassed *for* her. 🤦🏼‍♀️
      Not to mention how difficult, if not impossible, it is to take something seriously which is so poorly written. Yikes.

    2. MLM Radar

      it isnt easy nothing in life is easy you have to work hard.
      You’d have more people take you seriously if you worked harder on your spelling and grammar skills. I’m willing to bet that your math skills aren’t any better, which explains why you believe you’re successful at MK.

      You can take classes at your community college to fix that problem.

      1. MLM Radar

        By the way, Walmart is hiring right now, and education money is part of their employee benefits. It’s a win-win for you, OP.

        Compare Walmart to trying to peddle MK when few people have extra cash and absolutely nobody wants strangers in their homes. You’re much better off as a Walmart “wage slave” than you are running up credit card bills pushing products few people want.

    1. NayMKWay

      “To whom ever, [sic]
      “Its [sic] sad to see former Directors and consultant [sic] bring down am [sic] oppurtunity [sic] like a job.”

      I don’t know . . . doing that kind of feels like we’re picking on this poor victim. I even left out a [sic], since “whom ever” is a twofer (it should be one word and it should be capitalized).

      I’m with Char (see below); I feel sorry for this one.

    1. janniemk

      MultiLevelMoneyLosing I’m a boomer, and across the board, most of us have received a better education than this OP displays. I resent your assuming that this person belongs to my generation. Oh, by the way, your post should read:

      “OK (barely literate), boomer.

          1. NayMKWay

            I have to side with Tracy on this one; the comma should go after the “OK” or “Okay” because otherwise it divides the modifier “(barely literate)” from the noun “boomer.”

            You can say, “OK, big guy,” but you wouldn’t say “OK big, guy.”

            Plus, Tracy remembered the closing quotation mark. She wins the Internet today.

            1. The Patient Whisperer

              Oh, the irony…😂
              No, janniemk, it CANNOT be “either way.”
              There’s an old quote: “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.”

  2. Char

    I feel sorry for this one. Nearly every word of her email is just repeating crap upline leaders spew out. She is clearly not well-educated, and the way she conveyed her pride of winning the ring makes me question her background. I suspect she has had a difficult life, and her reference to leaders being “loving” also raises flags. JMHO, and I could obviously be wrong.

    If true, this is only one of the reasons I despise successful MLMers. They are scammers that prey on the vulnerable and turn them into zombies.

  3. pinkblacksheep

    Few directors and consultants? There are hundreds of directors and thousands of consultants who have experienced this even in the past few months. Over the course of the company we’re talking millions of women manipulated and exploited for a buck. One of the reasons I was that I could no longer deny that my “good” months and ny “highest check” months were those when I felt gross afterwards because of how many women I had manipulated into signing up and buying inventory after telling them what I had been told. That it would sell itself. Full time income for part time pay. Stay home with kids. BS.

  4. morningstar

    People have so much array to purchase for inventory. Note that most cosmetic lines do not have the quantity of products in the line. This proliferates consultant buying to cover the possibilities. Then a glut of inventory is available (based on the stockpiling) on amazon and ebay for sale.

    Ironically, the directors etc. who push the orders will tell a consultant and customers not to purchase product from these venues as it is old on amazon and ebay. They did this themselves – to the MK world – by the flooding of products on the 2nd tier market. I told my customers to get what they love from MK using ebay and amazon.

    Direct shipping to consultants is another way to get money. Why do they have to have propay? More money into MK pockets. Why the MK cc, more money parting to MK.

    Why is this business model in work in todays’ market? Guess what it will be tanking all the way to seminar and beyond.

    I am sure we all have good ideas to salvage the company but why should they, corporate all getting ready to cut and run. NSDs know something, hence distancing stances and quitting the game. Close AU and NZ and pretend it isn’t a global problem MK sales down the tube.

  5. raisinberry

    “These few unhappy former Directors/ condultsnts complain because it isnt easy ”

    Is this projection? Cause where have any of us said, It had to be easy? Oh Wait.. I remember where I heard “easy”…every RECRUITING pitch I was ever given, every Guest event, every Seminar….”All you do is smile and squirt”.

    1. Phoebe's Mom

      Right? All potential fish on the line are told how the products sell themselves, go ahead and spend a small fortune on your inventory because everything will just fly off the shelves, you’ll still have most of your time to spend with your family, work just a few hours a week, it goes on and on and on. The only time we hear ‘no one put a gun to your head and it’s hard work’ is when someone comes here to whine about people outing the real truth of the MK scam.

      The ‘no one put a gun to your head’ must be in one of MK’s official scripts because it’s in dang near every single critical post. I can totally see a shady director saying it to someone who spent $3600 on inventory (at the urging of said director), is still stuck with 95% of it 6 months later and is either asking for help to unload it or has seen the light and is *gasp* complaining about it.

  6. BestDecision

    May Applause is out:
    Only 52 NSDs have made $70,000 or more since July.
    Only 6 are on target for Inner Circle (normal is about 13).
    Linda Toupin’s daughter, Katie, had the #1 unit for retail production in all of her division in January (for doing nothing).
    Only 19 debuted as new Directors in January out of the entire Ruby division.
    Only 2 people in the entire company finished Grand Achiever in January.
    A unit only doing $17,000 wholesale made it into the Top 500 for January production.
    A Director with only a $5,630 commission check made it into the Top 500 checks.
    MK is promoting Seminar by showing how 4 parties a week (Who does that every week?) could give $480 to help pay for Seminar in 4 months.
    Among the monthly Go Give award winners is a Director who has been in since 1977–43 years—and only has 1 offspring Director.

      1. morningstar

        WOW thank you! Something is up, NSDs distancing etc. AU NZ shut down, and I am sure that inventory returns floods US market.

        Order that stuff now! Our warehouses are ready.
        I would say 6 months after seminar is good time to close this sham down. Corporate could make the year end money and reap what they can for the fall and….hopefully we wil see MK on ebay and amazon only. Go away MK.

  7. Juliet

    Wow, Colleen, your bright eye there rang a huge bell for me!! I KNEW there was something especially creepy beyond the sociopathic babble!! Creeps the hell out of me as I instantly perceived the babbler as REALLY young, or just very poorly guided through school, but still no more than early 30s. Probably totally wrong, just that “sense” we all have to create when reading. But THE PAST TENSE OF IT ALL….I know people just like this. They tell on themselves in speaking but so subtly it takes actually paying attention to catch exactly that kind of thing. Thank you so much for putting that disquiet at the back of my mind to rest!

    Regarding four a week parties being regaled as normal and possible to earn your fees for seminar IN FOUR MONTHS? I absolutely have to round that up to a solid $2000 based on the recklessness of a pressured environment combined with business and keeping up with the bots vibe, and omg $2000 for what sounds like a pressure cooker of nothing more than extreme boredom highlighted with jealousy, backstabbing defense on high, horrible food unless you pay for outside food [is that allowed?], and a dangerous, dreadful capped-off evening of straddling stairs in stilettos and floor length gowns. I really couldn’t be paid to watch such a pageant unless I was babysitting a totally princess-struck child on Miss America night. What an insult.

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