This Website is Pathetic

As a former attorney who left a very successful legal career to start a MK business over 10 years ago, I found your website to be pathetic. I can only assume you are a former consultant with a rotten attitude who had decided to profit from her bad attitude. Of course I also realize you could be a competitor using unethical marketing practices to demoralize and undermine the competition. The placement of your website in search engines makes it very clear that your mission is to seek out and exploit.

Mary Kay has positively changed the lives- including mine –  of thousands of women throughout the world.  How sad that you chose  to highlight the negative – the minority who had a bad experience or who have a rotten attitude. Your website only perpetuates their discontent, offers no positive options or guidance and worse still seeks to profit from the misery of others.

Of course MK isn’t perfect. No company is. But as someone who has been involved in starting many  companies, I can tell you this is truly the best entrepreneurial opportunity for women today.

You are clearly a creative entrepreneur. I hope you find a more positive way to use your entrepreneurial skills in the future to encourage and inspire women instead of profiting from their misery.


  1. Juliet

    This writer is clearly the type who gives lawyers a bad name while also being a prime candidate for NSD from what I read yesterday. Heartless, free of empathy or compassion, more than happy to railroad unsuspecting, vulnerable women into a world that will suck them dry in every way, and this little writer will gleefully dance on the ashes. Good job!

    1. Dave

      So you spent all that money and time in law school and were so successful that you did a complete career change to sell cosmetics? I hope it is lucrative, but I would like to see the evidence of your success in Mary Kay. You throw a lot of accusations about the creators of this website without any proof whatsoever. Pink truth has posted real numbers to back up their statements.

      I think it is reasonable for me to not to believe you. If you were truly a successful lawyer, I think you could come up with a better argument than the one you presented.

        1. MLM Radar

          How about just revealing their names so that we can look them up in Applause magazine? Strange, we never see these “highly successful” people show up there.

          1. MLM Radar

            I know that showing up in Applause doesn’t mean you’re earning money. Applause just highlights people who are buying products.

            But if you’re really selling enough to make money you and your down line will certainly be also buying enough products to show up in Applause. You can’t sell what you never bought.

            Therefore, if you’re never in Applause, don’t bother telling me you’re making lots of money, or you’re more successful at MK than you were at (insert job title). We know right away it’s not true.

          2. TRACY

            I looked her up. Her “very successful law career” was spending a couple of years as an associate at a firm. It means nothing. She has had no level of success in MK that would put her in Applause magazine. She is a pretender and I decided not give her attention by name.

            1. You know, I don’t feel the need to LIE about my post-MK career: It’s a lot of work, and it’s taking a ton of time. BUT…I DO own my OWN business in the career of my dreams (I’m a psychotherapist). I’m not having to scam anyone to buy shoddy products, recruit my clients to become my competitors…you all know the drill. I hope that with time and a ton of effort, it will eventually be successful, but whatever does happen with MY business, it will be mine, and I will hold my head up at the end of the day, knowing I ran it with complete integrity.

            2. Meagn

              This is undoubtedly someone who couldn’t cut it in legal. I’ve worked as a legal assistant since 1986, and I have seen a lot of these come and go. I once overheard my former boss telling an associate that he was much, much easier to replace than a trained legal assistant.

              1. TRACY

                Yep. My clients in my business are attorneys. I can spot a winner a mile away. This “successful legal career”? No. You were a lawyer. A particularly successful one? No.

  2. mk "failure"

    “Mary Kay has positively changed the lives- including mine – of thousands of women throughout the world. How sad that you chose to highlight the negative – the minority who had a bad experience or who have a rotten attitude. Your website only perpetuates their discontent, offers no positive options or guidance and worse still seeks to profit from the misery of others.”

    Mary Kay has changed the lives of millions of women but at the very least 95% of those have not been positive changes. What Pink Truth has done is pull back the curtain to warn others about the dangers of Mary Kay, the MLM. It has been a source of comfort to me, one of the “failures” as I’m sure you’d consider me, because I now realize the horrible truth and I know I wasn’t alone. If this site is filled with lies why are the leaders (D, SD, NSD etc) so afraid of it? I’ll tell you why, because they know that if they lose the mind control over an IBC that they lose money. Nobody here is profiting from the misery of others. I think of it more as a support group for those negatively impacted by the unethical business patterns of Mary Kay.

    1. Brainwashed no more

      So it’s better to talk about the 5 % who might be profiting rather than the 95% who aren’t. Let’s live the dream. I mean hamster wheel. Keep those pink blinders on. You may not want to take them off. Good luck being in the 5%

      1. mk "failure"

        I’m not sure if you were responding to my comment or the OP but I wanted to clarify what I was saying just in case it was me.

        I was replying to the OP’s comment about how the minority have had negative experiences. That statement is untrue because no more than 5% have seen success, that makes them the minority. I was not “successful” by their standards and I am indeed a “quitter” by those same standards because I sold what I could back to Corp. Pink Truth has been my source of comfort which is why I consider it a support group if you will vs a place where people profit off the misery of others.

        I apologize for any confusion.

  3. Shay

    Everyone knows who Tracy Coenen is you idiot. She doesn’t hide her identity.
    Yeah, Tracy is raking in the big bucks off this website. (insert big HUGE 🙄 eye roll)

    1. Shay

      LOL Tracy a competitor.
      I can’t.
      Not Today.
      What you selling Tracy?
      Teaching companies in your professional career how to avoid in house fraud.. LOL!
      A forensic accountant competing with Marykay.
      Tracy is up here

      MK IS


  4. The Patient Whisperer

    What’s “pathetic” is that entire soliloquy.

    But perhaps the most “pathetic“ thing about it is the author’s claim that they actually quit being a lawyer to live full-time in the fog.

    Foolish mistake…🙄

    1. The Patient Whisperer

      Oh- one more thing:
      “ I hope you find a more positive way to use your entrepreneurial skills in the future to encourage and inspire women instead of profiting from their misery.”

      Back atcha, OP.

      Oh, how I love me some irony…

    1. roo2

      truly amazing. I look at that and think she wouldn’t outright lie about this, would she? $8,000 in product is an awful lot to buy and have it accumulate in your house. But then what better way to recruit in the middle of this pandemic. So many people are struggling and possibly out of work right now…. absolutely Mary Kay must be the answer for you!! how sick

      the hashtag too of only $30 to join… Chelsea your level of manipulation runs really really deep.

      1. morningstar

        The smell of boxes and cosmetics, you know the one from inventory….now at 8K must be overwhelming. I never did like the outgassing process of my inventory.

  5. Char

    The court deals in facts, so please provide me with evidence regarding the amount of retail sales to non-affiliates. This is the only way to counter the accusation that Mary Kay is, in fact, an endless-chain recruiting, product-based pyramid scheme. I’ll wait.

    “Mary Kay has positively changed the lives- including mine – of thousands of women throughout the world. How sad that you chose to highlight the negative – the minority who had a bad experience or who have a rotten attitude.” – COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT, and says who?

    What you “feel” or “believe” doesn’t matter. Please provide objective mathematical facts.

    “Of course MK isn’t perfect. No company is. But as someone who has been involved in starting many companies, I can tell you this is truly the best entrepreneurial opportunity for women today.” –

    Mary Kay uses the MLM method. Fact. Statistics show that 99% lose money with that inherently flawed method. And the kicker, the measly 1% make their money off lying to the other 99% by telling them things like, “it’s the best entrepreneurial opportunity for women today.”

    I couldn’t help but think of this movie clip today:

    “My dad’s a liar. A liar? Yes, he wears a suit and goes to court. Oh, you mean a “lawyer”?”

  6. morningstar

    Maybe she has not come to terms yet that MK sucked her in, I almost quit DOD job for MK back in the day. Oh to have freedom away from the tedious, and THEY are having fun.

    I hope she sees that an attorney journey is more flexible and she can write her career. It always nagged at me that I did not take the bait and quit the JOB, it was perpetuated in MK.
    Now the director, who is my age is struggling big time, the same one who in 1993 I admired.

    May not be rich in 2020, but stability is better than a MK career. And yes she has been propped up by her financial banker husband who allows her to do this, to keep her happy and quiet. In 1993 he GAVE her 50K at her director debut to play with…..and I paid 13 bucks for a picnic dinner to attend it.

  7. Kelly

    I’m an attorney. There have been plenty of times in my career that I would gladly have walked away from the legal profession. MK tried desperately to recruit me during one of these times, but I just couldn’t do it. I eventually landed a job that requires me to be an attorney, but doesn’t require the traditional practice of law. It’s far better than being in an MLM.

    I wonder if she’s given up her bar license to pursue MK. When I read on this page that MK makes that demand, I was horrified. What employer in their right mind would demand an employee give up a professional license even if it wasn’t needed for the employee’s particular job?

  8. enorth

    All MLMs have a Marketing Plan, Success Plan, Success Map, Steps-to-Success, etc. Just follow “the plan”…don’t reinvent the wheel. If you’re not succeeding, it’s because you didn’t follow the plan! The plan works if you follow it!

    But I recall an article where it was pointed out that, to actually be successful in MLM, you had to NOT follow the plan. You had to do things in ways OTHER THAN the plan, because the plan itself didn’t work. (Think outside the box…but don’t get caught.)

    Of course, sometimes the company and/or top distributors are in on the “non plan.” Sometimes the top distributors are family members/friends who were placed at the top, or they were top distributors at another MLM who were enticed to switch and to bring their huge down-lines with them. They were placed at, or “magically” raced to, the top. Again, it had nothing to do with the MLM’s “success plan.” It had to do with back-room deals and business arrangements that lowly distributors are not privy to.

    I know a guy who knows a guy. My husband’s business can help your husband’s business. Scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. Don’t tell on me and I won’t tell on you.

    MLM “marketing plans” are fronts for the activities happening in the shadows.

  9. Shay

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    1. dew

      Well the pink fairytale studio was once her mary kay training studio where everyone came for facials….. then she quit and still had to pay for it, so now it’s the pink fairytale studio. Wonder what happened to all those other directors whose faces were hanging on that studio wall at one time??

      1. EyesWideShutNoMore

        You mean like the one who was her babysitter (but called herself a nanny)?

        I also wonder what happened with Maggie Rader, anyone know? She wasn’t in Michelle’s unit, I believe was her adoptee director. Michelle used to post about how there were TWO pink Cadillac’s in their area, hers and Maggie’s. Sooooo in other words, if you saw them in the Target parking lot, avoid going there unless you wanted to be accosted.

      1. Shay

        I know. Very seriously.
        I don’t know.
        I hope everyone sees my point.
        This is a woman who bragged about making “tons” of money and she sent this email to her people like me who subscribed to her online “schooling” to make it in Direct Sales (so I could spy!) and this comes across as so tone deaf. IMHO

  10. Lazy Gardens

    The placement in search engines? It’s the result of years of hard work, good content, and filling am information niche. And all that traffic from people who were warned not to look at it.

    1. Shay

      Ask Tracy, she has a TON of websites. And when you google her only her youtube comes up.
      And she went to school for “marketing” 😂

      I’m sorry, this Michelle just rubs me the wrong way. I have explained many times (for those of you who may be wondering what my issue is) in previous comments which I am sure you, Lazy Gardens read. You know where am I coming from. Not being a spiteful witch at all. Tracy has the purr-fect title “How To Fail At MLM and Teach Everyone else” 🤣 Brilliant.

  11. Stephanie

    Wow. Michelle Cunningham does have a high unusual amount of websites but you can’t find them in the google machine .
    Anyone know how much she is charging? I but it’s a small fee like $25 but it turns into a progression of fees.
    What would she teach someone that she didn’t “teach” her unit?!I know she isn’t MK anymore and this has something to do with it, I am just wondering why she wanted to teach non MK people how to make it in MLM’s when this is forbidden while bragging she drove a caddy??
    MK contacts are not practical or legal. How can you tell someone even after you quit or fired you can’t recruit MK people to teach them how to buy more of their products or recruit more people to waste their money on their products?

      1. parsonsgreen

        DISCLAIMER: All Princesses Are Generic And Inspired And Are Not Liscenced, Affiliated
        Or Associated With A Company, Corporation Or Trademark.
        The Characters That Are Online Are NOT Name Brand Copyrighted Characters.
        They Are Generic. It Is Not Our Intent To Violate Any Copyright Laws.
        Any Resemblance To Nationally Known Copyrighted Characters Is Accidental And Not Intended.

  12. Dani

    So you spent thousands of dollars in student loans to leave a well paying job as an attorney to sell MK. Being an attorney is a tough job, given the long hours, the nerves in the courtroom for your first case, and the time invested growing one”s career and moving up the ladder in the firm.

    Were you unable to handle the work of an attorney? You say your MK business started ten years ago; please provide proof your MK income is better than what you could’ve made as an attorney. Failure to provide documentation will not support your claims.

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