Lie to Get Offspring Directors

You really can’t make this stuff up. This is a document from retired Mary Kay NSD Anita Mallory (formerly known as Anita Garrett-Rowe). She tells us how to get the “offsprings” we need. And it’s all about telling them lies. Telling them it’s easy? Complete nonsense.

You now have some people picked out who you feel could become Directors. Ok, take those and have a heart to heart talk with them separately, away from the meeting.

Tell them sincerely why you think they’d be good, etc. Tell them it is so easy and they would be so good. And, that you want to set up an appointment to come over and talk to her and her husband together. Go over the marketing plan with him and show him how we make our money. He will get excited.

Tell him his wife is a natural, and you have been watching her for some time, and really feel like she is ready.

Talk about the potential and the big money, so they can realize this could happen to them. The bonuses are amazing, when you think about it!

Don’t worry too much about their people skills. It is hard to teach an old dog new tricks. The thing is, even Jim Jones (the kool aid guy in Guyana) had followers!! People are always looking for someone on a mission to follow. The business will teach her, the hard way, better than you could ever tell her to her face what she can and can’t say.

It is okay to encourage someone to go for Director who needs some growth in the people skill department, because the journey itself will affect how they deal with people, and experience is a great teacher. Plus, we have our Mary Kay role models constantly in front of us, so they show us the way to go.

If there is something you want to cover to correct behavior, have a sales meeting topic on it and no one will know who you are talking about, and it will not embarrass her. You can’t get very far calling her on the carpet. She needs to look up to you and trust you, which I know she does, so keeping things smooth is the best case scenario.

Then, as she recruits, you work on her people to get the back up recruits you want. You never know, she may fall by the wayside, but a new one will emerge. If you are working the system, that is the main thing. The system works.

You will be pleasantly surprised at how many do go the distance and decide to become Directors. And, have several picked out to work with all at once. As Helen McVoy used to say, “individuals will fail you, but the masses always come through.”

Did you notice that she doesn’t even say you should assess whether these people have the skills or would be good at directors. Just tell her X, Y, and Z. Cookie cutter, for anyone you think could possibly make it to director.

Why? Because Mary Kay is just about the numbers. Churn out as many DIQs and new directors as you can, reap the benefits of their wholesale production (your own commission check and cars) and don’t worry whether or not they can actually be successful long term.


      1. Mountaineer95

        Yeah, as soon as she said the whole “I’ve been watching you for awhile” bit, it ventured into creepyland for me, and I already had the word “cult” in mind before I read the Jim Jones sentence.

  1. pinkblacksheep

    Yeah, my senior encouraged me and 5 others to directorship so she could qualify for the trip to Argentina. 1 didn’t make it, and 1 is a consultant now, and I quit altogether. We weren’t ready. But she didn’t care. I get so angry still. I believed and worked SO hard. But the friendships they talk about are fleeting, the money isn’t there, and the stress is off the charts. But there’s just enough recognition to get you to cheat to “reach” a goal. I cheated to director, car, senior director, triple crown, dean’s list, and Destination Red. Why? Because I couldn’t stand to be a failure. Because I thought there was something wrong with me. Now I know there isn’t. I (and everyone around me) was being manipulated by an expert with 30 years in Mary Kay.

  2. Neverpink

    Did she really just say, “Oh you know that cult leader that brainwashed and poisoned his congregation? Even HE had followers!”?

    That’s absolutely disgusting and she should be ashamed of herself.

  3. enorth

    The up-line’s gushing is so fake. Here’s a post from an SSD’s page (name changed):

    “I’m so excited to officially get to congratulate ‘Sally’ on her first promotion!!!! She is officially a SENIOR consultant!!!! Sally is driven and on a mission to make a difference in her life and many other women’s lives! She has such a heart for blessing others and sharing her excitement! Not only did she get a promotion but she is also on target to earn her FREE cruise to the BAHAMAS! She’s so excited to earn this and take her hubby with her! And all of Sally’s amazing skills and talents lend themselves perfectly to her MK biz. Sally is also on a mission to earn her FREE CAR!!!! And let me tell you there’s no doubt in my mind that she is going to do it! When Sally puts her mind to something she has a way of making it happen! I’m so extremely proud of you girl! This is just the beginning of a very exciting journey!!!!”

  4. morningstar

    I have been wondering about the “downsizing” of MK. NSD’s for the last few years have been, ah hem retiring, leaving, and the one’s in place riding it out from the 1980’s. They are calculating retirement before the drop off by corporate.

    So how does this look? MK closes the doors, do existing NSD’s get xyz compensation based on where they “are”?
    Or is everything null and void regarding the “agreement”. Any thoughts?
    Too many quotation marks here, but MK is about that the quotation marks.

    1. BestDecision

      Our Director Agreements, like the NSDs’, say they can terminate members of the sales force at any time. There is absolutely NOTHING guaranteeing NSD retirement income if they terminate their Agreement. Normally, NSDs can retire at 65 or after they’ve served as an NSD for 5 years before getting their retirement pay and Cadillac, but MK is savvy and structured to legally and financially protect them at any time.

      And that’s not counting the THOUSANDS of Directors hoping to make it to NSD and have NOTHING to pay them if they’re terminated.

      1. Shay

        wait.. MK offers retirement?
        income if they terminate their Agreement. Normally, NSDs can retire at 65 or after they’ve served as an NSD for 5 years before getting their retirement pay and Cadillac,

        1. BestDecision

          Only for National Sales Directors that have served 5 years+. It’s a percentage of their average commission check paid monthly. However, their NSD Agreement can be terminated by MK at any given time, which is the whole point we’re really making. They closed Australia and New Zealand with no notice, and they can do that to any market of their choosing.

    2. Lazy Gardens

      I think Mary Kay would have bought annuities for the NSDs who retired in the past … it’s a fairly cheap way of providing the income.

      For the ones that are in perpetual qualifying, I doubt it. If MK goes down, that agreement is gone.

  5. MLM Radar

    Then, as she recruits, you work on her people to get the back up recruits you want.

    In English: As she recruits you sabotage her attempt to become a Director.

  6. kimisan

    Every time I read this script it makes me angrier. “The Kool-Aid guy in Guyana.” You mean the one that convinced 1,000 vulnerable Americans to flee their home country under false pretenses and then forced them to commit “revolutionary suicide?” Yeah, let’s compare selling makeup to that tragedy.

    1. Char

      But that’s just it, Mary Kay isn’t about selling makeup! That part is just a lure to get people “in” and to appear legitimate. In fact, it’s about selling a dream, hope, and is a cult. The mission preached by the leader is to get followers, have them recruit followers, and have all those people worship her. All this whilst money changes hands with most of it going in the leader’s pocket. No wonder Mary Kay is debt-free.

      The NSD’s comparison in principle was accurate. Of course, the mass death cannot be compared; but we could consider joining MK financial suicide with willing-victims that refuse to think critically and become brainwashed. All those weekly gatherings and retreats are there for a reason – to brainwash. And what happens? Even their family and friends can’t convince them it’s a scam and dangerous!

      Fun fact: Jim Jones’ cult was called ‘Peoples Temple of the Disciples of Christ’. Calling yourself a ”Christian Company” can clearly be used for evil and narcissistic intentions.

      1. kimisan

        I meant Anita Garrett-Roe’s disgusting analogy; how dare she joke about that. MK has also ruined many lives and caused tremendous destruction in its wake. I’m so glad seminar is cancelled in the hopes that a few unsuspecting women can be saved from getting caught up in the pink fog.

    2. TRACY

      It is curious that a MK NSD would use an example of destructive cult behavior and compare that to recruiting for MK. Because MK is a cult in many ways.

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