Secret to Success: Churn DIQs Fast

Are you wondering how the latest and greatest Mary Kay national sales directors got there? It’s simple. They churned DIQs (directors in qualification) fast and furious. Those who don’t make it to director really don’t matter because there are plenty of others trying. (And even though some don’t finish DIQ, they add thousands to the unit’s production so it’s still a win for the wanna-be national.)

The secret lies in the momentum that you build from all those DIQs. It gets others excited and makes the dream easier to sell. When people on their level quickly move up to “big girl” status and now qualify to do the Director Secret Handshake, it makes more consultants want to move up too (and do anything to make it happen… cha-ching!).

But getting that momentum is very difficult because the numbers in MLMs are so heavily against you . You might hear an NSD saying she got five names a day, every day. That’s 35 a week, or 1,820 names a year. It took that NSD about three years to get to the top of they pyramid, so that’s almost 5,500 people who had to be warm chattered stalked. That’s a lot of people to have to stalk on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis to move to the top of the pyramid.

And it’s not just about getting those names. It’s about getting them to “listen to the marketing plan,” sign up for Mary Kay, buy a big inventory package, and start recruiting victims of their own.

Mary Kay directors are fond of saying that keeping directorship is like trying to fill a bathtub with water while the drain is open. As fast as the water goes in, it’s going right back out. As fast as you can recruit new victims into your Mary Kay unit, consultants are leaving. (And hopefully they’re leaving even faster now, thanks to all the information available to consultants on sites like this.)

Below one suggestion by a “leadership coach” for churning DIQs quickly. If you can get momentum, you can get there faster. What’s the difference between the hotshot new NSD’s and those “top directors” who have been languishing just under NSDforever? The ones who got to NSD got momentum. The ones who haven’t made it there are losing directors as fast as they’re making them.

DIQ of the Month

One of the more frustrating, and very often surprising things for a new Director, is what happens when they offspring a Director themselves. It is exciting to see one of your Consultants succeed in DIQ. You’ve worked so hard to get her there, to get her through it.

You put in an enormous amount of energy and time and then – poof – they’re gone, along with all their production.

Now what? If you are like many Directors, you cycle up and cycle down by creating a situation in which you must start all over again. Although it makes you feel productive, it is ineffective in the long run. It is a stop-and-start roller coaster ride.

Think of creating offspring Directors as a continuous process – like a conveyor belt or a pipeline. Identify a Consultant each month that you want to groom for Directorship. You agree to work with her intensely to make it happen. She would need to recruit one qualified person a week for eight weeks.

So in two months, you could have a qualified DIQ. Start with one of your fast trackers. At the beginning of the next month, although you are still working with this Consultant, you identify the next one, the “DIQ of the Month,” and begin the process with her. Doing this consistently will prevent the stop-and-start cycle and give your unit progressive growth. Will there be months in which you do not have a Consultant ready to commit to Directorship? Of course. But the magic is in you mentally and literally creating the position of “DIQ of the Month” – it gives your Consultants a role to claim and causes you to think of it as a continuous process.

This may be how you can get to national sales director in Mary Kay, but make no mistake: You will leave a path of destruction behind you. The process of getting to NSD isn’t just about working hard. It’s about putting those below you in financial trouble, because the only way to move up is to get those in your pyramid to put in thousands of dollars toward products they have little hope of selling. That’s not an accomplishment.


    1. MLM Radar

      They’re counting on you to fail DIQ. When you fail all your granddaughter recruits get handed to your Director. Later, when you get frustrated and quit because you recruited all your best customers, then all your recruits also get handed to your Director.

      MK doesn’t want more Directors. They want you to keep the current Directors alive by feeding them new recruits who you’d normally keep as your own customers.

      That’s why MK Corporate keeps making it easier for you to become a DIQ.

  1. NayMKWay

    Scroll up to the “Related Posts” section and click on the “Why I Didn’t Become a Sales Director” link for a view from the perspective of a consultant. The writer, “Teresa,” said she thought her director would support her when she decided to go from being one of Director’s top sellers to DIQ. But Director wasn’t interested in helping someone who could actually achieve directorship and poof, they’re gone. Wash-outs only, please. Oh, and bad-talk your best saleswoman behind her back to keep her down in the trenches where you want her. Nice.

    A sleazy DIQ system begets sleazy behavior from a Director. Nice job, Mary Kay, you should be proud.

  2. Char

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I feel that MLM scam busters of the past have mainly focused on the fact that 99% fail in MLM. I feel that they (me) have neglected to point out “how” the 1% do make the money.

    The repercussion of that message is people attempting to be a star, committing to work hard, with the expectation of overcoming the odds in MLM. Scam buster fail, IMO. The 99% odds doesn’t dissuade them, it almost empowers them. Ugh, our fault for not completely explaining the MLM con.

    Tracy, maybe you’ve been onto this for a while, but it didn’t dawn on me until several years ago. Now, I put more focus on how the 1% that make the money instead of the 99% that fail. I’ve been trying to pass this message on, here and everywhere hoping it sticks.

    What do you think? Has this been the case in the past, and do you agree with switching the focus of the message. Obviously, still pointing out that 99% fail, but we must include how the 1% prosper – by conning the other 99%. Said here, “It’s about putting those below you in financial trouble,”

    1. NayMKWay

      It was a revelation that hit me only a few months ago: “Hey, in MLM, you’re either scamming money from others, or being scammed out of your money. It’s scam or be scammed.” Soon after, I found plenty of others who had been saying essentially the same thing for a long time, including Tracy, here and on her Sequence, Inc site.

      The sad thing is, there are plenty who are OK with making a quick buck off off others. They either minimize the issue in their own minds, or they are so narcissistic they don’t care.

  3. Peaches

    Probably off topic but…
    I bought into my ex-directors ruse. She used the term “key people” to which I was one. And of course I was so flattered that I bought more and more. And yes I recruited but I just couldn’t get over the hump. Oh well.

    At the time I was being groomed my ex-director was an EESSD – Pink Caddie and all. “We” were supposed to be on our way to national. In fact we were neck and neck with Keita Powell. But she pulled ahead and I guess we slid bac,.
    I went to her replicated MK site… she is now just a plain director (don’t know any more particulars) So… she lost family members who were SSD’s and one was an ESSD. Wow.

    Not trying to be mean but that “STRETCH” bullying BS probably was my ex-directors downfall. She was not considerate of other peoples finances.

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