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Fake It Till You Make It

Written by MaryKayExploitsWomen

“Fake it Till You Make It” is the mantra that Mary Kay directors foist upon their consultants, and especially upon their women in Direcor-In-Qualification (DIQ).

Why do they insist that you “fake it till you make it”? Simple. If you are honest at the pow-wows about your ACTUAL retail sales, the water becomes clear and the pink fog dies. Women who are potential recruits will see that there is no profit to be had, except by MK Corp, and MK Corp alone. (With the exception of the top 5% of NSDs who make their money off of exploiting, you, Ms. Opportunity and pulling a “Bernie Madoff” on you by making off with your life savings and credit rating.)

As a personal fitness trainer who works with clients to lose weight and become healthy, I can tell you first hand that “fake it till you make it” does NOT work. Here’s why (from a fitness point of view):

I have to say, that the phrase “fake it till you make” drives me up the wall. People use that mentality all the time, whether it’s an attempt at losing weight, or trying to meet another goal of some kind.

Here’s my problem with “fake it till you make it”. If you are faking it, that means you are not doing the work you need to do and that means ZERO results. Now, let’s talk about this in general terms of success and goal accomplishment.

Now, let’s look at this in terms of weight loss. People who fake it don’t make it, why? Simple. With weight loss, if you don’t do the work, you don’t get results. There is no faking it. Sure, you can put on your best smile and tell people you’ve lost weight and they will smile, nod, and congratulate you, but reality is a witch who will bite you in the end when you step up on that scale and see that you did not lose a single pound.

I can tell you right now, as someone who lost 45 pounds in 14 weeks, that I have never once faked it. I have made healthy food choices, worked my butt off in the gym and at home with Jillian Michael’s workouts and I have pushed myself to make lifelong changes and live right. And you know what that got me?! Results, but even better, I got my life back. 15 years of pain, depression, and self-hatred have been erased in 14 weeks, people. So if you fake it in diet and exercise, you WON’T make it. Your body knows better, and believe me, it will see through the phoniness.

The same thing goes for Mary Kay. The longer you fake it, the more that people began to see through the phoniness to see you really ain’t making it, because the truth is, in Mary Kay, you will never make it. I have tried again and again to help my aunt see the truth, but she refuses to let go of her pink dream. Even my grandmother, who is naive as can be, even admitted that “well she never really made much money to begin with” Well, duh, grandma, dear. That’s because I have a dirty little secret for ya: MARY KAY IS A  PYRAMID SCHEME! My grandmother’s response was, “No, I don’t think it’s a pyramid scheme, I just think she is in a small town with other consultants, so it’s hard to make a sale.”

Well, granny, at least you got that part right. For every zip code, there’s at least 20 consultants. And many of them, like my aunt, are in DIQ. After attending Scaminar one year, my aunt was sure that year was her year. Well, it’s two years later and she’s no longer a DIQ. But is she giving up? Sadly, no. (As a trainer I HATE it when my clients want to give up, but in the case of Mary Kay, this is the one time I want people to give up.)

The cold truth is, if you have to fake it to be successful, baby, that ain’t success. It’s just nothing but fluff. I mean, seriously, look at the meaning of the word “fake” and you will clearly see the writing on the wall.

So I leave you with this thought. In Mary Kay, the ONLY way to “make” is by faking it. You HAVE to lie about your income, all the “free” time you have to spend with your family (I’ll believe that lie right after I endorse high fructose corn syrup as a healthy “food”). In Mary Kay, you have to lie, steal, cheat, back stab, and view women as numbers for your own personal gain. Mary Kay does one thing very effectively, they exploit women in the name of Jesus to turn a profit. And the only way to keep doing that is to get women like you to “fake it till you make it”

So, go, have a rock and roll day, and KEEP IT REAL!


  1. Char

    “In Mary Kay, you have to lie, steal, cheat, back stab, and view women as numbers for your own personal gain.” –

    And all that takes extremely hard work. Truly it does. Isn’t it fascinating how words can have different contextual meanings? In the MLM world:

    Work = work hard at lying
    Successful = a successful liar
    Opportunity = an opportunity to lie to make money
    Training = learn how to skillfully lie in order to recruit

    Fake = fraudulent “Fraudulent behavior until you make it” doesn’t sound quite as acceptable as “fake it ‘til you make it” even though the translation is the same. Also, when a phrase is repeated enough, we tend to eventually accept it as true or not be shocked by it. Throw in a synonym and it immediately rings a different tune – a hopefully alarming one and totally unacceptable.

  2. morningstar

    Here is my problem with the whole thing. My mother was a psych nurse and she commented on this reference is sometimes used for when women do not have a good partner for life, I am talking about the bedroom. When she told me this, that it is not a good phrase to use in general. I did not use this reference, it made me cringe. If MK mantra is fake till you make it, how many places does this apply in life? I do NOT mean to be offensive here, however this phrase is offensive to me in regard to all womens’ essence.

    1. MLM Radar

      The wife’s “fake it” to please her husband is on par with the husband telling his that she looks nice in a dress, or telling his child that the macaroni glued on a plate art project is fabulous. Neither may be appealing to an outsider, but behind the “fake it” words is the message “I love you.”

      OTOH, the MLM / Mary Kay “fake it” has no love at all for the other person. That “fake it” is said and done specifically to exploit the other person for your own financial gain and her financial loss.

      Oh I know what MK / MLM Directors day: You have to act successful if you’re going to become successful. What they don’t say, but know all too well, is that you can’t succeed at a con game unless you’re an unethical sleazeball.

    2. BestDecision

      We were paid to appear wealthy and happy. Our commissions counted on us attracting people with our lifestyles, so we were taught to only speak about good things happening and push aside anything that made our business look less than prosperous.

      However, it is true that Directors and NSDs will talk of “no sex or home cooking” until June 30 is over. Priorities!

  3. BestDecision

    Get this: MK is allowing production and recruiting numbers to apply to Seminar ‘20 AND ‘21 for the month of May. $1 retail production can count up to $40,000 retail for Seminar 2021.

    Now, where else in corporate America do numbers get bumped into the new fiscal year?? It’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen!

  4. TRACY

    Okay, this graphic just says it in a misleading way. It’s not $40,000 for each $1. It’s the usual double credit promotion. So $2 of credit toward courts for each $1 of production, up to a maximum of $40,000 credit toward unit clubs.

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