Why Are You All Haters?

A short and sweet comment left last week on one of our articles:

Why are you all haters? Seems to me like you all are the mean girls looking to tear something down. I would much rather support a brand that gives back to women and cares about the environment. Not every product every company makes is the best…trust me I’ve paid a lot more for other brands than Mary Kay and hated the product.

How do you feel about this concept that Mary Kay gives back to women??? Does donating to a cause like domestic violence negate all the financial and emotional abuse that MK promotes and encourages?


      1. MLM Radar

        $20k sounds like a lot, and I’m sure it was a huge help to you.

        But for Mary Kay, $20k equaled the corporate take from pushing one or two women prematurely into Director in Qualification. The MK corporate charity is simply a veneer of benevolence that deflects attention from the massive exploitation they perform every day.

    1. The Asian Girl

      If MK really supported women and the environment, they wouldn’t have the MLM format, full stop. It’s all lip service to make the company look good. 99% of people who participate in MLMs lose money…so they obviously support the financial abuse of women. Finally, they know the consultant is the true customer and they’re laden with thousands of dollars of worthless product, mostly in plastic packaging that ends up in a landfill. How is that “caring for the environment”?

  1. Char

    Donating to domestic violence in the MK context is like the wife beater who buys her flowers the next day.

    And yes, we are haters of this scam and do want to tear it down. That’s the goal, silly. It’s what good people do when they see bad things happening. They try to put a stop to it.

  2. BestDecision

    I bet all the Australian and NZ Consultants don’t feel MK is very good to women. No income overnight with no advance warning.

    Or, how about here in the U.S. where Directors doing over half the production to maintain their Cadillacs are having to pay the FULL payment of $900/month for 3 months.

    How exactly is that a caring company?? Seems to me you think we are on here griping over poor products, which we certainly do, yet we are most passionate about the company itself and the people luring new members with lies. Please read thoroughly before judging so hastily.

      1. raisinberry

        …proving you never really “WIN a car” in Mary Kay…

        We never talk about this, but this actually builds dependence. I sold my real car after I won my 1st MK car. (Why have two). Because I thought I had actually WON it! I went on to win 4 more, but when production tanked, guess what…I had to buy it….then I went on to “win” a higher production car and then sold the grand am. Think I learned? You’d be wrong.

        1. Enorth

          ” this actually builds dependence”

          Great point. The cars and higher titles are not rewards but restraints. The reward recipient has to do more, be more, order more, recruit more, spend more, etc., just to keep the reward. It’s a pretty trap.

          1. NayMKWay

            This is why so many other MLMs do the “car thing.” It’s a way to trap their victims on the hamster wheel. Visalus (weight loss and supplements MLM, run by crooks) was really predatory that way, “qualifying” recruits for the “company car” within a month or two of their joining.

            They ended up imploding, and good riddance to them.

  3. Neverpink

    Virtue signalling is not giving back. MK produces so much product that people DON’T want, and where does that end up? Probably in landfills. If MK actually recycles unwanted product, that’d be great.

    But that doesn’t stop them from testing on animals in order to get into the Chinese market. Why are they in China? Because they’ve wrung the US dry. They need more money, so they go where the money is and do what is required to get that money. Plain and simple.

    There’s nothing “go-give” about testing on animals.

  4. roo2

    I would much rather support a brand that gives back to women and cares about the environment.

    ME TOO!!! which is why I buy from brands that do that! hahaha

    so many freaking issues

    1. the person that runs Mary Kay is not even a woman. No saying it is necessary but it really mitigates the rah rah nonsense they try to promote when a man is at the helm.

    2. encouraging product stockpiling when there is no demand. products full of sulfates, nothing is organic, lots of talc in makeup. and I doubt any of their ingredients are ethically sourced.. check out the horrors of mica mining.

    3. product bottling reboots for no reason but to encourage more product stock piling.. where does all that old product in plastic bottles go full of chemicals go??? Even the starter kit bag is an ugly petroleum product bag that is pollution for our earth. and the garbage, cellophane wrapped, ribbon tied trash to make a Mary Kay lipstick sample look appealing…. Do all Kaybots seriously hate the earth or what???

    4. the lies lies lies lies to sell anyone on this fantasy of success.

    1. morningstar

      Thank you for pointing this out. The products are full of chemicals, fragrance and herb combination. My skin changed when I got of TW and the other line they sell for older gals, No more irritation and redness. I didn’t think I could go without make up due to redness, well it was from the product. This includes my eyelids and had to see a doctor.

      If you note, the current MK ladies do not have wonderful skin after 50. It is the product that they are rubbing into the face as it sits on top. Might as well use lard.
      This stuff is junk period.

    1. Lazy Gardens

      So you would rather products be released to market with humans as the first ones to have it applied to them?

      Look up the early history of the FDA and see if you want that to come back. It’s bad enough even now with unregulated untested dietary supplements causing liver failure.

  5. MakeupLover

    A “giving” company would support its directors and consultants with company paid training, paid uniforms, and an attainable plan for earning retirement and benefits at every level. Why should an employee of the company be better off than the consultant/director who represent the brand and work their tails off? ALL the risk is laid on the consultant/director’s shoulder. That is not the hallmark of a “giving” company.

  6. Peaches

    I’m going off topic because I can’t get on the discussion board (help me Tracy please)

    Is Pamela Shaw still an NSD? I went to her site to “look” and she has this big Banner introducing her as a life coach. And she is still pushing her 90 day planner.

    As for being a hater… How about women (myself included) who have had our finances torched because not so subtle messages (more like bullying) of “STRETCH” to get the unit over the Hump. I have stretched so much my elastic lost its stretch.

    I am glad I am out… I have found that buying shoes on QVC much more enjoyable.

    1. BestDecision

      Yes, Pam Shaw is still an NSD. Still as egotistical and arrogant as ever. She’s on Instagram and is constantly posting about her physique. Watch closely, and you see her using Bobbi Brown and other brands as well as mysterious bruises that look like she’s getting injections on her face.

          1. EyesWideShutNoMore

            Are you from QC? I have a lot of questions about MK in QC…I’m told the direct selling rules are a lot more lax there which is why MLMs thrive in that province.

            1. Destiny Angel

              I live in Qc though I’m British by birth. I, personally, haven’t seen much in the way of MLMs but I can try to help as much as I can.

              The ones I see most of are Monat, It(donesn’t)Works,and Herbalife. The traditional ones, Avon, MK and Tupperwear are present though not as “vocal” for want of a better word.

              1. EyesWideShutNoMore

                I’m in ON, and when I was in MK, QC was dominating the scene. I don’t have recent information, but the last 7 NSDs when I was in were from QC.
                Nicole Bellemare, Josie D’Anjou, Mirielle Marian Morin, France Grenier, Caroline Sarrouf, Guylaine Dufour and Sonia Janelle.

                It’s weird that a province so completely opposite of Mary Kay, an uptight southern woman would embrace her philosophies and way of life.

                1. Destiny Angel

                  I recognize a couple of names. I’ve reported them to Google maps for running a business out of a private residence.

                  I think one is fairly close to me as I’ve seen the pink car locally. I was walking through a mall car park prom dress shopping with one of my daughters at the time. She asked me about MK and this woman started to edge her way over to us. When I said it was an MLM she was excited as she’d watched the John Oliver report a few days earlier and started to enthuse about seeing one in the wild.

                  As we walked past the woman, she glared at us.

          2. Meagn

            I could barely understand her. I grew up speaking European French as a second language (grandparents), and I recently began working on it again after a lapse of many years, finding that I instinctively knew more than I thought I had. And honey, that face? You’re just going to have to get your work done by someone who knows better.

        1. SoNotPink

          I admit that at times I am slow on the uptake. But the women in the video isn’t Pam Shaw, MK NSD, is she? It is a joke of some sort? I don’t get it. Is that woman in the video also named Pam Shaw, too?

      1. Tamara S

        Animal testing is unnecessary due to viable alternatives. China is the main country who insists on this barbaric practice. Many have banned animal testing with no problems, due to alternative tests that are more reliable.

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