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Did You Get This Email From Your Director?

Written by Raisinberry

I wanted to give you some insight on the behind-the-scenes life of a Mary Kay Sales director. You know… where everything is always “great” and every company event is “the best ever.” Whatever product or promotion Mary Kay has, it’s always “so awesome” and “to die for” and “you don’t want to miss it.”  Even though I’ve been out of the company a long time, I’m well aware that nothing has changed. The scripts remain the same.

Mary Kay just wrapped up Leadership Conference in Orlando last week. The event is getting smaller as the number of directors drops and more directors realize they just can’t afford to go on their minimum wage earnings.

But for those directors who went… upon returning home, they immediately send their consultants an email. I wonder how close your email was to this:

Hello Miss Consultant in my unit!

I am back from attending the Mary Kay Leadership conference and I am SO EXCITED!

You will never believe how awesome this company is and what they do to make our businesses so successful! We are in the right place at the right time ladies! And now that I am home, I am committed and focused on your success! I never want to go to Leadership again without YOU! If you would have been there with me, you would have made the decision that directorship is your goal!

If you want directorship this year, know that I will match my time with your effort! Today is the last day of the month and you can still place an order! Because it is the last day, you will need to assign it to me, and I will send it on through!

You definitely want to be focused on starting January with an order as we head to SEMINAR in these last 6 months. This is the time when we put the pedal to the metal and make big things happen for our unit! You know we are tracking the [***any goal will do***] and we need everyone on board to make this goal a reality! Can I count on you?

Keep in mind we are running the XYZ promotion and you will want to definitely qualify for that!. I will be in my office all day waiting and watching for your participation, and ready to help you make your dreams come true! See you at the TOP! I believe in you!

Your loving (and sweating bullets) director,

xxxxx xxxxx

Even if you didn’t get one of these from your director this year, I am betting money that you’ve gotten them in the past. Each time your director returns from Career Conference, Seminar, Fall Retreat, January Jumpstart, or any other rah-rah event, you can count on an email that says:

  1. Mary Kay is the greatest
  2. I’m committed to YOUR success
  3. I’ll help you with whatever goals you have (as long as they increase my production)
  4. You better place an order now

Ladies, be glad you’re out of this rat race. And if you’re not out yet, there’s no time like the present to make your real life dreams come true. Quit Mary Kay, return your inventory to get as much money back as possible, and live your life knowing you don’t have to hit up family and friends to “help you reach a goal” anymore.


  1. Ruby Slippers

    Tracy, this is off topic. Can you do another story about Australia and if any of those consultants had an y success returning product. Corp hid it in the search engine. Also why do you think Dacia is doing so many MK promos now on IG after not doing any for several months? Do you think she got an ultimatum from Corp???

    1. OnceWasMK

      I noticed the same thing with Dacia. Changed her Instagram handle and handed in her pink Escalade. But why the promoting now? We all know the business is failing and that the NSD’s DEFINITELY probably have an ultimatum lol.

      1. Ruby Slippers

        I think all NSD’s probably have an ultimatum. I noticed most all of them are promoting products. And Lily Gauthraux had changed her IG handed from NSDBliss to her name and changed it back again. Dacia even did a new “why story”

  2. cindylu

    Cannot see how they can keep this up anymore. Husbands are now home 24/7 monitoring these MK non transactions. I mean is lipstick really essential when we’ve no place to go? Isn’t it risky to be delivering this over priced stuff anyway? Anyway like Australia and New Zealand every other country should take heed and return their products immediately before MK closes a door blaming this pandemic rather than this has been train wreck mlm.

  3. raisinberry

    Since MK has always been a house of cards, a pandemic is a death knell. Seriously lurker…send your stuff back asap ’cause a run on returns could leave you in the lurch.

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