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Mary Kay Has No Bearing on Your Life

Former consultant Theresa obviously doesn’t understand the value of educating and warning other women about Mary Kay. It was her choice to buy Mary Kay products that are now sitting in her basement. But what she forgets is that it was her upline who told her to buy the products and the wonderful reasons why stocking up was a good thing. They lied to her and they lie to everyone else. It’s not a grudge, it’s a public information campaign.

I stumbled across this website.

I think what surprised me the most was that so many had such terrible experiences, so terrible that you would waste your precious time on earth with this website! Time is precious, people! Find something beautiful and creative to do with your lives! Don’t waste it here!

Does the fate of MK impact your lives? NO! Whether it goes on or it doesn’t, should have absolutely no bearing on your life!

You can’t stop someone if they are determined to do it, and, if it is a scam, it is not the first, nor will it be the last!

I have a basement full of it, but grudges have no place in my life! It wasn’t the MK that brought me financial ruin. It was my bad habits in general.

Whatever your bad experience was, it is over and done. You can’t unring that bell! Instead of focusing on a negative experience, find something good to do with your lives! Jesus needs you to build the kingdom! Focus on that!


  1. NayMKWay

    “…you…waste your precious time on earth with this website!”

    Helping other people is not wasting time, Theresa. And warning others so they are not hurt by the evildoings of others is not focusing on the negative, it’s making a positive change in this world for the better. Jesus spent plenty of His time and energy warning about evil; was He wasting His time?

    1. MLM Radar

      She is still blaming herself for failing at Mary Kay. Pink Truth has help for her, but the self-blame is so strong that she just can’t face it right now. That’s ok. We’ll be here when she’s ready

      She’s doing as she was taught: blame the consultant (victim) while believing the company (abuser). It started early, when she was indoctrinated into believing in the goodness of MKA and the opportunity. She was taught that the consultants who failed around her simply didn’t “work their business” the right way. “If it’s to be its up to me!”

      Now she finds that she is also a failed consultant. Just as she was taught to blame all the other “lazy loosers” she now also blames herself.

      But she clings to the dream… and that huge pile of MK inventory in her house. She didn’t (or couldn’t) send it back, donate it, sell it to a reseller, or scrap it. Not yet.

      Dear OP, you were scammed. There’s no shame in being the victim of MK. They’ve spent twice your lifetime fine-tuning the art of separating you from your money, while convincing you that it was your fault. The only shame here would be in refusing to see that some of the blame wasn’t yours after all.

  2. PeachyNotPink

    “You can’t stop someone if they are determined to do it…

    Wow, how fatalistic. And you are completely wrong.

    I have seen many times over the decades how people have been prevented from making damaging decisions in their lives by others taking the effort to educate them and give them other options.

    Sounds to me like you’re still in the pink fog and don’t want people to be stopped from getting suckered into MK.

    1. BestDecision

      I guess that’s why the egg frying in a pan and “This is your brain on drugs” commercial kept me from ever trying them?

      Why does the Surgeon General place a warning on cigarette packaging?

      Why do they have speed limit signs?

      It’s about EDUCATION, lady. I wish someone had sat me down and showed me how to read the misleading statements I was pushed and baited with when I was starting out. I wish I had read the Director and NSDs’ minds that lied to me about their incomes and integrity when they had none.

      At least for me, and I know many others on here are the same, it’s about helping others get out and know they’re not alone. It’s about telling pieces of my story so they could see it was clogging my mind with doubt and irritation even as I drove Cadillacs and attended every company event. It’s about preventing one more woman from believing lies and thinking “everyone does it”.

      May God bless your soul that you still have inventory and aren’t wanting to forewarn others of your mistakes.

  3. Cindylu

    I definitely wish I had PT before I joined, during and afterward. When you leave a cult that has insisted you attend Monday night meetings, conferences, you forget just how those assemblies kept you hooked and convinced that MK was legit. In reality the fifty years of repetitious flawed fake training caused significant damage. Many women paid for this ongoing fraud financially, emotionally and often with family or marriage break downs. To liken this to a random scam is to dishonour the many women who’ve been preyed upon and misled. The indoctrination where women were studied and so called hot buttons used against them is just dishonest. Many untruths and false slogans: “If it is to be it’s up to me!” , “Find a way or make a way”, “Take God as your business partner”, “You can’t sell from an empty wagon”, Act successful and you’ll be successful”, “The only person who fails in Mary Kay is the one who quits.” Worst is that for about 5 or 10 years (With North America as a market, stay at home women, few malls and no internet shopping) this mlm worked. When MK now tries to say that women buy lipsticks no matter what, that’s just hog wash. Fewer women are buying makeup (Especially over priced non essential products like MK. ) Who the heck is thinking about makeup when they’re stuck in their homes , without jobs and trying to pay bills. This shameful company needs to be held accountable daily until finally every single woman knows to avoid this farce and pass the word on to never trust this pink nightmare with its troublesome slogans and its far fetched claim of wealth while using hyper control of no negative talk (to keep its members from finding out the truth and that this whole thing is a pyramid scheme).

  4. morningstar

    More shiz in the basement than a fully stocked Sephora. Guess what, people walk into Sephora, Ulta etc and sometimes they dont have what is desired. Does the store place an order with max shipping to appease you? They give you as much as they know as to restock, discontinue.
    The burden of having all this stuff is a problem (bad energy and the smell) of having so much inventory. Some try to sell on ebay and amazon, woe is them, the market isn’t there to make the goods sell. Shame on MK.

    MK had many years to change their reputation and get with it, but they chose this sales avenue on the backs of the now failing directors. BTW the MK cars; really who cares what you drive it is integrity of the person that counts.
    The large transfer of product sales to the consultants that pay to buy in, is really going south now. Even to the point I am not sure MK could get into mainstream stores (maybe dollar store lol). You see they have been boiled over with new innovations in makeup ,all the while MK has held the line. How is that line now MK? What pretense are they going to do? Your sales people are tapped out, and ones in the fog sit around in the pandemic with full makeup on waiting for what exactly?

  5. Jeff

    “Find something beautiful and creative to do with your lives”

    Does this not count? Many of these authors are much better writers than myself. Besides, what makes a ‘worthwhile’ life varies between people. Perhaps this is her labor of love.

  6. Enorth

    I wear full makeup every day and STILL have enough in my cabinet to last two years. The BOGO and freebies from ULTA and Sephora (high-end products) have added to my stash, and the only item I need to buy every few months is mascara (readily available at any drugstore or even a supermarket.)

    MK ladies would make no money from me.

    1. Shay

      I’m ashamed of my LARGE stash.
      I used to sell makeup on ebay but quit to sell other things because I kept wanting to keep what I was buying and couldn’t resist every time a new palette came out.
      Them Ulta points are da best. Just got the MR some Versace Cologne, Polo Cologne and Coach Cologne. I have $1,000 in ULTA points and used $250 for the order.
      Pro Tip; Always use Ulta points in $125, $150, $150 $500 etc when over 2000 points otherwise you will get ripped off.

  7. pinkblacksheep

    Speaking of joy, there’s one big way to being joy. Most likely after you return your inventory there were some things left over that weren’t eligible to return. Take those things (only unexpired, of course) and give them away to women who are now jobless and could use a little joy. I gave away most of my leftovers and it felt SO GOOD. Giving without expecting anything! Not trying to get a booking or a recruit! Being truly helpful with no ulterior motive. One of the best feelings Mary Kay gave me was when I gave it away.

  8. Whatever your bad experience was, it is over and done. You can’t unring that bell! Instead of focusing on a negative experience, find something good to do with your lives! Jesus needs you to build the kingdom!

    Then, why are you here? You seem to have some kind of lingering MKult residue on your soul… you should find something beautiful and creative to do with your life! Don’t waste it here! Jesus needs you to build the kingdom! Focus on that!

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